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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    Church of God News had a blog entry the other day quoting my posting about UCG's battle over women writers in their publications.  This is all in response to the over-delicate and over-sensitive men who just CANNOT  get over the myth that women must remain silent and subservient to them.  After all, God's mightiest holy apostle laid down the law that there is a power structure in the church with women at the bottom, just above their children and animals.

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    This is what Church of God News posted:

    Rex Sexton began the session (3mins.) by reading from a “public form letter that is sent out when people write to UCG here and ask about women writing.” He read from the form letter, quoting v.34: “Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law of God says.” 
    The Freudian slip of adding the phrase “of God” to this verse reveals the subconscious mind set of church leaders - who know that this statement of the role of women in church (or rather lack of it) cannot be found in the law of God. 
    In 1 Corinthians 7 Paul begins to address “the things of which you wrote to me.” The first of these is (v.1-2): “It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife, and let each woman have her own husband.” 
    Paul expresses his ideal view in v.7-8: “I wish that all men were even as I myself. But each one has his own gift from God, one in this manner and another in that. But I say to the unmarried and to the widows: It is good for them if they remain even as I am.” 
    How can it be good for them, if a “law of God” hampers their learning, as they do not have husbands to teach them at home? (14:35) 
    The ISV also adds to the literal text of 14:34: “The women must keep silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak out, but must place themselves in submission, as the oral law also says.” 
    The translators of the ISV realized that the law referred to here is an oral law of Judaism, which the Orthodox Jews continue to observe today. Only men may speak in the churches (synagogues), only men may sing. Women were segregated and must remain silent. Women were expected to marry when young, and their husbands (who had received religious instruction as boys - which girls did not) were expected to teach their wives at home - if they want to learn something. 
    1 Corinthians 14:34-35 is another of “the things of which you wrote to me.”
    In v.36 he gives a disdainful response to their “law” with this rhetorical question:
    “Did God's word originate with you? Are you the only people it has reached?”

    UCG's men are so conditioned by HWA, Meredith and others postulating on the role of women that their responses are automatic.  They think it is true because the Apostle said it.  Never have these men really studied into the background of Paul, why he wrote what the did in the way he did.

    Assumptions have always been the foundational model for Church of God beliefs.  Due the cherry-picking and proof-texting that the church uses, doctrines and church teachings have been decided by men who are without much theological education and who are incapable of sound research methods.

    It's time for women to start teaching the men because so far the men have done an extremely poor job.

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    The Painful Truth has been graciously been given the original color issues of the Ambassador Report that came out in June of 1976.  For many decades the most any of us have seen online has been either scans or the articles painstakingly typed out and posted.  Check the first three issues here:

    All of the Church of God related sites, blogs and newsgroups that exist today owe their existence to these foundational works.  Ambassador Review/Report set into motion the ultimate downfall of the church into hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant little groups that do not have the ability to ever match what the mother church originally accomplished.  The corruption was massive and widespread at that time and still is today in the hundreds of splinter groups.

    The widespread use of the internet that exploded in the early 1990's brought the corruption into the living rooms of church members around the world.  The church could no longer cover up or keep secret things that they were doing.  From the denials that doctrines were changing to exposé's of lying evangelists starting new churches, the stories became tangible evidence that things were no longer "kosher" in the Church of God.

    Because of this widespread exposure countless Churches of God have never been able to accomplish the dreams and lofty goals they wish for. 

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    One of the glaring differences between the God and Jesus of the Churches of God and mainstream Christianity is the type of god they picture up in heaven looking down upon them.

    Outside of far right fundamentalist/literalist churches, God and Jesus tend to be pictured more as a loving God that is the gentle watchful shepherd, the compassionate god that dines with the marginalized of society, slow to anger and walks alongside those with problems in life.

    Then there is the god of the Church of God movement.  A god that is eternally pissed at his creation even though he knew before the foundations of the world that they were going to sin , but he created them anyway so that they could die later.  A god that is wrathful and filled with vengeance and is ready to strike down all who piss him off.  A god that is going to wipe out a 1/3 of humanity, just because he needs to teach them a lesson.  A god that needs to used massive earthquakes, devastating floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters to "spank" people that tick him off.  A god that is going to gleefully destroy the United States, England, Australia, New Zealand and others, allowing them to die of starvation, disease, war and be placed in concentration camps or made as slaves to European citizens.

    The Warrior God is essential to the Churches of God.  Without the warrior god, Bob Thiel, James Malm, Rod Meredith, Gerald Flurry and Ron Weinland would not be able to exist.  It is essential to these "men" that they scare people to death.  Frightened people tend to look towards those who claim to be more enlightened and have the answers.

    Fortunately most of us have realized that these "men" are morally and spiritual bankrupt and have no answers.

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    The blatant hypocrisy of the Living Church of God is on display on the front page of their web site.  LCG has lost two of it ministers in the lasts several weeks.  You will only see a memorial to one of them.

    LCG's main page has the following memorial link to a letter by Rod Meredith glorifying Bruce Tyler:

    Yet, nowhere on their site will you find any memorial to Karl Beyersdorfer who was loved by LCG members just as much as Bruce Tyler was.

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    Extremist Armstrongites on Yahoo are preparing for horrible times ahead for Church of God faithful as the government will soon be shutting down all "true" COG sites, confiscating booklets, videos, and publications.  Angry leftists will soon be confiscating everything that Herbert Armstrong ever published and will be destroying it.  Dire warnings warn true believers to download it all on thumb-drives and put it in safe deposit boxes in banks.  Also be prepared to guard it with your rifle!

    So.....putting all of those booklets on thumb-drives in banks is a smart idea when every single COG false prophet claims the banks will soon fail?  Not a very bright idea.

    Sooner or later, all such sites will be shut down. I would strongly suggest downloading every bit of old material you can WHILE you can. Even if you own paper copies of the booklets and magazines you need to have digital copies as well. If you have a safe deposit box at your local bank, you should, I would suggest backing up all your Church material on a thumb drive and putting it in there. Don't rely on a cloud put it bluntly, if you can't stand in front of it and guard it with your don''t really own it. 

    Yahoo is the appropriate place of these yahoo's.

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    Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer

    The Philistines overtook Saul and his sons; and the Philistines killed Jonathan and Abinadab and Malchi-shua the sons of Saul. 3The battle went heavily against Saul, and the archers hit him; and he was badly wounded by the archers. 4Then Saul said to his armor bearer, "Draw your sword and pierce me through with it, otherwise these uncircumcised will come and pierce me through and make sport of me." But his armor bearer would not, for he was greatly afraid. So Saul took his sword and fell on it.
    I Samuel 31:3

    (If The Living Church of God won't honor one of its own because they judge him unworthy of their praise, I will)

    To Paraphrase Roderick C Meredith...

