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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    Superfantabulous Dave Pack claims he is the ONLY COG splinter group that has NOT compromised on ANYTHING!  All of he hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups are being led by little men who compromise the law, allow mixed marriages, let their women were make up like harlots, marry outside the church, eat vegetarian, dance Irish dance, build auditoriums, establish colleges, and start new splinter groups.  Bob Thiel is once again suffering major butt-hurt.
    All of the splinters have compromised terribly. I haven’t compromised anything about the Sabbath; not just the Sabbath, but about it, or the Law, or the Holy Days, or the knowledge that we’re born again, or the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Now you might say I have, because of prophecy. Okay, then. I’ve not taught there’s an immortal soul. There’s no dead in hell for all eternity. I’ve not said you can interracially marry, or wear makeup, or marry outside the Church. We have thorough baptismal counseling. We maintain all standards of dress, and hair, and no tattoos. You know, we don’t allow all that stuff in the wrong way.
    Dave wants it made clear that he has the best child rearing standards too.  The youth he has kicked out of the church over the decades and their parents would beg to differ.
    We have childrearing standards.
    Dave also wants it known that he has not compromised the word of God by watering down his message by preaching wimpy-ass 45 minute or one hour sermons.  Real men of God preach 2-4 hour sermons!  Dave is like John the Baptist, he has come to show the true way.
    We haven’t altered services down to an hour and a half, with 45-minute sermons, the way it is in most of the splinters, never mind Worldwide. The manner of doing the Work is the same. We haven’t watered down any elements of tithing, any aspects of it. The calendar; we do broadcasts; we follow the pattern of doing the Work. Ambassador College; the publications we produce; the quality of conferences and Feasts, and writing literature, and youth tools; building a world headquarters the way I saw it and was taught. We haven’t compromised any of that. The splinters compromise all of it. All I’ve done, like John, is come and show, in many ways, what they always believed.
    Dave does admit to changing one thing though...prophecy.  Dave imagines that he has not changed anything or added anything, only that he has explained it properly.
    Prophetic understand is the only thing I’ve changed…but I haven’t changed anything, because I’m not adding a new book of the Bible. I’m just explaining what was always there. So, I’ll leave you to look at that principle and go over all of the different things that we have held to, that I have not compromised—for all the decades of my ministry—and it didn’t make any difference how many people stood with me or didn’t.
    The families ripped apart, the marriages broken, children thrown out, financial lives ruined, all beg to differ that Dave is the most upright and uncompromising minster ever.

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    The latest issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God is now online.

    The Journal marks 20 years this month
    THE JOURNAL, as of February 2017, has been publishing for 20 years. This newspaper’s Vol. 1, No. 1, came out in February 1997 one month after In Transition, published by John Robinson, ceased publication with its January 1997 issue.
    “Although In Transition was the inspiration for our newspaper, we are not the same paper and not a continuation of In Transition,” said JOURNAL publisher Dixon Cartwright.
    “John decided to end his paper after two years, 1995-97, and I could not talk him out of discontinuing it. We also could not come to an agreement by which I would buy it or otherwise acquire it and keep it going. So when he folded up shop in January of ’97 my wife, Linda, and I began THE JOURNALin February of 1997.
    “Hard to believe it’s been 20 years and, so far, 192 issues.” Mr. Cartwright said. “Time marches on.” 

    The cover page includes an article about the Church of God Ministries International and Tom Terry's latest adventure. Kerry has been quit concerned about the lack of patriotism and the removal of God from the national psyche by leftists and democrats over the decades.  He cites these three indicators:
    He listed three events that he says marked the “beginning of removal of God” from American affairs ca. 1925:

    • The repeal of Prohibition.
    • The Scopes so-called monkey trial, pertaining to the teaching of Darwinian evolution.
    • Christians campaigning for Herbert Hoover for president.

    In the case of the latter, when President Hoover was seen as causing the Great Depression he, and his Christian supporters, were discredited. 

    Dixon Cartwright continues his series of Church of God historical events, this time focusing upon Amarillo Church of God Pastor Jeff Booth and how Herbert Armstrong fired him 7 times in one afternoon.

    Church pastor recalls the time he was fired seven times during one meeting with his boss 
    Fired seven times
    It was January 1980. Not many WCG members, even church pastors, could muster the temerity to request an appointment with Mr. Armstrong to ask him anything, much less probing questions about his opinions on pressing doctrinal questions of the time.
    Though direct and to the point in the interview, Mr. Booth says he was never disrespectful, never raised his voice and never asked any personal questions, although the founder of the WCG and Ambassador College did “fire” Mr. Booth from his job as a church pastor seven times over a span of three hours and 20 minutes. 

    This issue also features an article by our very own self-appointed, doubly blessed, Chief Overseer Bob Thiel expounding upon the miraculous African work he is doing.   We all know how well that has worked out for him.

