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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    The Short answer is “no.” The whole subject of the Exodus is embarrassing to archaeologists. The Exodus is so fundamental to us and our Jewish sources that it is embarrassing that there is no evidence outside of the Bible to support it. So we prefer not to talk about it, and hate to be asked about it.

    For the account in the Torah is the basis of our people’s creation, it is the basis of our existence and it is the basis of our important Passover festival and the whole Haggada that we recite on the first evening of this festival of freedom. So that makes archaeologists reluctant to have to tell our brethren and ourselves that there is nothing in Egyptian records to support it. Nothing on the slavery of the Israelites, nothing on the plagues that persuaded Pharaoh to let them go, nothing on the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, nothing.
    Nothing at all. There are three Pharaohs who said they got rid of the hated foreigners, but nothing to say who the foreigners were, and no Pharaoh is named as having persecuted foreign slaves or suffered unspeakable plagues.

    However, there is another way of looking at it, another way of seeking support for this fundamental experience of our peoplehood.

    We do not look for evidence from the biblical text, but we can look to it for the general context of a sojourn in, and an exodus from, Egypt, and there are three major elements.

    The first is that the Israelites were slave workers in mudbrick. They had to manufacture the material and they were semi-skilled workers in laying the bricks. As there were thousands of Israelites, what projects were they working on? The pyramids and the temples were in stone, the mudbrick houses of the peasants were built by themselves, so what project needed hundreds of workers in mudbrick? Secondly, when the Israelites escaped, it was during a period of turmoil brought on by the magical plagues, a period when the Egyptians were off their guard and keen to see the slaves go as they wished into the desert.

    When could that have been? And thirdly, the Israelites escaped into the desert and there built a most luxurious portable shrine to their God, to accompany them through their long desert trek and to house the Deity that would lead them and protect them on the way. It was to be made of fabulous materials, in hardwood and colored cloth with gold and copper trimmings, as described in detail in 16 chapters of the Torah.

    How could all that have been manufactured and assembled in the arid Sinai wilderness? We should then ask, is there any period in Egyptian history when the conditions for these three elements could have come together and thus formed a basis for the context and account of the Exodus? And the answer here is “yes” – there was one such period.

    It was around the death of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, the one who decreed that all worship should be directed to the single god Aten, the disc of the sun, and all other gods should be downgraded to secondary rank. To impose his new religious order, Akhenaten closed the old cultic centers of Saqqara and Luxor, closed the temples there, disowned their priests and founded a new city, Akhetaten, called the Horizon of the Aten, on a prime site well away from the old centers.

    TO IMPOSE the new rule, the city had to be built quickly, and it went up in the incredibly short time of two years, being built throughout in mudbrick, except for the temple and palace, which were in traditional stone.

    How could it have been built so quickly? It was said to have employed thousands of slaves working under military taskmasters. It was the largest mudbrick project in Egyptian history and it required thousands of bricklayers and millions of bricks. It employed the army to supervise the slave workers and force them to work as fast as the Pharaoh demanded.

    The new city was at El Amarna, on the east bank of the Nile, where there was plenty of soft mud for the bricks but little straw.

    Thanks to slave labor, Akhenaten’s model city was built in record time, but it did not last long. After only 16 years, Akhenaten died, his reforms had been deeply unpopular and when he died, his new religion was abandoned, and so was his city. Akhenaten and his beautiful wife Nefertiti had had no son, only six daughters, and so it was one of the sons-inlaw who succeeded him: Tutankhamun, the famous boy king Tut.

    He had the onerous task of restoring the old order, the old religion, the old gods and their priests, and he was under threat if he did not do so. The restitution stele says that the old gods would punish him if they were not given back their old rights and positions.

    Hapi, the androgynous god of the Nile, would make its waters undrinkable; Kermit, the goddess of fertility, would release her frogspawn to swarm over the land; Osiris, the god of corn, would not prevent the locusts from consuming his cereals, and Ra, the sun god, would refuse to shine. Sound familiar? The laws of succession had already been altered, there was no firstborn son to succeed Akhenaten, only a daughter and son-in-law.

    As the new city was abandoned, there was breakdown in law and order and the Israelite slaves saw their chance to escape. Like the other departing inhabitants they took with them any treasure they could lay their hands on. They “despoiled the Egyptians” (Exodus 12:36) and marched off with precious materials and above all the battle shrine of Tutankhamun.

    Every Pharaoh had a portable battle shrine, to go with him into war, so he could consult the deity and look to it for guidance on the field. Tutankhamun did not go to war, as far as we know, but he had to be ready and he had a war chariot, as one was figured on his furniture, so he would have had a battle shrine as well, but none was found among the luxurious treasures of his tomb when it was uncovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

    Where then was his battle shrine ? It had been taken away by the Israelites.

    And what was its form? We can assume that it was similar to that of Ramesses the Great, whose battle shrine is depicted on the walls of his temple at Abu Simbel. It was a two-chamber movable building set in a large courtyard; the inner chamber was square and contained the ark of a deity protected by two winged birds, and the outer room was twice as large, for the worshipping priests.

    That of Tutankhamun was taken by the fleeing Israelites and converted by artisans Bezalel and Oholiab, as instructed by Moses, to become the portable Mishkan or Tabernacle, that accompanied them through the wilderness and landed up at Shiloh, in Canaan. Thus it was made of the finest material, as was everything else that Tutankhamun left behind, including furniture with carrying poles and a golden chest surrounded by cherubim. Sound familiar? THUS, AT the death of Akhenaten we have a situation in Egypt where the three major conditions of the Israelite account of the Exodus came together; the building of a vast mudbrick project; a period of unrest and turmoil when slaves could escape; and the foundation of the Mishkan in the shape of a luxury battle shrine. The date of the death of Akhenaten is placed at about 1330 BCE, and Tutankhamun came to the throne the same year. Was that then the date of the Exodus? Dating is a tricky subject and it is difficult to see how the Hebrew Bible can give us exact dates, for how were they counted in antiquity? But the Bible gives us two hard dates. One is that the Children of Israel were in Egypt for exactly 430 years, from entry to Exodus (Exodus 12:40). If the Exodus was 1330 BCE, the entry would have been in 1760 CE. That of course is too early for Jacob and his 12 sons, and the rabbis themselves have rejected that period of 430 years and reduced it to 210 years in the Passover Haggada, to relate it more logically to the four generations from Jacob to Levi, to Kehot, to Amram, to Moses. But it works with the idea that the Israelites came to Egypt with the semitic Hyksos, as proposed by Josephus Flavius, the early Jewish historian, and that event is placed by scholars at around 1750 BCE.

    The other “fixed” biblical date is that the Solomonic Temple was built 480 years after the Exodus (I Kings 6:1). That is a nominal date as the author will have counted 12 generations and multiplied them by the biblical reckoning of 40 years per generation. But that figure is too high, as a generation, for even in biblical times it was more like 30 years. If we then say 12 generations make up 360 years, then 360 years after 1330 is 970 BCE. The Temple is dated by most scholars to around 950 BCE, so 970 BCE is not a bad fit.

    Evidence or not for the Exodus? Evidence there is none, but we can see that there was one period in Egyptian history when such an event could have taken place, one period when the three major conditions suggested by the biblical account came together and could have given it plausibility. And that would make Akhenaten the Pharaoh of the Oppression and young Tutankhamun the Pharaoh of the Exodus. And the date? That would be around 1330 BCE.