    It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer—one of the earliest ministers to come with this Work way back (when I started yet another version of the Church under me). He was ordained (as a young man back in the 1960's which is good enough, ) in the Church of God and continued his faithful service (as best he could  being conflicted, tired of the drama, controversey , change and foolishness) until the day of his death. Mr. Beyersdorfer was always completely loyal to (himself, perhaps standing far too often on the outside while sitting on the inside which can lead to self conflict and depression.  
    Mr. Beyersdorfer, for better or worse, went along , as do we all far too often, to get along as best he could while struggling with depression which was his anger turned inward not feeling he had the right to express it, or the cost of doing so would be too high in the Living Church of God. He was only a man just like all others.) and feed the flock in the idealism and naivete' of his his youth as best he could as did we all. 
    As a pioneer minister in the (World Wide Church of  God) Global Church of God—now Living Church of God—he helped build this Work with all ( the crazy places he was transferred to with little or no say about it.) He was a faithful human being as best he knew how under (leadership that was far less than ideal). He was a brave man.   So he set an example of faith and courage (just as good and sometimes better , and sometimes worse than any man).

    Sadly, in time the battle went hard against him and the archers wounded him grievously in ways and  for reasons only he would have known and emotions only he would have felt.  Sadly, Karl felt no hope in sharing his heart, mind and soul with his peers and certainly not with the Presiding Evangelist or his Board of the Brain Dead .  
    Karl lived his life the best he could as at any one time in all our lives, IS the best one can do even if less than perfect or we'd do something else.  Karl understood that the "shoulds" and "musts" of religion don't always match and can conflict with our "can'ts " and "won'ts" often and with power we might not understand ourselves.
    Suicide is a taboo subject in most churches.  Meanings and judgments are assigned to such events that make their long term solution to relatively short term problems even harder on surviving family.  When on commits suicide they fail to realize in the emotions and despair of the moment that they will be transferring all their inner pain and turmoil from themselves to their friends and family.  They also fail to realize that it won't solve the problems they feel, the despair they experience and the depression or anxiety they suffer through.  They won't feel anything.    
    Let us take heart in the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 7:
     15I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 16And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. 18For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature.c For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. 20Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.
    21So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. 22For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; 23but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me. 24What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? 25Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    The Apostle Paul  conveniently did not share with us just what exactly it was specifically he did that he hated and he could not do what he thought he should, but we can appreciate his candid humanity on how life really works even among the righteous or at least with those who can admit it.  Admitting shortcomings and conflict of mind and heart to one's peers or pastor can be fatal to many of one's actual intentions and hopes. 

    Let us take heart in knowing that in some way , Jesus himself , in despair, sweating blood and left to his fear and despair by sleeping disciples, chose to take his own life in the form of suicide by Romans or "cop" as we might say today.  When Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers, whose presence was actually required to turn filthy Roman coin into Temple coin with which to properly purchase Temple sacrifices, he sealed his fate.  And while John says Jesus did this at the beginning of his ministry, other Gospel writers moved it to the end of the story as a good reason for Jesus to put the final touches on his sure suicide by Romans. Jesus is said to have died for our sins. Karl died , in part, to illustrate the sins and shortcomings of the Church.  Karl endured many more decades of cognitive dissonance under the Armstrongs, Tkaches and Merediths than Jesus did with the religionists of his day  in his mere one year or three year ministry depending on which Gospel one read. We all put up with a lot...way too much because we still thought it was the church in spite of the near yearly scandals.   Fifty years endeavoring to figure out the Bible and those who believe they know what it all means and how it all is , is an amazing and sincere example of patience and endurance under fire. Well done Karl.

    Karl had and lived his own story, as do we all.  No two stories are alike no can or should they be.  No two people view their life events, successes and failures in quite the same way.  Some environments offer hope and safety in times of trouble and some offer more trouble in times of trouble for sharing and caring. Karl lived his life in a toxic religious  environment full of hope for the future dictated by men who actually knew little or nothing about it. And so it still is today.

    Our deepest condolences and non-judgement of a life well lived to the family and friends of Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer.  

    The battle went hard against him and for not being there to love, console and offer compassionate encouragement , and perhaps even physical help, we are all deeply sorry.  Like many who suffer in silence, we simply did not know you needed it to get through the fears and disappointments we all suffer in this life .  We are also so very sorry to the family that "The Living Church of God" does not, in the reality of such events,  have the love of Christ they so often speak about with fine words and scripture. 

    Note:  Please do not make all or any donations to The Living Church of God.Karl would probably be displeased. And with regards to eternity...Karl is just fine.

    And please take a moment to remind LCG they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and successfully have served as a terrible example in not honoring one of their own no matter how they passed from this life.

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    Stung by complete silence after the death of Karl Beyersdorpher and over-the-top public accolades for Bruce Tyler on the front page of his web site, Rod Meredith has finally spoken.  He claims all  of the recent tragedies in the Living Church of God are actually "tests" by his god in a most unusual way.  After a year of many blessings by his god over the year, his god pulled a complete 180 and swiftly started testing the church.  What a cruel god it must be that has to strike down three people that were loved by many and  then lead a man to kill himself just to see how strong the members of LCG are in their faith.

    Rod Meredith has never taken any responsibility for anything down through the decades. Everything that happened in his life was a direct result of everyone else around him and never a result of his own dark actions.  It was Garner Ted's fault he was removed as President of two colleges. It was not his fault that he was exiled to Hawaii.  It was all Stan Rader and others. It was not his faulty that he lied on the stage in Tuscon about Leona McNair and then had no problem at all in letting the church  spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend his vile, vindictive mouth.  It was not his sermon that drove Terry Ratzmann over the brink, leading him to murder numerous people in an LCG service.

    As usual, Meredith seems to place the burden of these envious upon ht members of LCG's shoulders. Members should be in their knees appealing to God as to what they are doing wrong.