    Linda French is conducting a survey on Servant Leadership in the church:  Executive Servant Leadership Scales (ESLS) and Church Attitude Inventory (CAI) instruments

    My name is Linda French and  I am conducting a research study entitled “A Correlational Study between Servant Leadership and Church Climate.” The purpose of the research study is to discover the nature of the relationship between pastors’ attitudes toward servant leadership and attendees’ attitudes towards pastoral servant leadership, the nature of the relationship between pastoral attitudes toward church climate and attendees’ attitudes towards church climate, and the nature of the relationship between combined pastoral and attendee perceptions of servant leadership within the church climate and church climate. Understanding pastoral and attendee perceptions of church climate and pastoral servant leadership could lead to changes and improvements of methods and use of servant leadership strategies leading to improved church climates and attendee outcomes.

    There is also an article about those nasty Catholics and Jesuits who are out to destroy the United States and the church.  This will play well into he conspiracy theories of the Kitchen family and others who find the Catholic Church to be the big bogey-man.  How involved is the Vatican in U.S. politics?

    There is also an ad for the HWA Storehouse that will send you a free 21 gigabyte USB drive of HWA and church literature and programs. Oh joy...


    The Journal would appreciate readers subscribing to the print version, which for many people is more convenient to read than a PDF on a computer screen.
    However, you have my permission to share the links to the above-mentioned issue. Please feel free to send to friends, family, anyone.
    To subscribe to the print version, please follow this link:
    Also, we provide FREE print subscriptions to anyone who writes us to inform us he cannot afford a paid subscription. Here are The Journal’s postal and E-mail addresses:
    The Journal
    PO Box 1020
    Big Sandy, TX 75755

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    From a PCG source:

    The Malone's Swan Song? 
    My source recently informed me that Gerald Flurry is cutting back on the Performances at Armstrong Auditorium. Apparently future plans to produce/bankroll any of Ryan Malone's Musical extravaganzas now takes a back seat in Flurry's mad quest to buy a used private Jet. The recent crash and burn of "The Widow's Mite" and it's poor box office proceeds and public interest has convinced Flurry to severely cut back on the Edmond Elites River dancing fun. Could the negative Publicity surrounding Flurry's River-dancing excesses exposed by Anti-PCG blogs/websites be finally taking its toll on the troubled Prophets mind? Is this a good excuse to drop a embarrassing money drain that is not all that popular with the exploited non-Edmond PCG sheep? Why fund musicals to half empty auditoriums? 
    Flurry had also said in the Sermon that the PCG has some qualified church members who work or have worked in the field of Aviation and that they would serve to maintain Flurry's private jet. There maybe a possibility that the PCG will have its own PCG pilots to fly Flurry around the world and PCG ground crews to maintain the Jet in flying order. Of course there will be no shortage of potential Stewardesses (Armstrong College coeds?) to serve the top ranking PCG male leaders as they take their message around the world. This use of only PCG members to man Flurry's Jet will apparently reduce the cost to the Church as they would not have to contract out with a "worldly" firm. 
    The Key of David will also be axed from some "unproductive" stations. It seems the PCG rates the productivity of a TV station by how much money and solicitations for Literature they receive. As some have already said Gerard Flurry's is no Garner Ted and his very poor, uninspiring, and lackluster pretense as the main Key of David presenter is the chief handicap to getting more interest in the show worked up. 
    There are whispers amongst the PCG members on Flurry's recent demand from the Pulpit. Most of the more sensible non-kool aid drinking people are asking "How can we afford a Plane"? However the hard core Flurryites are ecstatic that old 6-pack will be following in HWAs footsteps and will be the catalyst for the PCG to finally go to their Petra reward. Flurry was wise to throw the PETRA bone the the PCG members at the same time he asked for a Private Jet. Carrot and a Stick?

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    Leave it up to another Church of God member to suck money out of gullible church members.  Church members have always been fertile ground for greedy unemployed members who could manipulate people to easily be separated from their hard earned money.  This has been easily done be crooks trotting out Herbert Armstrong who supposedly restored things lost for 1,700 years by a weak and impotent god.

    Those fun folk at WCG Archives have spent many years stealing videos, booklets, articles, films, etc from the Worldwide Church of God with the dishonest claim that they are, by law, allowed to plagiarize and steal intellectual property by publishing it as "educational." They feel that Herbert Armstrong was on par with the bible in the things that are relevant to human kind.  Jesus Christ would not be able to return without Herbert Armstrong in the mix.  The Kingdom of God would not be able operate without Herbert Armstrong being directly under Jesus Christ. After all, government is the most important thing about the Kingdom of God that church members should be worried about.  Jesus be damned, government rocks!

    For church members to be able to make it to the Kingdom they must be willing to fork over their money.  Labeling it tithes and offerings places a guilt trip on members.  They think their magical god is watching them and that if they do not give money or tithe then they will all out of favor.  Usually those demanding the money are those who are too damn lazy to work an honest day in their lives and have no scruples whatsoever in stealing money from gullible church members.  Just look at Flurry, Pack, and Thiel for that proof!

