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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    It is almost Thanksgiving here in the United States as we can't let another year go by without mentioning the craziness of some COG Debbie-downers who have to find fault with everything in life.

    Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate the gifts of creation and blessings.   A day to gather with family and friends. A day that you would think most Armstrongites would be appreciative of  due to its religious undertones.  But is a day for the bottom feeders of the church and society to go into demonic fits of rage over.

    Take James Malm for instance.  The self-appointed delusional legalistic Pharisee despises Thanksgiving.  I guess the miserable little man needs to sit in his dreary little apartment on this day pounding the keyboard in a zealous rage to get out his personal message of the way he wants scripture to be understood.

    If you thought the Almost-arrested Boob sitting in Arroyo Grande was nuts, Malm may surpass him.

    The self-appointed Church Pharisee writes:
    We must remove every sin and every pagan blot on our garments to prepare for the marriage of the Lamb. 
    The traditions of the Protestants including Puritans and Anglicans came mainly from Roman Catholicism, the Roman Catholic church is the ancient Babylonian Mysteries traditions were adopted from paganism. 
    Sunday, Easter and even Thanksgiving are very ancient pagan holy days.
    Why is it that everything that an Armstrongite come in contact with has to be pagan or evil?  Why are they such miserable human beings?

    Malm continues with this...Thanksgiving originated with the Indians as a time to sacrifice virgin women.

    Actually the harvest feast was well known by these Indians and was a tradition practiced throughout the new world, as well as the old by the pagans. Thanksgiving is a universal pagan tradition descended and spread from Babel worldwide. Some of whom paid homage for the harvest by sacrificing young virgins.
    Those damn Babylonians!  At it again trying to destroy an American and Canadian holiday!

    Is it wrong to be thankful? NO, Definitely NOT!
    It IS wrong to cloak pagan traditions in the guise of being thankful to the true God. That is what Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are all about; cloaking rank paganism in an appearance of something good; of making evil seem desirable, godly and good: Of deceiving people into sinning by exalting the pagan pantheon under the illusion and false cloak of pleasing the true God! 
    The big question is: To whom are you being thankful? To some pagan god and traditions; or to the Eternal Creator who has given us his own Holy Days to rejoice and be thankful on?
    We tend to think of Thanksgiving Day starting in the New World. But actually a thanksgiving for the annual harvest is one of the oldest holidays known to mankind, though celebrated on slightly [due to differences in climate and harvest dates] different dates. In Chaldea, in ancient Egypt and in Greece, the harvest festival was celebrated with great rejoicing. The Hindus and the Chinese observe the gathered harvest with a holiday.” 

    The deviate Pharisee fails to mention that pagans also wore clothing, went to the bathroom, had sex, built homes, ate food, got married, eat apples and pumpkins, and many more things we we do today that they also did.

    The first two Thanksgivings in the present day United States [Another was an Anglican service in Canada] were Roman Catholic. The Pilgrims can only claim a third one, a correction I suggest should be made in school history books.
    The first Thanksgiving’s in the US were celebrated by Spanish explorers, not pilgrims. It is Florida that today proudly claims the first Thanksgiving, with a feast and celebration between the Spanish and Timucuan Indians on September 8, 1565, 56 years before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth in 1621. Therefore, St. Augustine – and not Jamestown – is the first permanent European settlement and oldest city in North America. Another correction for many history books.
    pagan apples and pumpkins
    Now what could some of the things you’re eating on Thanksgiving symbolized?(For all Our Kitchen Witches Out there!!!!) Turkey-– Native Americans–symbolized the Mother Earth and a shared Harvest. Apples–Celts–rebirth, healing and youth Pumpkins--Native American– was symbolic of personalized power (in some cultures) and symbolized the sun. Wishing you a Merry Pagan Thanksgiving!
    God’s Thanksgiving is the Fall Harvest Festival of the Feast of Tabernacles! 

    You too can read this  malarkey fest here:  All About Thanksgiving: What You Were Never Told About Thanksgiving

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    God's greatest gift to the Church of God has a new screed up about Catholics and dalmatics as if any of his African members truly care!