    Yet, this year, God is “testing” our Church in an unusual way. We have been blessed and the Work is going forward. But we have had three or four terrible tragedies all take place in the last week or two. These events should drive us to our knees even more powerfully and cause us to “cry out” for God’s Spirit as never before! First, one of our fine local members in Paris, France, Mrs. Monique Dalle, was one of those who perished in the well-publicized “mysterious” downing of the EgyptAir airplane in the eastern Mediterranean a couple of weeks ago. She had a family and many brethren who miss her terribly. God allowed this, as He does not protect us from every tragedy—as we all know—yet He does protect most of us most of the time which we have also experienced. We are very sorry for her death and the sorrow that her family must feel. Then, we have recently heard about the deaths of three of our fine ministers—Mr. Bruce Tyler in Australia, Mr. Gideon Benitez in the Philippines and Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer here in the USA. All of these men were very dedicated men who gave of themselves to serve God’s people in many places around the world. Mr. Tyler was an outstanding servant of God who served—often in dangerous situations—in many parts of Australasia. He ably built and held together and helped “grow” the churches all over the Australasian region. Mr. Gideon Benitez was a fine and dedicated minister serving many brethren in the Philippines. And Mr. Karl Beyersdorfer—for many years living in my own hometown, Joplin, MO—was noted as “Mr. B” around the whole region and made himself beloved by constantly serving and giving of himself to the people in that area as Christ’s minister.
    The church knew that Beyersdopher had serious bouts of depression and yet I can almost guarantee the they never encouraged him to get professional help.  Therapy has always tended to be looked upon as a tool of Satan.  I certainly hope he went outside the boundaries of the church for help.  He was seeking medical treatment and I hope it included counseling.

    However, in Mr. Beyersdorfer’s case, it was a double tragedy in the sense that he took his own life. Hundreds of brethren in that area know that Mr. Beyersdorfer had had quite a number of serious physical ailments—leading to deep depression at times—and finally, about two years ago, completely of his own volition, asked to be removed as the Pastor. He asked that Mr. Gene Hilgenberg carry on and he would just “assist” him as best he could. He was under a great deal of stress and was sometimes not “himself” according to his wife and many others. He was under medical treatment and at the time he took his life was undoubtedly in one of the “spells” under deep depression.

    Brethren, Almighty God our Father understands all this. He is called:  “The Father of mercies” (2 Corinthians 1:3). Our Father in heaven knows that all of us have moments of great weakness. We who really understand the Bible are fully aware that God does not judge just according to what we do in some moment of weakness. Although we want all our young people to be fully aware of the awful consequences of suicide, we feel that Mr. Beyersdorfer will eventually be resurrected and be honored for what he did do in the decades of faithful service to God’s people when his physical and mental condition were normal. But we certainly need to pray for Mrs. Beyersdorfer and her whole family in this situation. And she has let me know that she has no problem with me telling you about the nature of his death. It is better that it gets “all out there” now rather than having it come up and be asked of her and others over the months and years to come.

    LCG members need to be prepared for more tragedies like this in the coming years.  Satan is on the warpath and hates the LCG.

    For this is a time when the attacks of Satan the Devil—the “murderer” and the “liar” (John 8:44)—are going to intensify as never before. So we all need to be ready! The next few years will be the prophesied time when Satan comes down to this earth “having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time. Now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male Child” (Revelation 12:12-13). 

    LCG members need to be shaken awake because of the sins in their lives that lead to these tragedies.  They need to be shaken up so that they see what THEY are doing wrong

    I urge all of you at this Pentecost time to truly “cry out,” as I have said, and beseech God to pour out His Holy Spirit upon the Church as never before, to inspire us, to empower us with the gifts of His Spirit. May God grant that these events—in the right way—“shake us” and bring us closer to God than we have ever been before. For we cannot and must not take all these terrible events coming on the world for granted. We must use them as events to drive us to our knees and draw us closer to our Creator and to His Son Jesus Christ. 
     You can read Meredith's entire Co-worker letter here.

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    Pentecost is fast approaching for those in the Churches of God.  This Pentecost is a little different than last years "high" day.  This one is different in what the legalists and Pharisees love to refer to as a "double" sabbath.  The food nazi's are out in force posting warnings before Pentecost.  To them it is  ok to hop in your car and drive 50-150 miles behind some smog belching truck for a combined church service somewhere but it is a grievous sin to stop and get a soda or ice cream cone for the kids.

    The Pharisees are making demands of the true believers to do the following. Notice that if you do not follow these expectations and go out to lunch between services then you are severely TESTING God. His mercy only extends so far!  The chances of dying in a car crash on the way home, choking on your food during lunch or having a heart attack during services increase dramatically.  God will NOT be tested by your lunch!

    If you don’t already have one, buy a cooler into which you can pack enough food to feed your family and to share if the opportunity arises.
    Get acquainted with your local supermarket.
    The deli section has cheese, meats, and such things as potato or pasta salad, coleslaw, iced tea, lemonade, and other food that is already prepared and easily consumed.
    The produce section has lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes for those who like to decorate their sandwiches or salads with such.
    Fresh bread or other baked goods from the bakery and what more do you need for a delicious and nourishing meal? [All of which you can buy BEFORE Sabbath or prepare your own BEFORE Sabbath]
    Of course remember to pack a bag to stow your trash before putting it in an appropriate receptacle for that purpose.
    One more thing to remember, next weekend will be a double Sabbath, so plan accordingly.
    Expect some stares and quizzical looks from other brethren as you set up your very own Sabbath meal (once a deacon offered to treat me to lunch and when I told him, “no, this is a Sabbath you know?”, the clueless look on his face made the entire encounter worthwhile). 
    There may be many who reason, “I have been buying meals on annual holy days for (fill in the blank) years now and nothing serious ever occurred because of it that I can tell). 
    God’s mercy is vast but it does have its limits.

    The legalistic mind of the extreme legalists and Pharisees in the Church of God is comical in their justifications.   These chief bastardizers of the law have never kept the law in its entirety and will never be able to. It is an IMPOSSIBILITY!

    These men fail to notice that Jesus constantly was in a fight with the legalists and Pharisees but never with the tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners that were around him.  In fact he sat down to eat with them on many occasions. Almost all of the things he did were done to deliberately provoke the legalists and Pharisees.

    On Pentecost as you take out a widow or a family that is struggling financially for lunch, know that what you are doing is good and just and don't let any angry Pharisee wag their fingers in your face.

    The people who killed Jesus for disobeying THEIR rules were the legalists and Pharisees.

    The legalists and Pharisees are puffed up with pride.  They do the law better than anyone else.  They have set themselves right with God.  External rules are more important than the heart.  Being seen obeying the rules exalts them above the filthy sinners in their midst who are eating lunch in a restaurant while they sit outside on the grass with their styrofoam coolers.  In spite of the external pomposity they portray, deep inside, their hearts are filled with anger, malice and corruption.

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    What is it with Gerald Flurry and Bob Thiel who think they will be agents of recovery hidden things  and revealed to the church?

    Gerald Flurry bought an estate in England so that he could be close to the Stone of Scone and ultimate come into passion of it so that Jesus Christ can return to it through the Philadelphia Church of God.

    Now we have Nearly Arrested  Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel, God's mightiest and most knowledgeable prophet ever to exist in this dispensation of the Church of God, who has now declared that he and the Continuing Church of God may be the ones to come into possession of the Ark of the Covenant.