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  • 03/11/17--13:23: The Bridge to Eden

  • There have been many authors over the years who have written books about their life in Armstrongism and what it has done to them spiritually.  Some have left their faith behind and others have went into new spiritual directions.

    Now there is a new slant.

    A COG member has written a book of fiction that incorporates the teachings of Armstrongism into the story line.

    I can see this making the best seller list!  Feast present!!!!!!!

    The Bridge to Eden: The Arduous Passage From This Age of Chaos to the Next Age of Perfection

    Today's chaotic and uncertain world sends us a message of desperation as we see the basic institutions of society-the family, religion, education, government, and business-under attack from all sides. In the face of such cultural carnage, we need a message of hope to shine through these dark clouds surrounding our homes and loved ones, a message that annihilates the aura of confusion that the Adversary casts over the face of humanity. We need the Truth revealed in the Word of God concerning the wonderful world prophesied to come. That Truth sits patiently within God's Word for all who have eyes to see. The message revealed is as amazing as it is conflicting with the prophecies of modern science, technology, digital wizardry, and robotics. It is a message of how this world will be transformed from pain and desperation in the face of burgeoning population growth and food shortages, terrorism from religious fanatics, totalitarian governments, and fractured families to one of peace, love, order, and prosperity beyond our wildest dreams, where families thrive and find true joy in daily living...where people finally learn to live as the Creator intended without Satan around to tempt and deceive.The bridge to that new world is being built so you and I can cross over and enjoy it for a thousand years. It is designed by the Creator, and He wants you to walk across and enjoy it because He loves you, and wants the very best for you. It is a return to the Eden of Genesis. It is as sure to come as the sun rises each morning in the east. Let's read this book and discover the nature of that new world coming so we can wake up each morning to the incredible hope God has placed before us!" 

    He is also the author of some more books:

    "The Three Edens"
    This is not a book for the fainthearted. It is a thrilling adventure story that carries the reader through the entire pageant of history, from the farthest reaches of antiquity to the utmost limits of prophecy, complemented by supporting secular knowledge, focusing on the awesome plan God has put into motion. Throughout this anthology, the chosen people of promise are brought into sharp relief against the unceasing tactics of Satan to derail the plan, and bring an end to history’s climax: the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind, and the resurrection of the saints to bring new government – the renewed Eden on earth.
    In the process of this thriller there are shown to be not one, not two, but three Edenic periods on earth! Follow the chapters of this book and its thorough documentation into an exciting and new experience that will tantalize and inspire you to the higher thoughts of the Almighty.
    Paul W. Syltie was raised on a crop and dairy farm in western Minnesota, and attended universities in the Upper Midwest, obtaining a Ph.D. in Soil Fertility in 1980. He married his high school sweetheart Sandy, and they are the parents of six children and nine grandchildren. Dr. Syltie is a farmer, writer, and instructor in natural agricultural methods who travels worldwide to help farmers improve their health and productivity by returning the soil to its God-intended vitality. 

    Pathways to Joy in Marriage:Live This Way and Happiness Will Pursue You!
    "We live in an age of broken marriages, broken homes, and broken lives, brought on by an adversary whose wavelength permeates this society and teaches us that a person is free to do whatever he wishes. Do what feels good, and fear not the consequences! 
    My wife and I have proven that a married couple and their children do not need to follow this course. In fact, it is much, much easier not to, because the fruits are infinitely better if you do not ... and we all like good fruit! God ordained it that way, because He invented marriage and family.  
    For 45 years my wife and I have witnessed the fruits of striving after God's perfect plan for married couples as outlined in His word. True, Sandy and I were brought up as hard-working farm kids totally dedicate to each other — that helped to get a good start — but in today's world, as in any age, the pulls of the flesh and of this fallen age can easily derail a family if they take their eyes off the goal. That goal is to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself ... starting within your own home! 
    We have proven that in spite of society and families disintegrating all around us, you can have a wonderfully fulfilling marriage, and as a major part of that rear a loving and joyous family. Look through the pages of the photo albums especially, and see snatches of the good times we had — and still do have — while growing up together. (Parents grow up too, and their kids teach them a lot!) 
    Do not follow the road most traveled. Read this book, live God's way, and be amazed that happiness will indeed pursue you!"

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    For decades the Worldwide Church of God controlled every aspect of our lives. Booklets, articles, and personal correspondence letters on hundreds of different topics spelled out what we should be doing and what we should not.  Church members were treated like ignorant little kids who were incapable of making decisions on their own.  Ministers told members what color of clothing and what style to wear, what color of cars to buy, what kind of jobs were permissible, what kind of foods to eat, the importance of carob and honey, when to make reservations for the Feast, what schools and colleges church youth could attend, and much much more.

    I remember many times my mother would write countless questions for the minister to answer at Bible Study.  These ministers determined how we lived, what we ate and how we "worshipped." While some of these men were telling us what to do they were wife swapping, committing adultery, stealing tithe money for their own use and more.

    Here is a person in 2017 who is still expecting church ministers to tell him what to do.  This person is also upset that Herbert Armstrong did not articulate more on the subject of what was "approved" medicine.  Even if he had gone into great detail there were two standards for the use of medicine in the church.  Herbert Armstrong's use and what members were told to do.  Two opposite extremes.

    Now then, there is one major area that I certainly WISH that Mr. Armstrong would have covered in some detail.  That is the role that health and this world's traditional Medical profession should play (if any) in the life of a truly converted Christian.  And it is not like this topic is of minor importance in our lives.  Virtually EVERYBODY will get sick or contract a major disease at some point in their lives. 
    Frankly, that's what happened to me.  And since the time I came into the Church in 1969 at age 19, I never wanted anything to do Doctors, Hospitals, their procedures, or chemical medications.  I, like I believe we were encouraged to do, sincerely wanted GOD and JESUS CHRIST to be my doctors.  I wanted to always rely on GOD for healing - if by reason of ignorance, weakness, or even foolishness - I found myself in the situation of serious illness and in need of healing.  But I never remember Mr. Armstrong addressing various detailed topics of health and the medical profession and its procedures in any detailed way. 
    What I mean by that is, for example:
        - How should we deal with high cholesterol issues?  Should we be tested for it?  Should we be taking prescribed medications to control it?
        - How should we deal with diabetes?  Should we be tested for it?  Should we be taking medications for it?
        - How should we deal with high blood pressure?  Should we be tested for it?  Should we take prescribed medications for it?
        - Should we screened for various cancers?  If something shows up, should we medically do anything about it?
        - and on and on.....