    Using the same deep thinking The Great One uses, we can learn things about the suits men wear in the COG!

    Consistent with other historical reports, this admits that the suits worn by deacons, ministers, and church Overseers in the Church of God were not an original Christian practice.  
    Specifically, Doubly-blessed and Almost-arrested Bob Thiel is admitting: 
    1. The suit and tie was not from the Bible.
    2. The suit and tie were not an original garment that deacons and ministers wore.
    3. The source of the suit and tie  came from worldly society.
    4. People had concerns about the tie because it was considered to be phallic.
    5. The suit became associated with overlords of the church, including including church leaders.
    6. Because of its ties to politics and power, the suit was adopted by Pastor Generals, Chief Overseers and Evangelists.
    7. During the time of Herbert Armstrong, it was demanded for use by all males. 
    Despite this, the Church of God acts like a suit and tie is important and perhaps sacred.  
    But it is not.

    Just so Bob Thiel understands how a proper church leader dresses, we present the OTHER greatest gift to the COG:

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    For someone who supposedly has God's double blessing and has been personally watched over by God for many decades in order to prepare him for his great "ministry",  Almost-arrested Bob Thiel certainly is paranoid about so many things. If he was truly a follower of the one he is afraid to mention then he would not be living a life of fear as he is consumed with scores of conspiracy theories.

    The doubly blessed prophet is now claiming that the United States government may soon be creating fake videos of him saying things he claims he will never say.  I guess we should now start adding Tin-Foil Bob to his many titles.

    (Excerpted from "Letter to the Brethren: November 15, 2018")

    Fake Video Persecution
    Can convincing fake videos be produced?

    The Apostle Paul warned:
    1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, …
    12 Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 13 But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. (2 Timothy 3:1-2,12-13)
    Notice the above was for the last days.

    Now notice:
    In the summer of 2018, DARPA launched a project to determine the possibilities of identifying fake video and audio generated by artificial intelligence. The analysis of such files is also done using artificial intelligence.

    Videos typically have more impact on an audience because it is believed that they are harder to fake than photographs. They also look more convincing than a text read out on behalf of a politician. This is no problem for modern technologies, however. …

    Technologists at DARPA are particularly concerned that new AI techniques for creating fake videos make it almost impossible for them to be recognized automatically. 
    And while scientists in military uniforms are racking their brains over how to get ahead of other countries in such a specific information arms race, their civilian colleagues are already calling the trend “an information apocalypse” and “disinformation on steroids”
    DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a US government agency. With artificial intelligence, for example, going over our videos, they could have mannerisms down pat for me as well as some others in CCOG. So well that the videos would convince almost any one without a strong love of the truth.

    There is an expression that goes like, “just because you are paranoid, that does not prove no one is out to get you.”

    So yes, I expect that one day some governmental or other entity will have videos of me and/or others in the CCOG faked and saying things that we would never say.

    When that happens, be careful not to misjudge. Deceivers will “wax worse and worse” in the end times (1 Timothy 3:13, KJV).

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    Gerald Weston and other COG leaders have been regularly taken to task for running insular churches who only look inward at themselves whether it be with their time, money, or deeply held religious beliefs.  The Church of God has had a long history of its leaders and certain ministers who loved to mock other Christians who assist the homeless, feed the hungry, care for the sick and those on the margins of society.  The belief has always been, as widely blasted from the pulpit, that why waste time and tithe money in this present age on these people or issues of life when God will eventually fix all of the problems in the Kingdom to come. Besides, why waste money feeding the homeless when a new jet or auditorium is more important!

    The constant criticism of their insular activities apparently gets to them every once in a while.  So much so that Gerald Weston has to write about it.