    It has been suggested that the physical ark of the covenant that the children of Israel had was patterned on one in heaven, thus it could still be on earth.  If it will be found, there is a small chance that the Continuing Church of God may have some involvement with it as we are considering involvement in an archeological project in Jerusalem in the area known as Mt. Zion. On October 24, 2013, while attempting to take some photos and to video some of the remains of the Church of God on Jerusalem’s Western Hill, I was approached by a Jewish rabbi named Avraham Goldstein of the Diaspora Yeshiva who claims that the Ark of the Covenant is below that building on Mt. Zion of the Western Hill.
    It is going to be battle of the Churches of God, fighting over various digs in Israel in order to find something that their god has hidden especially for them.  With Flurry and Thiel digging up Jerusalem, its going to be bloody battle for winner take all.

    A usual in all the Churches of God, they are attempting to imitate everything Herbert Armstrong did. None of them have ever been able to come up with anything original.  With their imitation colleges, their imitation archaeological digs, their imitation booklets and articles and their imitation beliefs they play at being something that died in 1986.  Something that they have never been able to imitate no matter how much they try.

    God is no more going to reveal the Ark of the Covenant of Nearly Arrested Elisha Elijha Amos Thiel than he is going to let Gerald Flurry take possession of the Stone of Scone or Jacob's pillar stone as the mythologist call it.

    Flurry and Thiel are both liars.

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    Karl Beyersdorfer died only days before his fiftieth wedding anniversary. In fact, Karl was planning an anniversary trip with his wife and friends to Arizona and New Mexico to see the Decalogue Stone and other artifacts that bear ancient inscriptions carved into rock. Naturally, the study of these old inscriptions is controversial in that some claim the inscriptions are pre-Columbian, and therefore indications of early Israelitish contact with the Americas. Karl died before he could make that exciting trip.

    Karl was a longtime faithful minister of Jesus Christ. Actually, Karl was a servant of Jesus Christ. ‘Servant’ is the correct meaning of the word – ‘minister’ having taken on an entirely different meaning today. Karl graduated from Ambassador College in June of 1966, was married two days later, and then was off to his first ministerial assignment in Minnesota. After fifty years, what led to the abrupt end of a life spent in service to God’s people?

    Karl had a zest for life and living it that few men possess. Somehow toward the end of Karl’s life he became disillusioned with where the church was headed. All of his life was spent in building the church, adding to the numbers, and raising up new congregations.  In the end, it seemed to Karl that his best efforts were producing little or no growth. Karl came to the point where he felt that he had become ineffective as a minister. He could not see God’s hand in the work he was trying to do.

    Karl began to question his past decisions – wondering if somehow God had become displeased with him – even thinking that perhaps he had committed the unpardonable sin.  Not only was professional help needed for Karl – but professionals with the Spirit of God to direct their efforts. Psychiatrist and neurosurgeons know only the physical aspects of depression, and are therefore totally unable to be of help spiritually in time of need. Sadly, in the end, there was no one there for Karl in his darkest hour.

    “What man knows the things of a man, except the spirit of man which is in him? Even so no one understands the things of God, but by the Spirit of God.” (1Corinthians 2:11)

    God’s people are not exempt from discouragement and depression. The people of the Church of God are facing more and more trials in this evil age and are prone to becoming discouraged and, yes, at times even depressed and despondent. Many among the true saints are going through serious problems related to age, accident or illness. For many, these afflictions may last the rest of their natural lives. These kinds of pressures continue to be a source of constant struggle, which bring about discouragement and depression. Even the strong of mind and heart can sometimes become discouraged and depressed. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Many of the prophets and great men of God were mentally tormented with discouragement and depression. Moses, Elijah, Jonah, and many other leaders among God's people fell prey to emotional stress and strain. Discouragement and depression are not the malady of a weak mind or a sinful heart. Brilliant intellectuals and statesmen have been brought to their knees. Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale and Meriwether Lewis suffered horribly from discouragement and depression.

    God has promised us that He will see us through every trial. But, let’s understand that even the faithful martyrs did not physically survive their final trial – and yet, God’s words are true:

    “He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” (Hebrews 13:5)

    God has honored us with the most precious gift that a person can have – His calling.  We have been selected to have a place at the wedding feast with Jesus Christ as His bride. If we remain faithful to our calling, by accepting our trials with faith and dealing with them with perseverance, we will be welcomed into the Kingdom of God with these words:

    “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21, 23)

    Take heart, and remember what a tremendous privilege it is to have been chosen at this time, as first fruits. All our efforts to overcome this world will be rewarded by our gracious Father. The magnificence of the Kingdom of God will cause all of our present-day trials to pale into insignificance. Karl’s healing awaits the resurrection.

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    Gold plated bathroom fixtures, ermine covered toilet seats, 
    fully stocked high-end alcohol bar with beer.  
    Only the  best for  Gerald Flurry.

    Gerald Flurry has now decided that he can no longer breathe the same air on planes that the commoners breath. He also cannot stand being int the same security lines with the unwashed heathen masses.  Its important now for God's only chosen apostle to travel the earth in style and comfort.

    What this really is is a tool for Stephen Flurry to fly around the world as his daddy sinks into senility. Stevie will use this for whatever purpose he wants, regardless what Daddy says he can do.

    From a PCG source:

    FYI: Yesterday in a play-all-areas sermon entitled “Abraham’s Vision”, Gerald Flurry mentioned that he is now considering buying a private jet!  The rationale behind this unbelievable decision stems from experiences Flurry had last year on his flight to and from a US feast site.  Apparently his trip left him feeling so unwell that it took several weeks to fully recover his energy levels.  During the message he commented that modern air travel is now very unpleasant and that breathing in recycled air was unhealthy for him.  He also complained how in the US passengers needed to get to the airport in sufficient time to allow for security screening, sometimes requiring that they arrive up to 3 hours before an international flight.   He concluded by saying that owning a private jet meant he would be able to travel and do more for the work, especially being able to travel quickly between the two campuses in Edmond, OK and Edstone, UK. 
     What that all translates into is this:  After buying a multi-million dollar stately home in the UK, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars refurbishing it, literally pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into a fruitless UK TV campaign for his son, after building a multi-million dollar music and Irish dance facility for the Edmond compound brats, all of which is financed by an ageing and declining membership, the PCG is now going to buy a private jet so Gerald Flurry's children Stephen and Laura and their children and friends can travel the world like rock stars and not have to rub shoulders with the unwashed masses. This unbelievable decision has been made during a time when PCG is experiencing a current 25% drop in income!
    You seriously have to wonder about the long-term stability of the PCG and who is really running the church behind the scenes.   Repeatedly throughout his message, Flurry referenced Josephus and how this ancient historian taught that Abraham was an educated and cultured man who introduced fine arts and music everywhere he went.  Each time Flurry made that statement, after the expression, “fine arts and music” he would quickly add “and dancing”.  I know for a fact that “Wittle Laura” and “Wittle Stevie” are both obsessed with Irish dancing, perhaps this is where the pressure is really coming from to buy that oh so needed Lear jet!
    (Sent to this blog and Redfox's Living Armstrongism)

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    The mocking of Dave Pack makes this all worthwhile.