    I was told by a minister who was in the medical profession and close to Mr. Armstrong, that he (Mr. Armstrong) DID go to doctors.  He had a doctor attending to him near the end of his life.  I asked the man, "Well what about Mrs. Loma Armstrong?.  I understand that she could have undergone a fairly simple procedure to clear her intestinal blockage, but it was refused.".  He responded to me that Mrs. Armstrong was not quite on the same page as her husband when it came to doctors, medications, and procedures.  She was more hard and fast against all that, whereas Mr. Armstrong was not.  It almost sounded like had it been up to Mr. Armstrong, he might have opted to have the doctors clear the blockage.
    Well, I thought to myself, "Isn't that great!".  Here in a critical area of life where very serious consequences are at stake for our well-being, our futures, and our families, there is possibly major differences of opinion amongst our "first family", our ministry, and perhaps the entire membership!  So how is it?  This way or that?  Yea or nay?  Do we sometimes make use of them for more than just the proverbial "setting of broken bones" or what?!? THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
    I mean, Mr. Armstrong spent hundreds and hundreds of sermons giving essentially the exact same message concerning the "Two Trees".  Not to say that that message was not very important.  I still listen to his many reiterations of that message to this day.  But wouldn't it have been nice to have had a little instruction on some of these other topics from time to time (say even once a year), and dealt with in such a way so that there would have been no mistaking his stand on the issues?
    I loved Mr. Armstrong, and still do.  And I have the highest respect for him and his instruction and ministry.  That's why I wish there were some of these other areas he would have paid some attention to in terms of giving us desperately needed guidance. I mean, he could have prepared us for the eventuality we find ourselves in right now in 2016-2017, where there are an abundance of false ministers and false prophets, each tugging away at us to put ourselves under them.  He could have foreseen what we might have had to go through in terms of being on our own, without brethren in a formal congregation and instructed us about it.  He could have explored the possibilities of what we might have to do if time went on after he died, even if time went on for more than 30 YEARS after he died.  There's just SO MUCH that could have been said in so many critically important areas, that might have significantly helped us to successfully navigate the rest of our lives.
    Here is the main reason this person is asking these questions.  He bought into the idiotic teaching gotta church members were too stupid to make right decisions and to think on their own.  Thirty years after Herb's death and people are still brainwashed.
    We brethren are all, to one degree or other, in one area of life or other, imperfect - that is lacking knowledge, being weak, or just plain being foolish.  It's not a matter of being "rebellious".  We should never be rebellious in any area.  But being ignorant, weak, or even foolish, is just being human.  Honestly, I don't want to be ANY of those things, not even human.  But alas we are human.  And as a result, it would have been nice to have been instructed in these, and perhaps many other CRITICALLY IMPORTANT areas of life so that we could have been more prepared for our futures in this life in 2016-2017, and ultimately in the Kingdom of God. 

    Truly, can people be this immature and needy?  This is sick.  Totally sick!

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    One more blessing to be a part of the superfantabulous Restored Church of will be benevolent slave masters.

    All right…Here’s another one…The Gentiles are going to serve Israel. It’s been reduced to a tiny remnant, remember? That just stops short of looking like Sodom and Gomorrah. And the Gentiles, billions of them, are going to come and serve a tiny fraction of the people that were already only about a twelfth as big as all the Gentiles of the world? That introduces slavery that dwarfsdwarfs—anything the world has ever seen…or servitude—nothing in the old south even begins to rival that in numbers of people who would work for one slave owner. Now, the Israelites are benevolent masters. We’re not getting into the nature of servitude, as the Old Testament teaches Gentiles will do it initially. So how does that work?

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    Superfantabulous Dave, leader of the most incredible Church of God to ever exist in human history, the builder of the most beautiful college campus ever built and the brains behind the best internet site in the entire word, is also the world's most humble and modest man ever to exist.

    HIs own words:

    “And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus says the Lord GOD to the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks? You eat the fat, and you clothe you with the wool, you kill them that are fed: but you feed not the flock” (Eze. 34:1-3).
    Now that’s a picture of the ministers of this world who live in kings’ palaces. One of the things that pleases me is that person after person who’s seen my house on campus…most never will, but those who’ve seen it say, “Oh, Mr. Pack, it’s modest.” Now, I think it’s a lovely house inside. But it’s one story, and it’s smaller than the one I had…and I’m mentioning something you’ll read this week…I’m paying more rent for a smaller house. I don’t want a big house. I’m not interested in a big house. I’m interested in something that is fitting, but I don’t want a big house. You look at what the ministers of this world live in, and then there’s how many houses do they have? It’s a disgrace. They eat the flock instead of feeding the flock.

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    Can you imagine what the shoppers at The Giant Eagle will think when they see a pillar of fire centered over Dave Pack's superfantabulous campus? they will be so shocked to find out that in the midst of that fire is Dave's creepy "jesus" coming down to roost in Dave's temple.  When it comes to Wadsworth it will be sitting his "throne of glory."
    And if you understand Christ is coming back as a man, who is not accessible to people who did not take the Kingdom—no man can approach unto Him, if they’re the congregation of Israel. Just like in ancient Israel Moses, and Aaron could. That isn’t because He’s just a pillar of fire. I mean, we sit at the reckoning and we can’t see Him? We’re with Him forever, but we can’t see Him? Can’t talk with Him? A lot of problems, if you think about that.
    I’ve had an enormous difficulty understanding how Christ could come and there’s a 100-, 500-, 300-, 200-foot column of fire on the campus, and the whole world doesn’t realize Christ returned, simply because He came to the wrong place? [Author’s note: Obviously this understanding was cleared up and seen to be a whole lot more than a column of fire on the campus. Also, some of what follows has of course also expanded in meaning but it is left for the helpfulness that it brings.] He comes to His temple. How is it with the resurrection of the dead, the death of the Man of Sin…Literally, the Man of Sin is going to be put to death by the man, Jesus Christ. I mean, it’s going to be literally man-on-man, but it will be lopsided. You understand! And all of these things happen, and the wizards, He puts to death, too, before that, and the whole world doesn’t understand what went down.
    Dave's "jesus" is coming to Wadsworth to confuse the world, which in turn will cause hundreds of other false "jesus" things to arise.
    Your thought is…Who would ever believe Him? But if Christ came as a man, and other men said, “Wait a minute. I’m as a man. The one you claim is Christ is a man. He’s over there in the United States. I’m here in Russia…or Africa…or Mexico…or Germany…or Italy or the Vatican…or wherever else. You see? It makes more sense that counterfeits would arise, if you understand counterfeits that look a lot like the original, doing great signs and wonders—that’s what the Man of Sin does. The Man of Sin comes and says he’s Christ. Nobody doubts that. That’s the way it’s described.
    After this "jesus" has been in Wadsworth for a while working with Dave and sitting on his "throne of glory" he will fly over to England and confiscate the Stone of Scone from Gerald Flurry and then place it in the coronation chair, which he will promptly sit down upon in order to stop Charles from sitting down first.  Dave's "jesus will only be sitting there keeping the seat warm for David, who then will sit in a few minutes and then get up and turn the chair over to Dave's "jesus" who then can be the true heir to David's throne.
    Christ, literally, dials Himself back to be a man sitting on David’s throne, and holding it for David, because He’s not going to let Charles get it, unless he gets it before Christ comes. This should be crystal clear as you think it through. No wonder false Christs abound in chambers and deserts. There will already have been one false Christ, who got taken out, but these false Christs just boil out and prophets boil out, because here is this prophet, and this other person who says He’s Christ, and he does miracles—but so do these over here, and so do these over there. No wonder, they try to counterfeit.
    Why call it the throne of His glory, if He’s on the throne of His glory just in the United States, somewhere else? Well, it’s a different throne, and He comes looking very, very different, and what that means is…You know, we’ve been talking about a lot of people, things moving closer to us? Well, how far away is the Kingdom? One year? Two years? Three years? Six? I don’t know what it is, but when it comes, you will have absolute access to Jesus Christ, if you’ve been saved, and He’ll look exactly like a man. 
    If you think this can't get any weirder...Dave's "jesus" apparently is in Wadsworth for a thousand years during the "first dominion," where he  appears as a man keeping  David's throne warm so that when David returns in the millennium of Herbert Armstrong then he can rightfully sit on it in Westminster Abbey.