    The WCG Archives folk are expecting COG members worldwide to finance their dishonest sites of illegally posted materials.  Brethren SEND US YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!  These folk are now Jesus Christ's TRUE end time representatives!

    It is deceitful, manipulative and totally untrue!

    Welcome to "The Way of Giving" facebook page!

    Those of you who are loyally staying true to what Christ has given and taught through Herbert W. Armstrong, Christ's chosen apostle and end time Elijah, now have the opportunity to support and to be apart of the broadcasting and advancing of the work of God! 
    We are commanded to pay God's tithes and to give those tithes to Christ's representative so the gospel message can be reached by the largest audience possible! By becoming an advertiser with this page, you can place God's tithes straight into the work of God, so that the preaching done by Mr.Armstrong, Christ's apostle and end time Elijah, can be advanced and broadcasted!

    How it works...
    At the top right corner, click the "send message" button, and in your message, request to pledge your support. This notifies us that you want to help in the advertising of our website, posts and materials of this page. 
    One of our Admins will contact you shortly, and will make you an advertiser for this page. This is a special role, that opens a door for the individuals of God's Church to personally place God's tithe into the work of God, in advertising and making available the gospel message that was preached by God's apostle and end time Elijah Herbert W. Armstrong! You are not giving God's tithes to us. We are not handling any money. You are. And it's your responsibility to place God's tithes into God's Work, where God's apostle can reach the world with the true gospel message! Your support, will advance God's Work and Truth!
    We are providing the materials of Mr.Armstrong and God's Church, on our website-
    In turn, we publish those materials on 3 facebook pages.

    This page. The Way of Giving page.

    A Voice Cries Out- Herbert W. Armstrong page.

    The Worldwide Church of God Archives page.

    This has become a three-point spearhead for God's Work.

    What we post will be shared here, on "The Way of Giving" page, which will give you the opportunity to advance it with God's tithes in advertising and boosting the posts if you are a part of the advertising team.
    You even have the option to just boost our website.
    Make sure brethren that the money goes to them and not to some lying false prophet leader of another splinter group, such as Bob Thiel, Flurry, Pack or Meredith.  These men are lying crooks, the WCG Archive folk are not.
    There are many false ministers who want you to fund them with God's tithes. There are some websites that want you to send them donations and God's tithes, so "their work" can keep afloat. You can see the donate buttons everywhere!
    We are not like them! We are not an organization.
    We do not want donations, nor do we want God's Tithes!
    We are just lay-members of the Worldwide Church of God, an unincorporated spiritual organism, and not ordained ministers. So we are not ordained to collect or handle God's tithes.

    What this page opens up, is the opportunity for you to directly place God's tithes into the Work of God.
    There is no ministry on the entire earth that is doing the world that these folk are. None whatsoever!  Hear that Bob Thiel!

    Today, there isn't a ministry like it was under Herbert W. Armstrong. 
    Those who were one time ministers left the spiritual body, to become ministers of a human organization or church. This is why you see so many COG groups. What we are today facing is the 2 Thes 2 Great Falling away, and none of these COG groups are the true body of Christ! They are not the Worldwide Church of God. They are merely corporations of human creation.
    So what are we to do, if there is no true minister available to give God's tithes to? God's Work is still going forward in God's true Church!
    God has personally showed us that we can put His Tithes into God's Work. But a lot of you wanted to help too. And since there is only ONE WORK, not a bunch of them, I think people have been waiting and searching for God's true Work!
    We won't "take" your tithe money so we have cooked up a new name for our tithe payers, "advertisers" we will pretend your tithe money is "advertising" money.  Problem solved!
    We couldn't handle God's tithes from others, so we provided this page, so you can do your part in God's Work. We now have the opportunity to work in cooperation, in unity, TOGETHER in backing and broadcasting God's apostle who is doing the preaching of the gospel and whom Christ is using to warn our laodicean brethren!

    Remember how the old World Tomorrow programs used to say "The Worldwide Church of God presents.....Herbert W. Armstrong"?
    This is still true! And you can still be apart of that presentation.

    So if you have any questions, or if you want to request to be placed as an advertiser so you can do your part in God's Work, click the "send message" button in the top right corner and let us know.

    We appreciate your prayers, as your prayers are the MOST ESSENTIAL ORGAN IN THE WORK OF GOD!

    God's Church is a tithe paying Church. And God's Tithes are designed for the Work of God! And until the Two witnesses show up on the scene we are to be continuing in obedience towards God!

    Thank you brethren. May God bless you all in your sacrifices and efforts in this Great Work of God!
    God's church is NOT part of this crooked ministry. No Church of God member should be supporting this fraudulent "ministry." Your tithe and offering money can go to better use taking care of the homeless, the widows and orphans in your community than to yet one more fraudulent Church of God ministry.