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    Living Church of God picks the most moronic things to discuss on their tv/web casts.

    When they should be talking about Jesus, grace, salvation, helping the needy, the sick and what true rest in Christ is, they instead preach this kind of idiotic drivel.

    Can Wyatt truly be this silly?

    It's no wonder the Living Church of God has sunk into being nothing more than a sad parody to mock.

    What could have been, is no longer.

    0 0

    Living Church of God suffers another setback in their advertising campaign that uses deception to get in the door of Christian radio stations.

    Deceptive advertising is key to LCG in getting their feet in the door.  The same goes for UCG.  They do the exact same thing.  They of course learned this from their religious Daddy, HWA.  After getting caught so many times being deceptive he started Ambassador Foundation as another avenue of getting the message about "a strong hand from some place" across to the deceived world.

    From Eixt and Support:

    June 6, 2016
    Thank you for alerting me to the Living Church of God, and their ad on Salem Christian radio in KY. 
    I called WFIA and talked to individual who said that the ad was for the "The Living Church." Interesting. Many of these offshoots of Herbert W. Armstrong will not not be upfront and give their complete name. 
    I informed this individual that their real name is "The Living Church of God." 
    He informed me that Salem Media in Irving, TX was responsible for airing advertisements. I called and was informed that they are pulling the add, and rightfully so. --[name withheld]

    If you want to contact Salem Media for other ads by LCG and other COG groups then see here:  Salem Media

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    Below is a comment on another thread.

    This person is not alone in withholding tithes from Charlotte. I have had scores of private emails from LCG members who are also withholding money. The mistrust in the leaders in Charlotte is astounding at how widespread it is.  Yet, every time someone from Charlotte speaks or writes it is as if the church has never been more unified. Any time a minister, evangelist, department head or representative from Charlotte ever says they are unified, you will know immediately that they are liars.

    LCG is ready to implode.

    Who will take all the money this time and start a new church?

    Meredith did that twice before and will never be able to do so again. Lil'Jimmy is incompetent and will never be able to. Richard Ames is old and incapable of keeping the church unified. Gerald Weston has a horrible record of abuse of members, so don't expect huge numbers to follow him.

    I truly feel sorry for LCG members will face yet again.
    Lying has become a big problem in the LCG ministry. Meredith is a big liar, and it looks like he favors other big liars. The fruits of the Spirit are almost nonexistent the closer you get to the top in LCG.

    I don't know how many people I am speaking for when I write this, but I know I am not alone. Earlier this year I started banking my tithe, because it is obvious that LCG is no longer doing the work it used to do. LCG used to have the best Church of God TV program, but the program has gotten ugly and tacky. Maybe that's why Meredith has taken it off so many TV stations and now spends money on stupid videos like that Man-Pig thing. Jim Meredith loves those short videos, it was obvious when he visited my congregation, even though they are stupid little things and don't even preach the gospel. They're just vanity. Why should I give my tithes to vanity and lying? When the split comes, I'll have a nice bankroll set aside to help the preaching get going again

    0 0

    Chapter XI
    Writing in The Bulletin, June 3, 1975, pp. 293-294, Herbert
    Armstrong explained a perplexing dilemma he had been facing:
    “One thing has been a serious handicap, and caused me
    and my touring team no little embarrassment. We have had
    to say that we represent either Ambassador College, or
    Worldwide Church of God. 
    “I am regarded as an Ambassador for WORLD PEACE.
    But if I represent a CHURCH, immediately that shouts to
    them ‘RELIGION!’ and that sparks prejudice and
    competitive religious prejudice. If I try to get away from
    appearing to be a religious crusader by representing
    Ambassador College, they ask, ‘Where is this college? How
    many students do you have?’ A college even with two
    campuses, having enrollments of only some 500 to 700
    sounds pretty small, compared to the universities all over the
    world each with from 5,000 to 68,000 students.
    “Christ has said we must be ‘wise as serpents, and
    harmless as doves.’ Some weeks ago I authorized the
    forming and incorporating of a new FOUNDATION,
    named ‘The Ambassador International Cultural
    Foundation. ‘ It is non-profit, dedicated to serving humanity
    “Foundations, such as the Ford Foundation, the
    Rockefeller Foundation, etc. are regarded with great
    respect. I still mention Ambassador College, but also
    explain that we have now formed this new Foundation to
    sponsor our worldwide educational program for all peoples
    at all levels. In time, we may, in this worldwide new
    dimension of the Work, drop all mention of Ambassador
    College, except as one of the associated institutions. 
    Furthermore, for accreditation purposes, it is necessary that
    this phase of the Word be removed from Ambassador
    College, as it now will be legally. 
    “Already, we are finding that this new Foundation is
    giving great added prestige, credibility and favor. It is
    something NOBODY CAN CRITICIZE! It carries no
    RELIGIOUS connotation!” 