    Who Is Your Neighbor?
    This brings us to a vital question: How much love do we have for our neighbor?
    Love is more than an emotion. Godly love requires action! Yet, some members do all they can to avoid their earthly neighbors. Perhaps you have heard one of these justifications: “Familiarity breeds contempt, so I keep my distance.” “We are to come out of this world and my neighbors are in this world.” “I don’t want to have to deal with questions about Christmas or the Sabbath.” Some churches go so far as to command their members not to fellowship with those outside of their organizations! How misguided! How sad!
    It is true that we should prioritize helping those who are spiritually like-minded. “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10). We all have limited time and resources, and yes, our first concern is to those of the household of faith, but the Bible tells us to “do good to all,” and there are numerous admonitions in Scripture to care for outsiders.
    One of the most well-known parables is that of the Good Samaritan. Jesus gave it in response to a self-justifying lawyer who asked, “And who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:29). The parable is so well recognized that it requires little rehearsing. Jesus used it to demonstrate that our self-assumed status is not what matters. Rather, how we treat others is what matters. We read how a priest and a Levite passed by a man robbed and beaten by thieves, but a Samaritan, one despised by the Jews, went out of his way to give aid (vv. 30–35). Concluding the parable, Jesus asked the lawyer, “So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” And the lawyer replied, “He who showed mercy on him” (vv. 36–37).
    We ought to be the best neighbors in our communities, helping where needed. Does this mean we should volunteer our time at “skid row” food kitchens? No one can deny that a warm meal is a service to a hungry person, but we need to make sure our heads work with our hearts. Such programs may make us feel good, as though we are doing something significant, but is there any lasting benefit? Have we done anything to help anyone off skid row and into a more productive life? Are we even capable of doing such a thing at this time? Is this how we should spend our energy and resources? Each of us must evaluate our own circumstances and opportunities.
    It is quite obvious that Weston has never set foot in a facility that assists the homeless by feeding and providing housing.  Those using these facilities for food or housing have to fulfil many requirements that they are actively looking for jobs, staying clean and sober, and much more.  These organizations who do this DO look towards lasting benefits that their clients have physical and mental health issues met.  These organizations DO get people off skid row and homeless families into homes so they can lead productive lives.  Weston's flippant remark is just another easy-out so LCG members do not have to do any things.

    The important comment above is in the second to last sentence. "Is this how we should spend our energy and resources?" Why spend money feeding people when we can dump millions of dollars into failed advertising campaigns, personal appearances, cable channels that failed to draw in viewers with income streams, and endless remodelling of church HQ offices?
    Consider whether there are better ways to help. Are there closer neighbors? Checking on an elderly neighbor, mowing her lawn or shoveling his snow, may be of genuine benefit to someone who has a need and who may live as close as next door. Cooking a meal for a sick neighbor may also be appropriate. Watching over someone’s home while he is on vacation and walking and feeding his dog may be much appreciated. Of course, this requires knowing our neighbors well enough to understand their needs, and well enough to be trusted by them. These may seem small deeds, but they can be meaningful. 
    Then to further intimidate members into doing nothing, Weston makes the claim that most of those who help the less fortunate of society only do it because they want to be seen doing it. Because this is a common trait within the Church of God does not mean everyone outside the church is guilty of this.

    On the night of Jesus’ last Passover, He instructed His disciples—and those of us who follow in their footsteps—in the importance of expressing love by observable actions. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). How can anyone know that we “have love for one another” unless they observe acts of love? But this brings up another question. Did Jesus not tell us not to let our charitable deeds be shown? “Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them” (Matthew 6:1).
    The key is in the final phrase of the sentence: “to be seen by them.” In other words, “showing off” should not be the motivation for our good deeds. Calling up the television station to let them know you have organized a work party in a flood zone is not the thing to do. This happens all too often during natural disasters, as I have seen firsthand. So, it is a delicate balance. Or is it?
    If you look at LCG, RCG, PCG,, and other COG sites/member papers, etc., you will see one story after another about church members who do good deeds for their churches.  They send in the stories with pictures and want to be seen doing it. After all, being seen raising money to send into HQ is more important than feeding a homeless man.  There ARE priorities!

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    So what do you have to say about the following from Gerald Weston?  There are things I could be snarky about but will let you decide.