    Brethren, I want to just stop and say the Church never addressed it, because it was an enigma. It was a Gordian knot—When? Where? How? Why did He start there?—If David is right there at that time, how does He come and sit on the throne of David? Nobody thinks He did it in His first coming. No one has ever even…would be foolish enough to suggest that. So when does He do it? And why does He stop? Although, you’d really want to start…Why does He do it?
    Because He’s getting ready for David to sit on it, which is another great indicator that before David comes up, in what we thought would have been 1,000 years, when we thought all the 12 apostles came up to rule for 1,000 years, we would have had to figure somehow, some way, Christ comes before the Millennium and sits on David’s throne, because for the Millennium, He sits on His own. That’s the only way you could have explained…But nobody said that. Nobody speculated that. Nobody ever asked, “Why He does He call Himself the Son of man?” You’ve read it many times—did you?

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    All hail The Sprout

    Dave Pack is the gift that keeps on giving.

    In the first go-around, Jesus came to earth as a baby.  When Dave's "jesus" returns to Wadsworth he is coming as  "The Sprout."

    Dave says this is the most inspiring thing you can know......

    Did you ever notice that “the man” whose name is the Branch grows up? He doesn’t come as a baby again. So, that’s I guess important to know. He’s a Sprout. He starts out as a man, whose name is “the Sprout.” Not a baby, He’s a man. If He’s not a man, why are we allowed to believe that? I’m trying to just say it in ways…This is incredibly inspiring. The little group that takes the Kingdom, you’re going to have complete access to Jesus Christ…Day 1. You’re ever with the Lord…foreveryou’re with the Lord, and when He changes and becomes resplendent in glory, we do, too, and we’re still with Him.
    His Kingdom never ends. There is this period of world punishment, before it goes on to 1,000 years, and then the Great White Throne and whatever happens after that. But when David comes up, he rules forever and ever, and never stops. We stand down. I can show you some interesting verses in the Old Testament…

    0 0

    Dave writes:
    I hope you’re inspired to now know you’re going to see the apostles sooner. You’re going to see David sooner. You may see your aunts, and uncles, and you know, all of your relatives, but inspired to know that so many more will be in the Kingdom. And…let’s not forget…And I’ll close on this note…that a man, who is God, will walk among us for several years—for about the same length of time as the first time, exactly as He did before, and you will enjoy Him exactly as the apostles did. 
    You will see Him as He is then, when He comes as a man, and you can more greatly love Him and thank Him and honor Him that He’s going to wait to give Himself resplendence, only at the time He can give it to us.

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    The Wadsworth Blue Tip
    Foretold in Scriptures as a forerunner to the true light of the world to come.
    In the last days, Jesus returns to Wadsworth, Ohio first, 
    to become the TRUE fire and light of the world.

    Once Dave's "jesus" returns to Wadsworth as The Sprout, he and the rest of his group will spread out around the world and billions will be converted. They will swallow all of the "truth" that Restored Church of God members will share with them, particularly the fact that "jesus" comes to Wadsworth before it goes to Jerusalem.

    The Jews that are remaining in Jerusalem get to fight. Who knows what you will do when no one can lay a glove on you, when enormous angelic forces are subject to you, when we head out into a world of billions that believe our stories of Jesus Christ coming not only somewhere other than Jerusalem—but also to His spiritual Templemakes us a whole lot of kooks, and Christ chooses to dial Himself down, but nobody can lay glove on us.