    Three years later, HWA was screaming about those who had
    deceived him into going secular and intellectual! What could be
    more secular and intellectual than founding another foundation
    similar to the Ford Foundation? Interestingly, that organization’s
    founder, Henry Ford II, separated himself from it a few years
    ago, claiming it had entirely lost its direction, and he wanted
    nothing more to do with it. And, I think, the Rockefeller
    Foundation is well known to Americans for its humanistic
    liberalism. But Herbert Armstrong craves association with those
    types of institutions while he abhors having any connection with
    his church and college! No wonder he refers to church members as
    “dumb sheep.” What could be more revealing? 
    Also, while he himself was going international, seeking the
    support of “all peoples of all levels, everywhere,” and while he
    was actively seeking association with the “great and near-great of
    this world,” he had the brass to write to the “dumb sheep:”
    LOCAL COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES?” In his Pastor’s Report
    of August 28, 1978, his answer is “No.” While he cavorts with the
    “name people” as much as he possibly can, he wants the “dumb
    sheep” to “sacrifice until it hurts” to further his work and his
    work alone. It has never been HWA’s policy to give aid to local
    communities via the local church there. 
    While Jimmy Carter discussed Christianity with the Chinese
    leaders (Carter is not even a minister), Herbert Armstrong, who
    professes to be a Christian minister, did not so much as mention
    the name of Christ on his trip to China for fear of offending his
    hosts. Herbert Armstrong seems to have no fear of offending
    Christ. But remember, he is ashamed of religion. He would prefer
    not to mention the “only name given under heaven whereby a
    man might be saved!” Jesus said, “Whosoever therefore shall
    confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father
    which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him
    will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” (Matt.
    Herbert Armstrong has an unusually strong desire to walk
    among the great of this world. In May of 1978 he wrote to his coworkers
    that he and Queen Elizabeth of Britain were going to cohost
    an important premier of a charity motion picture in London.
    The Queen’s staff at Buckingham Palace replied they had never
    heard of Herbert Armstrong. There was embarrassment all
    around. HWA’s boast just was not so. But that is the way he
    thinks. He so desperately wants to mix in important circles of
    “this world.” One would be hard-pressed to explain what a
    religious leader who has taught the things Herbert Armstrong has
    taught would be doing sponsoring such a motion picture in the
    first place. 
    Herbert Armstrong was not ashamed to be photographed
    with his friend, President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, who was
    involved in the massacre of British people and cannibalism during
    the uprising there some years ago. He liked the picture and had it
    put on the cover of some of his publications. He probably would
    be photographed with the devil himself, if that would advance his
    social position. But he must keep his sheep in line back home,
    because they are his power base until he can do better. They pour
    the money in. 
    Church members who worked in the expensive new auditorium
    in Pasadena began to speak out when concerts of all kinds began
    to bring in entertainers and support crews right out of
    Hollywood. These crews were not “born-again Christians” by
    any means. They run the cross section of the entertainment
    industry. In the eyes of religious people, that is not good. Here,
    right in what Herbert Armstrong had called “The House for
    God” when he was soliciting funds from the membership, were
    technicians and others who took God’s name in vain as a matter
    of course and others who talked “homosexual talk” while among
    our people. On at least one occasion, members were rushed out of
    the auditorium after Sabbath services while it was still the
    Sabbath in order to get it ready for a performance that evening.
    Why? Well, HWA was busily removing the stigma of representing
    a church and a college in order that he might be well spoken of
    among the New York and Beverly Hills set.
    From John Robinson's, Tangled Web....courtesy of The Painful Truth 

    0 0

    Catching up on truth in the Portland Library
    (Let him who has eyes understand)

    So back to the question

    I have to admit, I watched every one of AronRa's refutations of Apostle Dave Pack's series on Irrefutable Proofs of God, which were easily refuted , with glee.  It was a job more than well done by a man who actually knew what he was talking about compared to Dave Pack who only thinks he knows what he is talking about but really doesn't.

    Several times in my ministry I experienced a glimmer of hope that new information which would really help the church and relieve burdens that were simply unnecessary were introduced .  

    The Systematic Theology Program my first experience with hoping we could stop majoring in the minors .  Topics such as Divine Healing and Divorce and Remarriage were given a good looking over and burdens of belief and practice in these troublesome areas seemed on the verge of a balancing perspective.   Wrong....  As most of us know, the ministers were ordered to turn in their copies of the STP and Authority trumped knowledge once again in the Church of God.  Herbert Armstrong would have none of it and Satan got the blame.

    AronRa pointed out to Dave Pack that his "proofs" were all one way , from the top down, through his series, his booklets and his opinions with the implication that once explained, it should now be your belief.  That's how churches work.  Here our booklet. Read and agree with it.  Come to church and pray, pay, obey and stay.  Simple!

    Ever try to offer a rebuttal back up the chain of church "authority"?  As the King told Herbie in the Wizard of Id who came to the King offering advice and some things that needed changing said,  "Well with ideas like that Herbie, you'll really go up in this kingdom." The next scene we see Herbie standing at the foot of the gallows to "Up you go Herbie"

    Truth in the Churches of God always have this bad habit of having to come from the top down.  It can't come from new information on old well accepted church fairy tales. It certainly can't come from Books on the topic not written by the Grand Masters of the Churches.  Unless it's an in house booklet it's not going to happen and for sure it ain't coming from YOU!

    When I was a kid, if I had a theological question, and I had many, you simply asked the minister.  After all he is the expert right?  Even as a Presbyterian kid, I figured he'd know and he was supposed to know.  And he did know the Presbyterian spin on all thing Bible and Calvin.

     I have to say that if I had had the Internet as a kid, I NEVER would have given WCG a thought in its teachings much less wish to pastor churches in their name.  Knowledge had not been increased as prophesied at that time and would only increase later with age , experience and dis-illusionment fueled by study on my own and allowing myself to come to my own conclusions without fear, guilt or shame.  Disillusionment is not a bad thing.  Who wants illusions? Well except the Splits, Splinters and Slivers...

    The leadership of the Churches like religious folk.  Religion, by my own definition is what OTHERS can pour into your head for you to believe.  They can define your days of worship , your diet, your financial commitments and when to show up where and for what.  They tell you what to believe and if you are a good member, you agree to believe it.  I know you think you studied it our well but you really didn't because your leadership didn't and won't once their own beliefs are set in stone and unalterable.  The ever changing "truth" is not what they can  use to uphold their image as "one who knows."

    Spiritual folk, on the other hand, are like cats. You can't herd them. They might listen to what you say, but their sense of self and belief comes from within and is not easily commanded to believe as told. 

    As my dad often said when he was told to do or be something he was not certain he had to do or be (sometimes by Dave Pack personally), "I'll take that under advisement." That was dad's way of saying "NO".

     It is risky calling anything "The Plain Truth" when it comes to religion and issues of faith and practice based on Bronze and Iron Age admonitions and perspectives. It's especially risky when one has not done the hard work of study or literal exploration in the field.  Dave Pack sat home in a nice chair, reading Creationist views and fondly remembering outlining The Genesis Flood in class 50 years ago, as if it was ultimate truth and it was not even close, and that was good enough.  He no doubt read "A Whale of a Tale " and "A Theory for the Birds" and that pretty much proved evolution of all life to be a farce. Of course those booklets were the farce and grossly wrong as is Dave Pack today and was so mercilessly pointed out.  Dave was way out of his league in thinking he could bully folk into scoffing at the facts of science and evolution and not get called out on it.  

    Those video rebuttals can now follow him the rest of his Internet life to give a better case for evolution than the case he made for magic and myth.

    And that's the problem isn't it?  In the Churches of God, you can't call out an Apostle, Prophet or Soon to Be Arrested Elijah Amos Thiel on anything. They don't listen , don't want to hear it, out of embarrassment can't change course now and dearly love to be the sole source of your truth and not others who actually know the facts.  They don't really want to know the truth of anything.  They want you to know their truth. They will dis-member you to protect the crock. 