    True Christianity is a way of life (Acts 18:25; 19:9, 23; 22:4; 24:14, 22). That way encompasses many things. In the context of these references to “the way,” the most obvious application is that those walking in it were followers of Jesus Christ, their Savior. They understood Him as the Messiah who came to die on our behalf, but also understood that He is coming again. Keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days would not have differentiated them from millions of Jews living in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries in the first century. “The way” goes beyond those observances.
    That way was and is different in many respects, and one is how we treat our neighbors (John 13:34–35). We are to do what Christ commanded and walk as He walked (Luke 6:46; 1 John 2:6). He expects a higher standard under the New Covenant. We are not only to love our neighbor, but even our enemies, and that love is expressed in what we do. “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you… for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same?” (Matthew 5:44–46; see also Luke 6:27–36). Our righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 5:20).
    During my first few years in the ministry, we visited many “GOTO’s,” people who had requested a visit or wanted to know about baptism or attending services. Street numbers are not always easy to read, but there was a common denominator when looking for a home: We could look for the most run-down property on the block! Yes, this is an exaggeration, but it was not a rare occurrence. The Apostle Paul would understand this (1 Corinthians 1:26–29). Yes, God calls the weak of the world, but nowhere does it say that we are to remain the weak.
    The world often judges by outward appearance, and let us be honest: We often do the same. Is this not what James warned us against in James 2:1–9? Does this mean that our outward appearance is not important? Is it not being a good neighbor to take care of our property and so lift the value of our neighborhood? Did not God command Adam “to tend and keep” the garden (Genesis 2:15)?
    Being a good neighbor involves many things, far more than this article can list, but with a little thought, we can all come up with ways to show genuine concern for those around us. Practiced thoughts and actions eventually become part of our character—again, “second nature,” as we often say. Godly character is expressed in the two great commandments. And who knows what long-term good may come from your example (1 Corinthians 7:16; Ecclesiastes 11:5–6)?
    Our best friends and greatest service efforts ought to be among the family of God, but there are also plenty of opportunities to serve our closest neighbors: the homes around us, co-workers on the job, classmates, and let us not forget those who share our abode. Let us not forget Jesus’ admonition, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

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    It is a typical day in COGland as many members are settling in for a Thanksgiving meal and watching a game of football on TV.  That is except in Arroyo Grande, CA where Tin Foil Bob is having another meltdown over American football.

    Give thanks to God, but not for American tackle football 

    Today is the national holiday in the USA called Thanksgiving. And despite certain claims, its specific origins are not pagan. But, of course, no Christian needs to celebrate national holidays like it if they do not wish to (cf. Romans 14). And the Bible does condemn gluttony.
    Yet, whether on this day or others, the Bible teaches that people should give thanks:
    4 Sing praise to the LORD, You saints of His, And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name (Psalm 30:4).
    The Bible is full of admonitions to give thanks to God. The New King James Version of the Bible has the word ‘thank’ 25 times, ‘thanks’ 75 times, ‘thankful’ 3 times, and ‘thanksgiving’ 32 times. It also has the word ‘praise’ 237 times and ‘praises’ 11 times.
    One thing that I have noticed on the day called Thanksgiving by those in the USA, is when I have been at many other places than the home I lived in, American football has been playing on television.
    For many, other than food and family, football is a major focus of the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Christians should give God thanks, but not encourage violence in sports like American tackle football.
    To close, perhaps I should mention that we do not ‘add a day’ to God’s holy days if we somehow observe Thanksgiving or other national holidays. National observances are NOT holy days, nor does anyone have to keep them. Jesus, however, observed at least one (cf. (John 10:22-23), setting an example that we can if we so choose. But not through encouraging violence.
    Dave Pack, at least, had a more historical history of Thanksgiving posted about why we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, something Tin Foil Bob never does since all of his articles are always about him.