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  • 03/13/17--07:17: Why Do They Stay?
  • "There is a seat for every butt"
    (Car salesman explaining to me why someone would buy the color car most people wouldn't be seen dead in)
    This crowd loved it. Others...not so much
    It was, however, said to be the final nail in Benny's marriage.
    Humans tend to select the religious beliefs that suit their needs, not their beliefs. Beliefs are maintained to keep feeling that whatever need they have for that belief is fulfilled. Beliefs and practice are more often a function of personality than many would like to admit. We might think of God as being able to call, work with and maintain a group of "Chosen Personalities" easier than generically "Chosen People." Cats tend to hang with cats, dogs with dogs and fish with fish. Organizations divide up in much the same way based on needs that lead to beliefs to maintain and fulfill that need. Have a need that is unfulfilled, and you will find a belief to meet the need. It's what the brain looks for when the mind is not happy, insecure or confused.
    Some people need a thinking man's religion. Episcopal, Unitarians, Methodist and perhaps Lutheran (I'm being illustrative here based on my own experiences so keep this in mind), might fall into this category for people like that. The people, or at least their ministers, are highly educated in theology and, while often not able to share everything they know about the Bible, its origins, transmission, contradictions and problems, are open to the fact that human beings wrote it in some way inspired by God but maybe not perfectly or as we might have wished. These types tend to go with the flow and as long as church feels good, is informative and inclusive, their need is for that is fulfilled. Unitarians would allow for the most free thought, in my experience, and usually attract those that need to express and validate what their own personal studies about the errancy of scripture, the many ways God can be and a very large inclusiveness of all. Unitarians tend to meet people where they actually are in life and it is ok. They don't throw you out for understanding that Christmas is the birthday of lots of Godmen like Jesus, throughout history. Similarly,
    Unity Churches (different from Unitarians) are a step above and you can understand that much of the theological cycle of belief can be understood in the study of astro-theology or the journey of the sun through the 12 signs of the zodiac. They also don't mind much if one is gay and any other ideas you have may also be welcomed, or tolerated. Love is the answer. We're all hear to learn. People who come to these types of churches tend to have suffered under the more fundamentalist denominations and beliefs, stepped outside the box of what they grew up with and simply refuse to be restricted in the beliefs that work for them personally any longer. They need to not be controlled or come under the "guidance" of personalities or denominations that demand respect as being specially called of God to annoy them. Of course, many are born into these churches too.
    Some people and personalities need emotional experiences to feel good and loved. They seek people, churches and organizations that fill that need and arrange their beliefs to keep the flow going. Many Evangelicals fall into this need. Hand waving, lots of emotion charging music, group hugging and "fellowship" are high on their list of needs that fuel their beliefs about the truth their church has to offer. They love a good Passion Play or Christmas program with lots of human actors to play out the story of Jesus visually. They can't undertand why those who do not need that kind of emotional reenactment aren't crying along with them and wanting to go out and tell the world about Jesus. They loved Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and took it very very personally.
    Their ministers tend towards the emotional type sermons, wipe their brows often in sweaty performances for Christ and walk around a lot behind the lectern. They like people, (not themselves) carrying big crosses down the isles and stages drapped in purple. Some of their ministers have a cadence in their speech would only work in church and a presentation that would make you chuckle, if it wasn't the minister under God's inspiration. The more gawdy, (no pun intended) the furniture, the better they like it because they think it resembles what God might use Himself in heaven. They like the color of gold as well and in fact, love the gold itself. Their followers give the gold too as if they were really giving it to God, who in fact, doesn't really need it personally. There is little accountability over the spending of the gold because God has informed the Pastor just how this should be done and that's pretty much the end of it. These folks tend to enjoy a good Gospel show and will support any visiting star of the Christian stage that comes to town, in addition to their local church.
    When these types of people loose their spiritual minds during sermons and switch over to pure entertainment or freudian slips, they say things like Mrs. Benny Hinn, who a couple of years ago went nuts on stage telling the audience that they needed "a holy ghost enema right up their butts." She then proceeded to rant and rave, break the heal off her shoe, tell the audience she didn't need shoes and they needed to put on combat boots for Jesus and fell on her face. The scary part is that the audience applauded their approval loudly and with vigor. No critical thinkers here. Emotion, inclusiveness and specialness is what this group needed, along with accepting the ridiculous, and that worked just fine. Accepting the ridiculous in both religion and government is often the price one pays for wanting to feel safe, special and cared for. Not one person got up and said, "this is nuts and I am out of here." That's the power of need.
    Some groups attract people who need to feel special and experience the direct and the perceived power of God. This would be Pentecostals who, while they tell the new person that speaking in tongues is not required, make them feel less than spiritual if in time they cannot perform this feat of emotion. Let's face it, if you can speak in a heavenly language that no one understands in fact, YOU ARE SPECIAL. The fact that speaking in Christian tongues sounds the same as speaking in voodoo tongues is beside the point. Add throwing yourself down on the floor and flopping around like a fish out of water, and your degree of godliness and specialness soars through the roof. This type of emotional need also brings Pentecostalism and Pentecostals the distinct honor of being the denomination that has the most sexual "sins" among it's membership and ministry over all. Emotionally motivated people need all emotions, not just the flopping around on the floor ones.
    The best drinkers in the country are the Baptists who aren't allowed to drink by the church. The denominations that prohibit it suffer from the most alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The counties that ban it and go "dry" are the wettest counties in America behind the scenes. As they say, a Good Baptist can't remember you're name if they see you at the liquor store, or Hooter's. In these cases, "Thou shalt not..." provokes "Oh yeah, just watch this." The Baptists also have a very high turnover rate, perhaps the highest of men in the ministry for falling into the sins that they deride the congregations over week after week. "Me thinks thou does protest too much," applies quite a bit of the time when a man can't stop referring to specific sins or lifestyles, in my observation and experience. We tend to berate the things that fascinate us.
    Some people need to feel secure and safe in a world that they perceive as ruled by satanic forces opposing the now just around the corner, (still) Second Coming of Jesus. Their churches and ministers tend toward reading the Bible like a newspaper and every world event is leading towards "the crisis at the close." It's all about prophecy, the true church vs. the false, the called vs. the uncalled and the saved vs. the unsaved. There is an immediacy in every sermon and you can't outgive God financially to do this end time work, but they ask you to try. God may love a cheerful giver, but being a cheerful tither is pretty much expected if you are sincere about knocking Satan off his throne for Jesus sake. You don't need to fix your teeth, your home or prepare for your children's education, because "by then" you'll be a spirit being born into the family of God, so give us your money.
    Finally, there are those that need one grand religious know-it-all to tell them everything about God, Christ, Jesus, the Gospels and how it all fits together from Genesis to Revelation. These are the Religions of the Grand Poopas. The one minister that those who need the one man show follow is "amazing,""charismatic,""smart,""truly lead by God,""Knows the mind of God," (in all things by the way), and Apostolic in his ordination. To not come to services in groups like these is to be checked up on and ask why not. To miss an church sponsored event is to be thought of as "non-supportive," or even in danger of falling away from the church. The followers tend to sit back and just listen, needing the comfort of his words and perspectives while their own are dismissed as limited in scope. No one tells the Pastor he is out of line, as he is never out of line and no one has any authority over the man. While not often spoken, the feeling the man gives is that "when I need to be corrected, God will correct me." Of course, this is a rare even, often unrecognized by the man even it were to happen, which it doesn't, but no member can ever inform the Pastor of his mistakes or in some cases, mental problems.
    I have often felt a minister or self appointed leader can better hide out in a church than in a corporate environment. IBM would fire by noon a man who declared himself to be the "One True CEO or Manager."
    Ministers with mental problems or with narcissistic tendencies appear to be "spiritual" or more obedient to God, because they alway quote scriptures to make it sound like they are doing what an Isaiah, Jeremiah or Jesus would do. Aside: Did you you know Jesus wears a bracelet that says, "Why Did I Do that?" Some say it really asks, "What Would I Do?" Some church members who come under the authority, because for some reason they need to, of one man need to wear a bracelet that says "remember not to leave my brains at the door of this church every week." Oh well. Mental illness disguised as righteousness or obedience is what gets some churches, ministers and their members into the headlines. Quirkiness in the ministry can be harmless or harmful depending on the need to tolerate such things the congregation has. The level of toleration that some audiences have for the words spoken by the one man show can sometimes leave one's head spinning as to why. But only those that don't need that type of religion, who often in the past were victims of it, tend to be able to spot it when they see it.
    People who need this type of church are easily lead and controlled, which is their need. "You tell me why the world is this way, and make me feel safe and special, and I'll support you." These people need to feel God's daily protection from harm, specialness and that "a thousand shall fall at thy right hand and ten thousand at thy left, but it shall not come nigh unto thy dwelling." Adventists, many Evangelicals and Christian Zionists fall into this category of need. Some take the need for personal security to great lengths with stored food reserves and a home arsenal that would make a Marine blush. Some will kill you and let God sort you out, if you get in their face or space, or try to inform them that the Bible may not be informing them quit as accurately about the times that THEY just happen to be living in as they think.
    Whatever our need is that informs our beliefs, it might be safer to also understand these observations about not giving up your self, your brain, your money, your time or your need to let other people, organizations or governments do all your thinking for you. Don't let your needs take you into something that you'll end up sorry you got for your efforts.
    "A man who does not think for himself does not think at all."
    "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."
    Oscar Wilde
    "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
    Howard Thurman
    "If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all."
    Billy Holiday
    "Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers"
    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something."
    "There comes a time when you have to stand up and shout: This is me damn it! I look the way I look, think the way I think, feel the way I feel, love the way I love! I am a whole complex package. Take me... or leave me. Accept me - or walk away! Do not try to make me feel like less of a person, just because I don't fit your idea of who I should be and don't try to change me to fit your mold. If I need to change, I alone will make that decision. When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad - you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you."
    Stacey Charter
    We all have needs. We need to be loved, listened to, appreciated, helpful, believing, trusting and to feel secure in an insecure world. Those needs end up informing our beliefs. There are many things that one can believe about many things. There are many organizations, belief systems, Churches, Temples, men, women, gurus, apostles, priests and kings who are more than willing to manipulate your needs, either deliberately or in their own ignorance of doing so, for advantage. Next time you sit in a crowd, congregation, group meeting, or audience, ask yourself "what is my need that I am here, listening to this?" Sometimes when we answer that question we end up defining our real needs better by getting up and voting with our feet on whether one really needed that.
    Remember, if your head says yes, but your tummy says no...your tummy is telling you the truth and your head is lying through it's follicles. When the mind makes your stomach hurt, it's trying to tell you some truth. We don't need to come up with any more beliefs based on artificial needs, created by others. for us to fall into at this particular time in history

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    It is heartening to know that brother Dave Pack is an authority on everything in the world.  Not only is he a master lumberjack, but he is a great ornithologist! Who knew!  He is such an all around man!

    All of you probably have tried to pull vines out of places where they don’t belong. I have. We’ll be doing some more tomorrow. We have a lot of “old growth” forest, here, on the campus, and we have some of the biggest, toughest, tallest vines, wrapped up into giant trees, you could ever imagine. I’ve literally tried to pull some down. I usually work with a team of about five on Sunday mornings when we’re cutting trees, and some of these vines—four guys can swing on. Tarzan’s got nothing on them. [laughter] It’s amazing, and…Now, if you wait a year or two, they’ll rot, and they’ll fall out…but once a vine is entrenched in a tree, it’s incredibly difficult to get it out.
    The kudzu vine will take over trees, and kill it and suffocate it. Anybody who’s ever tried to pull poison ivy vines out know how uniquely difficult they are to get out. They always grow up along poles and trees because birds eat poison ivy and then they eliminate the seeds right…Guess where…right at the edge of the poles or the trees, and then they grow up the trees, which is the way God designed it.
    I wonder if birds will be allowed din the First Dominion?  How can the First Dominion have bird poop soiling it up?