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    Several LCG sources have emailed me today about Richard Ames.  He was rushed to the hospital today complaining of slurred speech, headache, and numbness on his right side.  It is feared that he has had a stroke. His doctors have been conducting numerous tests on him to determine the damage from the stroke.  He has had health issues for some years now, which have taken a turn for the worse.   With Ames out of the picture, Gerald Weston has free reign to implement his reign of terror.  Ames, being the senior Evangelist was able to reign in the more abusive elements of the church.  Many LCG members fear that protection is slipping away.  If Meredith and Ames both die soon from their health issues, the Living Church of God is destined for major  problems.

    Tough times are ahead for LCG members

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    From Exit and Support:

    A Dis-fellowshipped man told of what his daugter saw when she worked as an Office Assistant for Wayne Turgeon:
    I personally know a former PCG member who told me about some of his experiences with being disfellowshipped by Cal Culpepper and Aaron Eagle. He recently told he that when he was dis-fellowshipped at the Feast by Cal Culpepper he was told point blank that Culpepper had received orders directly from Gerald Flurry to "clean house!" Culpepper went on to tell him that they want to get down to a hard core of dedicated elite members who are not lukewarm and sinful--"God's elite army." This was around 4 years ago. Flurry knows exactly the kind of carnage and suffering he is doling out to PCG members who run afoul of the ministry. Cal Culpepper does nothing without Gerald Flurry's direct consent. 

    This man's daughter, as part of her AC tuition payment, worked as Wayne Turgeon's office aide. Often as she did her duties she saw that Turgeon's desk was full of disfellowshipment/suspension papers as they were sent into HQ by the PCG ministers. These were read by Turgeon before they were sent to "That Prophet" to read. Apparently, when a minister puts a member out he has to fill out a pre-printed form that has very particular and explicit details of the person(s) sinful acts and what they did to get into trouble. His daughter said that she was told by Wayne Turgeon that she was not to discuss the details of what was in those files to anybody. I particularly find it creepy that Wayne Turgeon is sitting in his nice office, sipping coffee and reading form after form (for how many years now) containing in depth detail of troubled PCG members sins and faults. Those things should only be between those people and God and is not the business of some guy whose only job qualification is that he married Flurry's daughter. --Former PCG member

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    Is Armstrongism the only viable version of Christianity?

    Lonnie Hendrix/Miller Jones

    Ian Boyne recently made some interesting remarks in the comment thread for a post on the Banned by HWA blog (“Is Rod Meredith The Most Uniquely Qualified Man To Write About The Protestant Reformation?”). Mr. Boyne spoke of what he described as Dr. James Tabor’s “benign assessment of Armstrongism” which appeared in the most recent issue of Dixon Cartwright’s The Journal (see “I had a valid, positive spiritual AC experience” at Mr. Boyne went on to say:  “He gives a perspective that is radically different from what one encounters on these blogs. In my view, he grasps some strengths of Armstrongism which I have always felt should be acknowledged by critics. It is refreshing to see that an ex-member can take this dispassionate view of the movement, particularly vis-à-vis orthodox Christianity.”

    As a former Armstrongite, this brings a couple of questions to mind:  Does Armstrongism have any strengths to be acknowledged? and, Are Dr. Tabor’s and Mr. Boyne’s views of the movement truly dispassionate?

    We could say that Herbert Armstrong’s questioning of the conclusions and traditions of Catholic and Protestant Theology was a strength, but we would have to immediately qualify such an assertion with a few addenda. Mr. Armstrong’s questioning often turned into contemptuous dismissal and disdain for those views – things to be ridiculed and mocked. Over time, this produced a pronounced feeling of superiority among Armstrong and his followers. And, it led to the same phenomenon among Armstrongites that Mr. Boyne is accusing their critics of exhibiting on these blogs:  The careless dismissal of, and callous disregard for, anything perceived as being a part of the rejected system.

    We could say that Herbert Armstrong’s emphasis on the Hebrew roots of Christianity was a positive development and one of the strengths of his theology, but we would once again be forced to qualify that assertion. As all serious students of history understand, a story can be radically revised by emphasizing certain facts over others. And, of course, this can lead to ignoring or denigrating evidence which doesn’t support the new thesis. For instance, it would be a gross distortion of both the historical and scriptural evidence to suggest that all early Christians observed the dietary laws and kept the Sabbath and Festivals outlined in the Torah.

    We could say that Herbert Armstrong’s understanding that there was a northern kingdom (Israel) and southern kingdom (Judah) is critical to a proper understanding of Scripture and is a strength. However, we would also have to point out that this led to the theologically and historically inaccurate teaching about Anglo-Israelism (which for Herbert and some of his followers led to racism).