    In the Churches of God the only recourse that leadership understands and that the laity has is to :

    Withhold their support

    Go along to get along

    Vote with their feet

    These are timeless and effective Church of God from the bottom up tools to get the attention of Apostles, Prophets, Presiding and Soon to Be Arrested types.  

    But don't be surprised that you will not be given the credit for research well done and common sense well explained.  You will have to endure, "There is a way that SEEMS right to YOU, but it will end in death.." "The Wisdom, (buster) of  Man (YOU) is FOOOOLISHNESS with God." or my favorite, "You are just using human reasoning," to which I would then ask them, "and what kind of reasoning do you use?"  If they say "God's" , well you got 'em on the basis of human arrogance and hubris.

    All this to say, and to encourage those still hanging on to Splits, Splinters and Slivers, that it is ok to think for yourself.  It is ok , in real life and living to express the following concepts of real living and personal integrity:

    "With all due respect, I don't believe that."

    "What is it about AronRa's rebuttal you either don't understand or don't agree with and why?"

    "We won't be attending that event"

    "I give what can but don't order me to "Send it in"

    "Well that's your view, it is not mine and here's why"

    "No, I/we have no intention of believing you know we must flee to Petra and you will be the one to give the order."
    (This is a particularly good skill to have in case Apostle Dave Pack issues such orders.  His luck with prophecy and the truth of many things of late has been right at 0% correct)

    "I'll take that under advisement..."

    Established churches by nature can't change much.  It spooks the brethren.  If they do change, the do it over decades and centuries leaving the past generation of believers to believe what the next will be able to shed.  THE REASON WCG under the Tkaches and now it's poor cousin Grace  Community International under Joe Tkach have crashed and burned is because of radical, foolish and immediate change over months.  All that does is leave the laity with the distinct impression that today's truth is tomorrows joke and the jokers in charge don't know what they are talking about at any one time.   I think we can all recall the 37 changes back and forth on the topic of make-up.  It was no if Herbert said no.  It was yes if Ramona harassed him over it long enough.

    Not observing and recognizing your beautiful children's birthday because some jackass in history cut the head off some fanatic is not really a good enough reason not to send the message to your children you love them are are very pleased they showed up on the planet.   

    Group truth is weak truth and probably not true for the most part.  Truth handed down from the top is also probably not as true as one would like it to be.  

    Notice the reason groups and churches must all speak the same thing.

     "I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought."
    I Corinthians I:10

    Here, the reason that all must speak the same thing is to prevent discord and division and to give the appearance of group agreement on all things. This is, in reality and practical fact,an impossible requirement if one really wants to get to the truth of anything. All believing the same thing just to preserve unity is not a healthy or even honest pursuit of what is actually true. Of course, it rankles the group big time. 

    Groups don't possess truth. Individuals do and while it might be said to be their truth or their present truth, it at least implies there might be more to come with newer and better information which they will always be willing to consider..  Groups don't like newer and better information and for sure those issuing truth from the top down detest it.

    Think about it....

    0 0

    Now that David Hulme's little personality cult is on the verge of collapse, the few followers in Africa that he has are abandoning ship.  With Hulme's tirades resulting in the disfellowshipping members and ministers, the income stream is quickly drying up.  When the money dries up there is nothing left to go to the professional church moochers in Africa.  Never fear though, those "brethren" found a new money stream.  They are supposedly jumping into the big manure pile of Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel.   Secretly, I hope they all do and drain the false teacher and false prophet dry financially.

    0 0

    God's greatest mouthpiece, after James Malm and Dave Pack, is Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Amos Thiel.  Almost Arrested Thiel has his magnificent headquarters in the middle of the California coastlands in a tiny store front.  Between his hard work in hocking alternative medicines and other naturopathic quackery,  he has time to sit down and write "book's." These are not your normal Church of God books on pre1986 doctrines or silly explanations on evolution; these are books filled with an odd mixture of Mayan, American Indian, Islamic, anti-Catholic, Armstrongite, and pre-millennial myths and legends.

    The Almost Arrested false prophet has just re-released one of his books on Hillary Clinton.
    Non-voting Almost Arrested Thiel assumes he is the final voice in politics.  Apparently his god visits him in dreams and inspires him to write these steaming piles of ______.

    The name of his book on Hillary Clinton is this:
    Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States: Is Hillary Clinton Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, Hopi, and other America-Related Prophecies? What About Donald Trump?  2nd edition
    We are blessed to have included in this magnificent revised edition information on Donald Trump too.

    Almost Arrested Thiel writes:
    The subtitle has been changed to include information about Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump was not mentioned in the first edition of the book as he did not announce his candidacy until about two months after that book came out. 
    But Donald Trump was not the only reason to come out with a second edition. Hillary Clinton has made more statements that prove that my original contention that she is ‘apocalyptic’ is correct.
    ...lists 20 reasons why she is apocalyptic and also points out she, and even Donald Trump, are fulfilling certain end time prophecies.  This edition is also a dozen pages longer than the first edition.
    Who's prophecies?  The Mayans?  The Hopi's? Muslim prophets?  Nostradamus? Another self-appointed Church of God leader? Fatima?  Herman Hoeh? Buddha? Elvis?

    Certainly one cannot place any credence upon rantings of a Church of God leader, because the 90 year track record of COG prophecies coming to pass has been nill.  So who is one to believe?

    0 0

    Two of the bigger myths that have occupied Church of God members over the decades is the now disproven and irrelevant man-made doctrine of British Israelism and the heavily promoted myth of Petra being the "place of final training" for the chosen few.

    The biggest proponent of the Petra myth was Herman Hoeh, the discredited non-historian on all things historical and biblical.  His "research" is still trotted out today as the end-all truth restored to
    the church.