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    Everything about Dave is one big exclusive club where special insider information is handed out to his followers.  This in turn makes them feel special and set apart from the other Laodicean pond scum of the regular COG's.  Dave claims Herbert Armstrong establish a method of decimating knowledge to the church members that was layered in its dissemination.  The elite at Ambassador College got the strongest meat possible, much more than the low lever field church members.  However, they in turn received more information that the public did.  Its that old "milk and meat" thing.  Dave admits he tries to emulate his guru from Pasadena.  Even as vain as Herbert Armstrong was, he is no match for the vanity or narcissism of Dave Pack.
    Now let me go to something else that I mentioned a few weeks ago. As we write literature…As Mr. Armstrong wrote literature, and then I did…you write it at a certain level of detail for the world. We go into all the world, all nations and teach all things whatsoever Christ has commanded. With every subject, decisions have to be made as to how much detail do you give on a subject to the world. You can write too much. You can get it, you can pull it all out of the Bible, but you can say too much, and then you miss the marvelous Plain Truth style that Mr. Armstrong taught, and which I tried to emulate.
    But when it comes to the Church, then you can go to a much greater detail. You can go to what I call the “Church” level, not the “world” level. We can cover, in much more detail, this prophecy to the Church than we ever would to the world. If people want to respond to the part of it they see, which is enough to know whether it’s from the Bible, then they can come and hear a more detailed explanation. But beyond that, we all understand…again, under Mr. Armstrong…there was a level that was taught at Ambassador College and it went way beyond what the Church would hear.
    The Church met once a week, on the Sabbath…of course, throw in Holy Days, and sometimes, two services…but that can’t begin to match up or compare to the level of detail that we could hear in Ambassador College. So Ambassador College, when you went four years, and most did, it had hundreds and hundreds of extra hours of detailed discussion just about prophecy, for instance, or on other doctrinal subjects. It was just way beyond where the Church would be—as much beyond, in some ways, as the Church beyond the world.
    But then, if you made it into the ministry, and you came to conferences, and you read the Pastor General’s Report, there was even a fourth level, where you heard things within the ministry that sometimes did and sometimes didn’t ever make it out to the Church, but was even beyond the college. So, I want you to think of those natural thresholds that always existed.
    What I have chosen to do…and in some ways, didn’t choose to do, but was sort of thrust into…was to give you a level of detail that’s probably at the minister’s level, except, in a way, beyond…because the ministers never understood this—including yours truly. We just never saw that we had a vine growing in the wrong place, and in tearing it clear all the way out of a beautiful tree and getting that vine over to where it belongs, took a long time. And it involved a lot of additional detail that sort of “begged itself,” if you will, begged to be explained as we undid what happened only in the twentieth century, to my knowledge. As we undid that, it lead us down a lot of corridors. In the end, it’s been a very detailed description.

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    Dave Pack is now an authority on what his "jesus" supposedly looked. His "jesus" looked like god before he came down, then he looked like Mary.  He could not look like Joseph since Joseph had no sperm in the divine mix. Jesus had to look like Mary...more like Mary and the Holy Spirit, but that is another discussion.  That is why when Jesus came back from the dead that no one recognized him.  He came back looking like his god presence and not like mother Mary.

    Maybe we should turn over there and just look at one place. Luke 24 and verse 31 in Luke…in 13 to 19, they just didn’t know Who it was. They didn’t have Alzheimer’s or amnesia. They looked at Him, but they did not understand. So…how could it be…And I’m just not going to take the time. If you’re studying your Bible, you probably know the verses I’m referring to. They are people just walking and talking with Him, and didn’t recognize who He was. We ought to ask the question should we not? How could that be? How could they have spent 33-and-a-half years with Him—the disciples—intensely, every day, virtually, if not every day, much of every day besides, with Him and then not recognize Him?
    Well, it was a different Jesus than the one born of Mary. That Jesus had a human parent and He must have looked a lot like Mary. Christ didn’t look like Mary for thousands of years before He was born of her. He’s the Alpha and the Omega. He returned to what He looked like for eternity and what He will look like for eternity. Christ did not appear thousands of years earlier looking like a woman who was millennia away from ever being born. When He was born of Mary, He looked different. He certainly didn’t look like Joseph…and then the Father was His Father.

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    Type "man of sin" into Google and look who shows up!  Brother Bob!

    Dave is getting ready for Bob Thiel to become the man of sin....oops, Elijah BOB is married, that lets him off the hook.  Perhaps one of Dave's boys that he hands around with will be his young man of sin?

    When Christ walked the earth, he was 33-and-a-half years old—some old leader in the splinters isn’t going to fit the bill.
    The older the man is, the more likely…I mean, God could use anybody to be the first two wizards that introduce him. They can be older men. The wizards can have one résumé, if you will. The Man of Sin has to have another—younger, cleaner…Ready? Single. You probably can’t have him stand up as a married Christ. I’ll bet none of you ever thought about that—is the Man of Sin married? How could a married man, brethren, ever claim to be Jesus Christ—never mind if he had children who would thus be half-gods. You know, Hercules, and they’d be Mercury, whatever else. Do you see my point?
    There seems to be no way this man can be married, or probably have ever been married, and claim to be Jesus Christ. Never mind have children who, forever after, would sort of be…you know, come from the messianic line when he was Christ. That would have been a problem in the first century. We’ve talked about that many a time. It was more than Christ didn’t want to just leave a widow. That would have been one problem. Or He would have left orphans. That would have been another, but they would have been born of God! Theoretically, we could say His kids would have been one-quarter God, half from Him and none from whoever had been His wife.
    The fact that he is a single man, perhaps in his early 30s, introduces another possibility about why is he single. There is quite a powerful case behind that that would take longer to explain. I don’t want to get into it, but some of you may guess what it is. I’d like to do that in its own time and place, so we’ll just leave it at that. But he is going to have to be a single man, who got there into his thirties. Why he’s single is a different discussion, but that’s all we’re going to cover now. There’s probably more to the story, maybe much more to that story, but no time for it now.
    So, the Man of Sin has to be a younger man. The older he is, the more he comes with a résumé that could be suspect—that’s subject to fact checking. You see my point? I’m trying to illustrate something here, because some more things have come clear. Young, single, clean…Does he have brothers and sisters? People can check up on him? Is this really Christ? This guy has to look like the real deal, and he does to such an extent that even the absolute perversions that come out of his mouth are not sufficient to keep some people, with God’s Spirit, from being fooled.

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  • 03/16/17--13:22: Ambassador Reunion Las Vegas

  • One of many posters from the Ambassador Report

    Ambassador Reunion Ambassador Report Talk

    This past week was the Ambassador College Reunion in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.

    At the end of the reunion there was a special event (going on now) about the Ambassador Report.  The morning started off with a "fireside chat" where many People shared their stories on their participation in the church, when they left and what spurred them to leave, and to tell where their belief is this resent day.

    This afternoon is filled with videos and clips of Bobbie Fisher and other events during this time.

    More later.

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    Wasting Your Life on Nonsense 

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    Have the leadership of United church of God FINALLY admitted there is NOT a humble bone in any of their leaders?  Don't count on it.  The UCG big boys are declaring a fast because their conference is coming up and they need to be united in determining what they believe and how forcefully they want to be in presenting their message to the world. Essentially they've been epic failures in many of their previous "evangelistic" attempts.  Due to the lack of humility and purpose in the church leadership, the membership are now expected to fast upon their behalf. 