    We could say that Herbert Armstrong’s teaching that God was not going to condemn the majority of humanity to the fires of hell without first giving them an opportunity to accept “His” truth was a great improvement over the traditional model and a strength. Once again, however, we would have to point out that Armstrong’s theology predicted that untold billions would eventually end up in the Lake of Fire anyway. Sure, according to Armstrong, they would have their chance; but many of them would reject that opportunity and suffer the consequences. Armstrong’s God was angry, and he wasn’t going to tolerate one iota of deviation from “His” expectations/plans.

    We could say that Herbert Armstrong’s teaching about man’s incredible potential (that man is to become God, part of the Elohim family) was a strength; but even Ian Boyne has seen fit to modify that teaching by publishing his own booklet on the subject. After much study and consideration, many former Armstrongites have concluded that to say that man will be God as God is God (In other words, full equality) is blasphemous and not supported by Scripture. We also have to remind ourselves that in both The Incredible Human Potential and Mystery of the Ages Mr. Armstrong reasoned that man’s potential was the consequence of the angels’ sin (that God was effectively working on “Plan B”).

    We could say that Armstrong’s understanding of Jesus as King was a grand improvement over the Catholic/Protestant view of him as Messiah (the agent of salvation) and a definite strength; but we also have to ask ourselves:  Did that understanding come at the expense of a full appreciation of Christ’s role as Savior for Armstrong and many of his followers? Sure, a few of the offshoots from the old Worldwide Church of God have “rediscovered” Jesus as Savior (but that is certainly a post Herbert Armstrong development). We could certainly say with some justification that Catholic/Protestant theology overlooked this important aspect of Christ’s work, but couldn’t we also say that its rediscovery and emphasis by Armstrong and his followers led to the de-emphasizing of Christ’s role as the Sacrificial Lamb?

    In his remarks, Ian Boyne went on to state:  “It is interesting that those who left Arnstrongism and have gone on to gain recognition in the scholarly world---Tabor,Lester Grabbe,Phillip Arnold,Greg Doudna and Robert Kuhn as a philosophical interlocutor---have a more nuanced, less acerbic view of their religious past than those on these blogs. Could a wider grasp of theology and philosophy actually lead one to recognize some of the strengths of Armstrongism --certainly in comparison with orthodox Christianity--while acknowledging its obvious and dastardly elements? When one considers the grotesque nature of Calvinist theology, for example, how can one not deeply appreciate Armstrong's teaching that a loving and just God could not condemn people to an eternal hell fire just because of His decree? Those who reject Armstrongism for atheism, deism or agnosticism I can certainly understand, but not a smart fellow like Byker Bob who has gone to vacuous orthodox Christianity. No version of Christianity is any viable alternative to Armstrongism.

    Mr. Boyne suggests that “a wider grasp of theology and philosophy” might actually lead to a greater appreciation of “some of the strengths of Armstrongism.” It may come as a surprise to Mr. Boyne, but it isn’t that many of us have an insufficient grasp of these fields (theology and philosophy). We have simply reached different conclusions about Armstrong’s theology than the ones Mr. Boyne has reached. Moreover, I don’t think that it is too outlandish (or overly emotional) to suggest that almost any version of Christianity would be a superior alternative to Armstrongism. In my humble opinion, the real strength of Christian theology is found in its teachings about love, forgiveness, redemption and spiritual salvation.

    For myself, I do not regret my experience in Armstrongism – I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having had that experience. I am willing to acknowledge that my philosophical and theological views have benefited from my former exposure to Armstrong and his teachings (in my view, a necessary step in the evolution of those beliefs). I am also glad to acknowledge that I met many wonderful people within that culture through the years who had a profound and positive impact on my life. Nevertheless, as for any strengths inherent in that theology, I do not see them. 

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    Dave Pack is telling his members that within "six months  to a year and six months" that they may see their dead friends rise from the grave and stand before their "christ."

    Brethren around the world, you don’t know David Holcomb but I’m going to use the name David Holcomb, one of the most beloved people I’ve ever known in my ministry, died a few years ago. I find it incredibly exciting to know we’re going to see David Holcomb…You could fill in names that you know…a lot sooner than when Christ comes to Jerusalem. I would want to know that. I would find that those are comforting words to me. And if any others are sick and dying, but we might see them in six months or a year and six months, or whatever it is, I would find that very encouraging. Wouldn’t you? Very comforting.

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    Dave Pack is the most tmiraculous man alive.  Besides running the most superfantabulous Church of God ever, he is also of royal lineage.  Dave claims he is a direct descendant of King David's two sons.

    Even though he loves the Jews, his god is really, really pissed at them and is going to burn up most of the Jews in the world...but Dave wants us to know he "loves" the Jews.
    Who are the people, the day Christ comes to His temple where He’s going to throw fire into a particular city? Who did we read, in Chapter 2, is the object of His ire; who are contrary to all men; who killed the very Lord who is coming; who killed all His prophets; who went on to kill all the apostles except John; who said “don’t let the Gentiles hear the truth;” who “pleased not God,” to put it mildly, and were against all races of men. It didn’t suddenly change to somebody else. That is the day Bands breaks and violent fire lands in Jerusalem, and eventually spreads, over the next several years, to all the nations of Israel.
    “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief” (5:4). It is the Jews…
    They’re God’s people and when they are converted they are the most wonderful people. All the apostles were Jews. Jews can change. Jesus Christ was a Jew. We’re the least anti-Semitic people on earth. I’m descended from David through two of his sons. I’m not against the Jews. I’m just reading the scriptures to you, the way God says them. So if God is going to have wrath—and He was just talking about wrath—shouldn’t we look, in context, at the only people He describes, who are going to get that wrath to the uttermost—the end of the limit!