    Herman Hoeh wrote in the April 1962, Good News:

     Let's open our Bibles to see why Petra has puzzled scholars and Bible students for centuries. 
       The true Church of God is pictured in Revelation 12. It is symbolized by a woman — the bride of Christ. But it is a persecuted woman — a Church hated by the world. According to verse 6 the Church fled the first time from her persecutors for 1260 years — during the Middle Ages. But verse 14 unveils another flight of the Church — in the very last days. This time the duration is only 3 1/2 years! "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle"— supernatural deliverance — "that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time"— 3 1/2 years. 
       This prophecy has never been understood by the world because the world cannot understand to whom this prophecy refers. It does not recognize who are the true Church. It sees only the false churches, described in Revelation 17
       But consider now the special time of this prophecy about protection in a mysterious wilderness. Notice exactly which period in the history of God's Church the escape shall occur. Turn to Revelation 3:7-13. This is addressed to the Philadelphia Era of God's Church — the Church before whom Christ opens the door to preach His gospel around the world (verse 8). Because this Church has kept Gods word, Jesus promises: "I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation"— the time of trial — "which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth' (verse 10). Here is a world-wide terror to come upon all nations. This is not for the slow-moving past. It is a prophecy for the pulsating present the last days of human history — just before God intervenes to set up His Kingdom to bring peace at last. 
       Here is a prophecy for this generation — at the very time God's Church is preaching and publishing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God world-wide. This prophecy is about us! 
       But how will Jesus keep us from the coming trial and persecution? We just read the answer from Revelation 12! There is a place of safety, in a wilderness, for the people of God. 
       But where is that wilderness? 
       That is the mystery that has puzzled so many for so long! God has kept it a mystery so the world would not know. He has even kept it hidden from God's Church in the past so His people would have their minds on their work! It is only those who are having a part in the work of God — who have their minds on the Kingdom of God, not some physical place of protection — who will escape. That escape cannot be planned for in advance. It is a supernatural escape! 
       Remember, if the Christians in Jerusalem in apostolic days had quit their work and prematurely escaped to Pella before A.D. 69, they would have been destroyed by the Roman armies who devastated the city. It was only those who completed the work of God who reached safety in A.D. 69 after the Romans destroyed Pella! 
       That is why God has veiled the exact place of escape from human eyes all these years. But as the days draw closer to the time of the end, the light of prophecy shines ever more clearly! When the moment comes that we need to know where that place of safety is, Christ will make it known. Meanwhile we need to keep our eyes open and our minds yielded — drinking in the implications of prophecy for this Church today! But where does Petra fit in all this? 

    An Old Testament Prophecy
       Turn to Isaiah 42:l0-13. Here is a prophecy for today — a time of divine intervention, verse 14. Now read verse 11 from the Jewish Publication Society translation according to the original inspired Hebrew: 
       "Let the wilderness and the cities thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar doth inhabit"— the descendants of Kedar are the Bedouin Arabs who dwell throughout the Middle East in black tents. Here we have a wilderness located in the Arab world! But continue reading: "Let the inhabitants of Sela exult. Let them shout from the top of the mountains." The inhabitants of Sela? Who are they? And where is Sela? (In the King James Version the word for Sela is translated "rock.") 
       Any Bible student knows that Sela is the Hebrew name of Petra! Sela means Rock — in Hebrew; Petra means Rock in Greek! But Sela or Petra is fundamentally uninhabited today, save for a few dozen wandering Bedouin. These are not the inhabitants in this verse, for notice verse 12: "Let them"— the inhabitants of Petra or Sela — "give glory unto the Lord"— the Bedouin do not know God, they are Mohammedan — "and declare His praise in the islands." 
       Which islands? The islands which Israel inhabits — Isaiah 41:1 and 8. God is certainly not going to use a few uneducated, ignorant Mohammedan Bedouin to declare His glory in the islands and coastlands of Northwestern Europe — where Israel is today! This prophecy resurrection and the return of Christ in power and glory. Christ is going to use His servants — now immortal in the Kingdom of God — to proclaim His intervention and the establishment of His Kingdom over all the earth. He is going to use the very ones whom He is now using to proclaim His message. Then they will finally heed! 
       Isn't this prophecy a clear indication that the place of safety for the people of God who are now doing the work of God — and broadcasting to the islands and coastlands of Northwestern Europe — is in an Arabian wilderness, where the Bedouin dwell and is probably at Sela, or Petra?

    Because Armstrongism set itself up as something "special" it had to constantly reinforce the idea that it would be persecuted for its beliefs.  Being such a small church in membership, it was to be persecuted for keeping the truth alive, that for some reason God never had the capability of preserving for 1,900 years.

    One of the unique things about aberrant faiths is the desire to make the group special and filled with secret knowledge.  Going to a place of safety and being protected by God was the specialness of Armstrongism.  It is still forcefully advocated by the major false prophets of Armstrongism to this very day.  From Dave Pack to Gerald Flurry, from Almost Arrested Bob Thiel to Rod Meredith and even the more "enlightened" UCG boys.  Petra is always on the back burner ready to be brought forth when a world crisis hits the scene.

    Almost Arrested Thiel has yet another post up today about Petra.  Like everything he writes about he will never take a stand on anything.  Petra may be the place of safety, but it may not be, but it most likely could be...well...maybe...  I am surprised that Almost Arrested Thiel is such a milquetoast when it comes to taking theological stands, espically when he was trained by his daddy/idol Rod Meredith, who as "The Man", always took a stand.

    Almost Arrested Thiel writes:
    "Petra has long held prophetic interest for Christians. 
    The Bible tells of a place in the wilderness where some Christians are subject to protection (Revelation 12:14-16). Many have wondered if  this could be Petra in Jordan.
    Carnally speaking, Petra is not a place many would pick (cf. 10 safest nations to be in during World War III? Has WWIII begun?). But God may have chosen it or at least somewhere relatively near or like it.
    One of many sermons by the Continuing Church of God at the ContinuingCOG YouTube channel and is titled Might Petra be the Place of Safety? 
    It covers information such as:
    The Bible teaches that a portion of the Christians will be protected in a wilderness area during the Great Tribulation. Might this place be Petra in Jordan? Which places do the Bible show can and cannot be the place of safety? Is the idea of Christians fleeing to an area with caves during the reign of the Beast and Antichrist an old one or a modern invention? Which Christians get this protection and which do not? Will those who do not go be subject to persecution? Do Catholic prophecies warn against this biblical place of protection?
    As far as Petra goes there are several clues in the Bible that suggests Petra or a place similar to it. But part of this is based upon where the place of protection is not."
    "In terms of its location from Jerusalem, Petra (Sela on some Bible maps) is mainly south and slightly east of Jerusalem. 
    Now it is also possible that the actual place could simply be just be near Petra or perhaps the location will be far from it. 
    Philadelphians and the Wilderness 

    In the New Testament, while not all Christians are promised physical protection, the Philadelphians are promised to be protected from the Great Tribulation and this place is in the wilderness according the the Book of Revelation:"
    "Places, such as Petra, are in the wilderness and in a biblically possible location.
    Now, because of the fact that Petra is such an important tourist site for Jordan, and because of archaeological considerations, it may not be the place. But it could be or even near the place.
    While Petra may not be the place, it is a place to be considered."
    You can read his convoluted drivel here: Petra in the news! Could Petra be the place in the wilderness where Christians are protected during the Great Tribulation?


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