    We humbly ask the entire United Church of God to join the Council of Elders and the administration for a day of prayer and fasting to beseech God for the necessary wisdom needed to understand His will. The Council has set the date for this fast for the Sabbath of April 22, which we pray is a day when we can all fast and beseech God together as a church.
    Apparently UCCG members are being bombarded with satanic conflicts that is causing them to fail to stand behind the ministry and send in their money. 
    We know that we are living in critical, crucial times. We are bombarded everyday with the conflicts that are extant in the world. God and Christ have commissioned the Church of God to cry aloud and serve as watchman during these tough transitional times. The peoples of the world are filled with a sense of anxiety and discontent. 
    If only UCG had a message of hope for the world.  Because it refused to follow and acknowledge the very man they claim to follow, how can they truly be effective?

    In these vile and violent times, it is important that UCG members stand behind their leadership, send them as much money as possible so they can get off their indulged behinds and actually do something.

    In times like this we need to draw as close to God as we possibly can. The apostle James writes: “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up” (James 4:8-10, King James Version). 
    Can you imagine a UCG or any COG minister "cleaning their hands, purifying their hearts?  Will Kubik and Robin Webber publicly "mourn and weep" for the evils they claim to see in the world?  They do not do it for the evils in their own church, so why would they do it for the world? Perhaps if they started first with their own church and opened their eyes to the spiritual and doctrinal abuse that costly goes down, then they might be able to see abuse in the world and have an answer for them. 
    Brethren, we all want to do the will of God and serve Him with all our heart, mind and strength. We need God to help us as never before. All of us deeply desire to do the will of God and finish the work He has given us to do. Note the words of the apostle Paul, “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:15-17, emphasis added). 
    Why is it that the ministry claims on one hand that the brethren "want to do the will of God," and on the other claim that the brethren are not currently doing so?  Perhaps the matter lies in the fact that the members "do" want to do the will of God, but it is the privileged and over indulged church leadership and ministers that do not?   
    Each one of us needs to ask ourselves: “Am I discerning the times”? Am I one of the wise virgins or am I one of the foolish virgins? We all want to be one of the wise virgins and have our lamps filled with oil.
    The ONLY people that should be fasting in the UCG are the ministers and leadership of the church.  They need to publicly declare they are sorry for their mistreatment of members, for being narcissistic, for having no humility, and for expecting that they deserve to be treated as "royalty" in their privileged lifestyles.  These are the men who need to be fasting, not the members. 

    Satan is the one out to destroy them.  It is the members fault they allow Satan to control them.  The ministry never has THAT problem, at least that is what the boys in Cincinnati believe.
    When we fast we are in essence saying, “Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Matthew 4:10KJV). Jesus was not fasting to get—He was fasting to draw close to His Father so that he might do the will of the Father who sent Him, to die for the sins of the world.
    Each one of us needs to ask ourselves: “Am I discerning the times”? Am I one of the wise virgins or am I one of the foolish virgins? We all want to be one of the wise virgins and have our lamps filled with oil. 
    And so, at this time, we humbly ask the entire United Church of God to join the Council of Elders and the administration for a day of prayer and fasting to beseech God for the necessary wisdom needed to understand His will. The Council has set the date for this fast for the Sabbath of April 22, which we pray is a day when we can all fast and beseech God together as a church. There is a great synergy created when we all fast together for the purpose of humbling ourselves and drawing closer to our heavenly Father. We are not fasting to get, but to give; that is, to be able to more powerfully proclaim the coming Kingdom of God. 
    That last paragraph is a load of bullshit.

    When will the boys in Cincinnati EVER set the right example?

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    This is the letter that Gerald Flurry sent out to his members to guilt trip them into pledging millions o dollars to him so he can buy a jet for his personal use.   It is one amazing snow job in how he attempts to blackmail his members into supporting his quest to buy his his own private jet.  Since it was reported some time back here that one of the reasons is that as God's personal representative on earth he should not be sitting by the unwashed masses on regular planes...or fly coach.

    One of the things that all Church of God leaders do is always claim "God has told me..." in order to gain special favor with their deluded members.  We see this today in Bob Thiel, Dave Pack, Rod Meredith, Gerald Weston, Ron Weinland, and many many others.  Everyone of these lying crooks claim that God has told them that the end is near, BUT they need to build expensive auditoriums, dance halls, buy jets.  Sadly, their deluded members will step up and give millions of dollars to finance these end time follies.