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    All of you lazy Restored Church of God members had better get a job so you can send in your money to support Dave and his empire!  It is Dave's money, after all.
    “For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies…[And that happens. You know, idle hands are the devil’s workshop.]…Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread” (3:11-12).
    Now, to people of God around the world, I will just counsel you—as we come up to the time of Christ coming to His temple—get a job! Support the Work of God! Look at the context. This is not a sermon about “get a job.” It’s not a sermon about “six days shall you labor” or all the things I’ve said in other sermons. But it is worth noting the context, coming right up through this period, in this all important Work, because you tithe and you give offerings, and so forth. But anyway…

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    All of you heretics in the various splinter Churches of God are being soooooo disorderly because you REFUSE to come over to Dave's dark side. You have no decency or order in your groups. Stop fighting Super Dave!

    Here are God’s people being told to withdraw from disorderly brethren who do not obey traditions, word, epistle, truth or all the things we’ve just said, in the run up to the Man of Sin and the other wizards with him. That’s exactly what it says. But don’t see them as enemies. They are the flock of the slaughter. And, lo and behold, 2,000 years passed and we’ve got thousands and thousands of brothers and sisters who, right now, are disorderly. That’s what they are. We are God’s people, and we are here, because we are not disorderly. We strive to do exactly what God guides us to do all through the Scriptures. We read a verse, and it means what it says, whether by word or epistle, which means by sermon or letter. But there are others saying, “No! I don’t have to do that”, and they just rebel—but they are still God’s people.
    And your question is, “Wait a minute now. Are they enemies, or are they brethren?” The answer is: They’re brethren, who are disorderly. There’s thousands of them in 400 groups…well, of course, they are, there’s no decency and order in those 400 groups! They’re disorderly! Brethren, they can’t keep it straight. They fight each other as much as they fight us, almost.
    There may be people who have left us, that currently, in our mind, we think of them as enemies. Some of them may be enemies, but don’t count them that way. Because they may be disorderly brethren, and you don’t want to think of a disorderly brother as an enemy. There are enemies, and sometimes it’s real obvious! They’re vicious and attack and try to destroy. In either case, whether enemy or brother, you withdraw from them. 

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    When you read Gerald Weston's comments below about Richard Ames recent stroke you will see one of the sad legacies of the church.   Instead of rushing him to the hospital because of the stroke, they anointed him and waited, expecting an immediate healing.  A logical person does not wait when a person is slurring their speech and  is losing feeling in there  extremities.

    Prayer Request – Mr. Richard Ames

    03/06/2017/in Prayer Requests /
    Please remember Mr. Richard Ames in your prayers.  The message below comes from Headquarters.
    Dear Fellow Ministers:
    I want to update you on a situation that occurred this afternoon.  Mr. Richard Ames called me to request anointing as he was having a health problem.  It was clear that he was having trouble speaking as his speech was slurred and he reported having numbness on his right side.  Dr. Winnail, Rod McNair and I anointed him and he was better immediately, but reverted back to the slurring shortly thereafter.  We decided to call the paramedics and he was taken to hospital where he is going through a series of tests and will remain there overnight.  The problem seems to be intermittent and so far there has been no diagnosis.  Initial tests at the hospital were favorable. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated and we will keep you informed when we know more.
    Kind regards,

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    This was sent in by a reader this morning.  Check out the astounding growth the UCG is experiencing.  This is the exact same thing that is happening in all the other splinter groups.  They are replacing those who die with new members who are usually disgruntled refugee's from other splinter group.
    Actually, UCG is having some least replacing those who die. Not all congregations are getting smaller. Holding your own or some small growth is more than any other group I know of.  We are in the time of the end. There are "wise" and "foolish" virgins.

    UCG is also the only group who has successfully merged with another group (CGCF).  They even had a member on the UCG board within two years and another a few years later. Where else could that happen but in UCG's structure.  Sadly, some of them with COGWA in the split, but one is still on our board.   

    As to merging, there is a process, and it is difficult, mostly because of the personalities involved and lack of humility.  While one may have a great relationship with an individual congregation, that does not go across the board. For example Living and UCG had a joint activity in Alaska at the feast.  An elder at that event who went to New Zealand the following year tried to do it there, but the living elder said "Living doesn't do that".  It is a real mix out there so be careful not to label all by a personal (perhaps correct), but limited experience. There may be a history and reasons why, but each situation seems different with most making judgments based on incomplete information.  

    Having worked directly with HWA in the final years, it is hard for me not to feel like Haggai and Zerubbabel and the '2nd temple' being so much less...but it is not by our power, but by God's.  He controls the size of his army and where they are.  I pray not to get in his way.

    Aaron Dean


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    What will the church be saying 20, 30, 40 years from now when they are still sitting in their homes claiming "the end is nigh?"

    I don't necessarily disagree with what you observe, but a quick reading of Rev 2 and 3 show the church has often been in bad shape. :-(

    Also Gideon's army shows numbers don't matter, and HWA's last comment was that the purification of the bride comes next.  That sorting has been happening since he died. 

    Rev 14:3-4 indicate there are 144,000 "first-fruits". Perhaps God has about reached the number he wants in the 1st resurrection.  HWA and I discussed this before he died.

    Prophecy is now taking place with Brexit/Trump/UN resolution on Israel...etc. Time is very close.  God can pull the chord at any time.

    We simply need to make sure we are "Working out our own salvation with fear and trembling".  You can't make others do anything, you can only try to inspire them to change themselves.


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    UCG has always been known to be dysfunctional, but a comment on a Yahoo group proves that further.  UCG members are avoiding their own church like the plague.  On top of that, UCG is being out preached by the Seventh Day Adventists and Church of God 7th Day.  Unlike UCG, Adventists  and COG7 make no excuses for what they believe, UCG and most other COG's are embarrassed about themselves and are constantly making excuses for hiding what they claim to believe.

    Church of God 7th Day and the Adventists are putting the regular Churches of God to shame.  Both preach what they believe and are active in their communities and around the world.  The Church of God is not.

    UCG pays thousands of dollars to hold campaigns around the country.  One of their latest attempts they are bragging about had around 145 in attendance.  Of that number only 25 some "new" people showed up.  The rest of the audience was padded with 120 UCG members.  The COG message is shallow out out of touch with 21st century life and issues.  The Adventists and COG7 get it, the Church of God does not.

    Even till today I know UCG people who if they have to visit Sydney on business. They will not attend the Sydney UCG. On the Sabbath. 
    Which is voting will your feet. 

    One other thing that I have noticed. Back in the 1970s HWA had a great interesting broadcast. 
    Where now days hardly any of the cogs stand out. 
    He in NZ the SDAs have there own Full time TV station plus one part time Station. 
    As for preaching Gods laws they are spot on. 
    Regarding prophecy and Gods laws they are now very close to what HWA taught.
     Those who preach on the SDAs TV stations have an excellent grasp on gods laws. They all preach the same. 

    There is  a new big boy on the block. 

    0 0

    UCG has some "papers" submitted to them that they are going to be discussing.  Not a single one of these is of any actual importance.

    Project 54: Age of the Universe: Young Earth Creationism (YEC) is a popular belief, and it can be compelling on the surface, but it collapses billions of years of recorded data into a space of 1,000 years before the flood. Many forms of dating the earth are dismissed. The Achilles heel of the YEC is the speed of light and the diameter of the universe being 27.2 billion light years across. YEC also doesn’t consider the rebellion of Satan and his demons.
    Project 46: Unleavened Bread Services for Seven Days: Proposed that Mr. Armstrong made a bad decision to reverse his custom of holding daily services during UB. (Actually it was more of a localized custom [i.e., Ambassador College] done for a brief number of years.) There is no scriptural directive for daily offerings as there is during the FOT.  
    Project 11: Passover and the NTBMO Are on the Same Evening: An opinion has been making the rounds that Israel kept the first Passover, staying in their houses all night, and somehow also spoiled the Egyptians that night, and traveled with their animals to assemble at Rameses that night and all marched out of Rameses all on the same night. That idea attempts to be reinforced with a first century Jewish tradition of the time of the killing of Passover lambs. Believers of this concept attempt to impose events from during the Sinai Covenant onto the observance of the New Covenant Passover. First Corinthians 11:23 cuts through it all as it states, “The Lord Jesus on the same night He was betrayed took bread . . . ” We keep the New Covenant Passover. We teach what Scripture teaches and observe accordingly.

    0 0

    You too can join the Dugger family for a weekend on the former Ambassador College campus in Big Sandy, TX where you can delve deeper into the cult beliefs of the Quiverfull cult.  You can learn patriarchy, how to make your wives and children to really submit, and you can share warm stories aroudnthe campfire about your glory days attending the BS Feast site and camping in the very same spot!

    If you thought the craziness of Armstrongism was legalistic, just wait till you learn how it really should be in the QUIVERFULL cult!


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  • 03/10/17--15:08: The Dilemma of God as Healer

  • From The Progressive Redneck Preacher blog.   The author is a former WCG minister.