    February 3, 2017
    Dear members and co-workers with Christ,
    For the past year, I have been seeking God's direction on a significant project for His Work. It has become increasingly clear that we have just a few prophetic moments left before the return of Christ. Nothing is more important now than staying close to God and fulfilling His commission.
    I recently wrote to you regarding the times of Jeroboam. The Old Testament prophecy found in the book of Amos gives precise details about God's activities through His Work and Satan's counterattack using prominent leaders on the secular level.
    Amos 3:3 asks, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" God is communicating His thoughts and warnings to this world through this Work. And that effort will ultimately lead to this nation expelling us because they cannot handle the words of God's prophecy.
    With all that in mind, I want to discuss my thoughts regarding the potential purchase of a pre­ owned long-range aircraft to serve this Work. Such a decision weighs heavily on my mind because taking on a project like this has long-term financial implications.
    In July 2015, we contracted with Mente Group based in Dallas, Texas, to conduct an aircraft feasibility study for us. This firm specializes in consulting large businesses about the purchase of aircraft. They have provided wonderful counsel all along the way. We have done due diligence in understanding all the details about purchasing, owning and operating a private jet.
    For more than 17 months now, we have monitored what we believe to be positive signs that seem to confirm this is an open door from God. For example, we have two Church members who are capable flight program managers who can assist in managing the aircraft. Hanger facilities at our local airport have recently opened as well, at a very reasonable price. Many other "signs" have reinforced in my mind that God wants us to move in this direction. But this is a big purchase, and the ongoing operational costs must be carefully considered.
    We are all familiar with the Church's commission in Revelation 10:11:"And he said unto me, THOU MUST PROPHESY AGAIN BEFORE MANY PEOPLES, AND NATI0NS, AND TONGUES, AND KlNGS." Herbert Armstrong was used by God to take the gospel to the world as a witness, fulfilling Matthew 24:14. He personally met with more world leaders than any other ambassador. God taught us so much through the work He raised through this prophesied end-time Elijah (Matthew 17:10- 11). Those restored truths continue as the foundation of this Church. Part of Mr. Armstrong's commission was to take the message to world leaders. Revelation 10:11 indicates that we could and probably will meet some world leaders. This much we know for certain: We are going to impact this world and its leaders!
    We just passed the 31st anniversary of Mr. Armstrong's death. It is hard to believe so many years have passed. With the urgent times we live in now, much uncertainty surrounds geopolitical affairs. Most of the leaders Mr. Armstrong met with are out of office or have died. We are in a new age-the last hour-and prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes.
    Amos 9:11states, "In that day will I raise the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old." We have lived through the fulfillment of this prophecy! God has raised the ruins of the Work He did through Mr. Armstrong–in specific detail! That is why the Philadelphia Church of God enjoys the benefits of two college campuses, a global ministry taking care of members in 54 nations, a thriving youth program, a world-class auditorium with superior acoustics for the preforming arts and our own worship services, a television broadcast, periodicals, books and booklets. We have the original, inspired writings of Herbert Armstrong that we constantly promote. The Bible correspondence course has been taken by over 100,000 enrollees. We have elementary and high schools for our children. But most importantly, we have God's revelation that builds on the truth restored to the Church by God's Elijah. All these are restored ruins from the Philadelphia era.
    There is one memorable, highly important asset that God's Work had in Mr. Armstrong's time that we don't currently have. Honestly, I didn't think we would ever need a private aircraft of our own, but God has impressed on my mind that He is thinking differently. Brethren, God is the one who is raising the ruins. God is the one who is warning this world-and is currently taking His final measurement (Amos 7:8) before destruction tears this world apart in the Great Tribulation. God is the one who gives new revelation to this Church. And that revelation takes on an increasingly important role as we are commissioned to reach world leaders before we are saved in a place of safety.
    Revelation 10:11tells us that we are to GO BEFORE KINGS. And as covered in my last co-worker letter, God prophesies a meeting with Jeroboam (Amos 7).These prophecies are being fulfilled and will continue at an accelerated pace. You would be hard-pressed to find a political commentator who doesn't expect earthquake-sized geopolitical events in 2017! An aggressive Donald Trump is now president of the United States. Elections in Europe will radically shape that continent as the prophesied 10 kings of Revelation 17:12 come in line. The Daniel 8 man could come to power at virtually any time. And that is all in response to an aggressive king of the south (Daniel 11) that is about to PUSH this world into great tribulation!
    If you have been watching the Key of David this past month, you will recall the programs directed at the "prince of Russia," Vladimir Putin. I also taped a program about who the modern-day Jeroboam is. THESE ARE THE STRONGEST PROGRAM I HAVE EVER TAPED. The response to these programs was strong. We are entering the time of the "Jeroboam end." Soon the land will not be able to bear our words!
    l believe God is directing me to find and purchase an aircraft to serve the needs of this Work. Now I want to make sure that WE ARE ALL BEHIND THIS PROJECT. The cost to the Work is much less than the construction costs of Armstrong Auditorium. When I think about how God's people rallied around that construction project, I am inspired and filled with hope about this project.
    If you recall, at the start of construction on the auditorium, we asked all of you to consider making a non-binding financial pledge. Using those pledges, we formulated a budget and a plan to pay for the construction as quickly as possible. While I am averse to carrying debt, sometimes it is necessary to move through an open door that God presents to His Work.
    Thanks to your sacrifice, fundraising and consistent monthly donations to the building fund, we paid off the construction loan years ahead of schedule. Since that time, God has given us our campus in Edstone, which is also completely paid for. In addition, we just completed construction on the Dwight Armstrong Performing Arts Conservatory here on our Edmond campus. We are u sing that new facility for both the academy and the college. That beautiful building has also been paid for.
    Brethren and co-workers, you have been loyal throughout the history of this Work. I am grateful for your vision and dedication to support God's efforts.
    We anticipate borrowing $9 to 11million for the purchase of a quality used aircraft. Careful consideration has been invested to make sure it will meet our anticipated needs moving forward. Not only must we cover the purchase price of the plane, but we must also budget for the annual operational costs which we believe to be roughly 52 million per year.
    As you can see, those are some large commitments, but I am confident God is opening this door. I pray that we are all behind this new incentive. Once again, we are asking you to make a non-binding financial pledge to this project. God would never ask us to give beyond what we are able, and never to the financial detriment of our families' fiscal needs. If you are able to make a pledge toward the aircraft fund, it should NOT compete the cost of your holy day offerings (and of course it should not impact your first tithe). We have been very grateful for building fund donations over the years. And while OUR needs won't disappear with the required maintenance of our current facilities, we will obviously have to suspend other building projects until the aircraft has been paid for. We would still be quite happy for you to contribute to the building fund, but we anticipate most special offerings now will be earmarked for the aircraft fund.
    l am confident we can come together to support this endeavor. We will make a few planned adjustments to the budget, namely discontinuing some construction projects, cutting back on less-responsive broadcast station contracts and a small reduction in the number of concerts we host through the Foundation. But all of those reductions had previously been on the table. I believe God has been preparing us for this move for a number of years now.
    We are also working on a few estate donations that l hope will reduce the amount of money we have to borrow. Estate donations are unpredictable, but often provide a surge in income that enables us to take on large projects like this. So far this year, estate income has been above average. We can all pray that God provides more income through this avenue. And if you are planning your estate, you might consider the needs of God's Work. That is a decision you make with God.
    In closing, please let me share with you some of the different ways God's Work will use this plane. I have already planned a Personal Appearance Campaign in Chicago for May 2017. I recognize the need to visit more congregations in person this coming year. Planned visits extend outside the U.S. to Britain, Europe, Jerusalem, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Canada, the Caribbean and perhaps South America. It is not likely I can make all of those visits in 2017, but I need to and plan to travel as frequently as possible. My travel during the Feast of Tabernacles could also be more efficient and productive. I believe a private aircraft will help me be stronger physically for all this travel.
    None of us can imagine Mr. Armstrong doing the Work without the aircraft God gave him. I don't believe that we will be able to fulfill our end-time commission without this plane.
    Please pray about how you can commit to this exciting development in God's Work. All of us can contribute prayer and even fasting to make sure God is behind this effort. If you can help financially, please complete the enclosed pledge statement, or visit our website and complete a pledge statement there.
    These pledges will help us set the budget for the coming year. They are non-binding, but we do hope that you make a realistic pledge which you can keep. Some might choose to make a one-time donation. Others might elect to support this project over time. Either way, I am grateful for your commitment to the Work of God. There is nothing to take more seriously than managing God's resources properly, so please keep me in your prayers to ensure we are walking in faith and conducting God's business responsibly.
    Thank you for your continued support and faith in God's Work. This will be an exciting year ahead, please stay close to God and remember me and His Work in your daily prayers. I also continually remember you in my prayers.
    Withlove, inJesus'sname,

    Gerald Furry


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    If you thought Dave Pack was a narcissist, get a load of Self-appointed Elijah, Elisha, Amos, Habakkuk, Mayan Authority, Second Witless Witness, and chief bastardizer of the gospel, with his latest announcement.

    There is not a thing he has ever said that has been prophetic or true.  Since when has god ever worked though self-appointed narcissists that set themselves up as "special"?

    As long-term readers are aware, I, Dr. Bob Thiel, AKA COGwriter have frequently been a radio guest. However, since many times the interviews are last minute, they are usually not announced here.
    But sometimes there is some notice. I am scheduled to be on KUHL 1440 AM with Andy Caldwell. This out of Santa Maria, California. March 20 at 4:06 pm PDT. The host and I expect to discuss prophetic aspects Donald Trump’s presidency. 
    It is likely that we will also discuss the fact that at least six warnings I made related to Donald Trump have already come to pass;
    False prophet Thiel says that Trump's election will lead to the unification of Europe and the rise of the best power who will in turn persecute Thiel and his little church.  Get the concentration camp ready!  Bob is on his way!

    Read his post here:  COGwriter scheduled for KUHL: Predictions related to the USA and Donald Trump are coming to pass

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  • 03/19/17--07:05: Perspectives

  • “Psychobabble attempts to redefine the entire English language just to make a correct statement incorrect. Psychology is the study of why someone would try to do this.”
    ― Criss JamiKillosophy

    Theobabble attempts to redefine the entire Old and New Testaments just to make a Bronze Age or Iron Age observation correct or incorrect depending on  ego based blather.  Bannedology the study of the Churches of God Restored, Living, United, Continuing and/or whoever doing that."
    - I, Den Carlton Diehl, "Apostate Former Minister"  

    as if they knew....

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