    As I reflect on the Psalmist’s words, fleshing out who this “Great I AM” is revealed to Moses in Exodus 3-4, I find myself stumbling a bit over this description of Yahweh, whose name is usually translated “The LORD”, but which I render “the Living One” here as an allusion to God’s explanation that Yahweh is the I Am in opposition to gods that are not.  This Living One or One Who is “heals all our diseases”.

    I remember as a young boy in the Church of God movement in which I was blessed as a baby and raised, hearing a lot about healing.  Though this particular Church of God movement was not the Pentecostal movement called Church of God, but instead a Church of God group that was a spin-off of the Seventh Day Adventists, boy did they believe inhealing.   I was told coming up how daddy and momma tried real hard to become parents to no avail.  And how they went finally, in an act of desperation and faith, came to the preacher at the Church of God and he (yes, these churches only had preachers who were “he’s”: no women preachers since Jesus wasn’t a woman, after all) took healing oil, anointed momma like it says to be anointed in the book of James, and “bam!” next thing we knew my big brother was on the way.   And then, one after another, each of the rest of us four children came into the world.  Growing up with that story of anointing and healing inspired me, especially with a name liked “Micah” taken from the story of the Bible prophet, to see my life as having begun with great purpose.  To see myself, like the Psalmist in Psalm 139, as knit together even in my mother’s womb with potential to be one who, together with God, helped the world become more beautiful and whole. 

    Yet I also remember growing up hearing a counter-story.   Each of us, when we got sick, in turn, had the preachers of the church come, take that book of James healing oil and smear it on our foreheads, praying for God’s healing presence to be known.   So many stories were told of how it brought healing and comfort to us.  Daddy told us too, though, how one of us had oil placed on their head, when dealing with meningitis.   Like a snap of the fingers, that meningitis went away.  Yet, years later, this dear little one developed childhood diabetes.  And all the anointing and praying in the world wouldn’t take it away.  Daddy agonized over that.  How could God be healer, if God touched us in so many healing ways through their faith and the preacher’s hands, yet also didn’t heal something as serious as diabetes?

    Later, other conditions of all types struck our family and each of us in turn struggled over how to understand God as the Living One “who heals our diseases”.

    Read the entire story here:

    The Dilemma of God as Healer in a World of Illness, Pain, and Disability

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    From Dr. Germano

    To: Living University Students and Friends 
    Greetings everyone, 
    Late yesterday afternoon, we were informed that on March 3, 2017, the University Of North Carolina Board of Governors authorized Living University to offer an online associate of arts degree (A.A.) and baccalaureate degree minors in business and communications. We plan to implement these programs this fall semester. These programs are in addition to the University’s authorization as a religious-exempt institution to offer Associate of Theology and Bachelor of Theology degree programs.
    This is indeed very good news. In regard to our application, the UNCA staff report to the Board of Governors concludes: “Upon review of the Team of Examiners’ report, and Living University’s response to the recommendations and suggestions of that report, the UNC General Administration staff finds that recommendations have been satisfactorily addressed, and recommends that Living University be licensed to offer the degree programs requested. An appropriate review will be performed within two calendar years of the initiation of the licensed degree programs, by UNC GA, to ascertain the institution’s compliance with the Rules and Standards, including the recommendations contained in the report.”
    Living University is now a recognized University. The examiners and the UNCA staff placed a lot of confidence in us and we intend to continue to function with integrity and in good faith and fair dealing with you and everyone whom we serve.
    Thank you for your continued support and all you do to help our collective pursuit of achieving excellence in godly education in service to God and His people. Your continued prayers bring about more than we can even fathom.
    Warm regards,
    Living University

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    Doug Winnail's "sabbath" message this week is about forgiveness.  The person who sent this to me said this was a way of silencing members into never critiquing the LCG leadership and the church.  If you dare critique or question the leaders or the church then you have a bad attitude because you have never forgiven them for any wrongs they have committed.  You are filled with bitterness which means you have allowed Satan to have control of you.  When you have negative emotions and memories they are directly tied into "personal pride." Remember, REAL Christians forgive (them) though they rarely ever forgive you.  You, on the other hand, are disfellowshipped and marked.

    The Power of Forgiveness

    One important key for working together in harmony with others is the willingness and the ability to forgive someone for real or perceived words or actions that hurt us—and that is exactly what Christians must learn to do. The Scriptures tell us that we have all sinned, but that we can be forgiven because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died for our sins (Romans 3:23-26; John 3:16). However, Jesus also taught that we must be ready and willing to forgive others who offend us—or God will not forgive us(Matthew 6:12-15). Forgiving others involves: not holding grudges or harboring bitterness against others, not seeking to get even, and not gossiping or saying negative or derogatory things about others who have made mistakes or hurt us in some way. This is not always easy, especially when memories, emotions and personal pride are involved, but that is what we are admonished to do if we want to be real Christians—because real Christians have learned to forgive. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that makes working together in harmony with others possible, productive and enjoyable!
    Have a profitable Sabbath,
    Douglas S. Winnail

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