    Dave Pack seems to be ok with football:
    As Thanksgiving Day approaches, ponder and consider the many wonderful blessings you enjoy. Be grateful for these wonderful benefits. (To learn more, read our article “The Sin of Ingratitude.”) Realize that these material blessings were not given to us because of anything we have done—we do not deserve them. God has bestowed them on us—simply because of His mercy, and His promise to Abraham, the father of the faithful (Gal. 3:6-9).
    Before you and your family enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, or begin watching a parade or football game, be sure to take time to truly thank God in prayer and thought for the national wealth, power and prestige He has given this nation.
    While there is still time, make certain that you and your family are not partaking in the nationwide, unthankful attitude. Be sure to give thanks to God in the same heartfelt, sincere manner that the pilgrims did on the first Thanksgiving in North America! Should You Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?


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    In November of 2017, the Museum of the Bible opened in Washington DC.  For those that have been to visit it, they say it is an extremely interesting place to visit.  It is certainly a far more scholarly attempt than the epic failure of The Ark Experience in Kentucky that draws in people from various COG splinter groups in the Eastern part of the country.

    A reader here sent me the following photographs of a display in the museum. Low and behold it has a display featuring the work Basil Wolverton.  Thankfully it is not the Bible Story that the Worldwide Church of God published, but a book designed by Monte Wolverton as a tribute to his father.  It is a vast collection of Basil Wolverton's illustrations that were published by the Worldwide Church of God and other sources over the decades.  

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  • 11/23/18--14:16: The Orlin Grabbe Letter
  • page2image1942113664



    You can finish the rest of this 70-page letter from Orlin Grabbe on The Painful Truth.

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  • 11/23/18--14:49: Spiritual Extortion
  • Ambassador College Correspondance Course VOL 7 1955

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  • 11/24/18--06:21: YHVH's Great Test

  • Anonymous

    Retired Prof said...
    Dennis, your comment about the story of Abraham and Isaac is pertinent to an anthology I am composing, with the working title "Fables of the Gods." The pattern is to summarize a story that includes a god or gods from one ancient tradition or another. Then I follow it with a moral like those attached to Aesop's fables.

    Here's the moral for this story: "Not being human themselves, the gods see no reason to follow basic rules of human decency when they play a practical joke. Deal with it."

    Your emphasis on Abraham's culpability is equally justifiable. In fact, way more so, if we're talking psychology instead of theology.
    RT  Even as a child in Sunday School, this story puzzled me but also terrified me.  What father would do that? What if the voices in his head were wrong?  How damaged and distrusting of his father would Isaac forevermore be?  What did Mrs. Abraham think of this?  It never made sense to me and I never took it as a story of great faith worthy of note.  It seemed a manifestation of mental illness. At any rate, I was NEVER inspired by it.  And in the Dutch Reformed Sunday School classes, Abraham got a pass and was one of the great men of the Bible.  Not in my young world.
    So for your consideration, this sums up an alternative answer to the whole thing nicely for me and would have had I seen it as a child!   :)
    YHWH's Amazing Test
    There is also some consideration in theological circles that the story was a transitional story between the Age of Moses and Taurus the Bull,  4000-2000 BCE where Bulls and Calves were the prominent icon of worship (i.e. Golden Calf worship)  and the now beginning of the Age of Aries, the Lamb. Thus the change in symbols to be used in worship.  
    (An "Age" is noted as the 2100 years or so the Sun is found in each of the 12 Constellations ending in one complete cycle of 25,000 years, called the "Great Year")
    Even Mithraism, which preceded Christianity,  notes the change with the God Mithras slaying the Bull in it's iconography making way for the new age of Aries.  The death of Jesus in the story marks the end of the Age of Aries with the death of the Lamb of God and the beginning of Pices, the Two Fish  (ahem) and the Church Age of Christianity. I personally think when this Age, which is about to end and whose sacred fluid is blood, without which there is NO forgiveness, the Age of Aquarius , the Water Man, will find the sacred fluid of the future to be WATER.  . 

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    How many of you ever completed the Correspondence Course that the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God put out?  Most church members only know it in its abbreviated form of 32 lessons which was eventually shortened to 12 lessons.  Those who grew up in the church in the "Radio" years remember the mind and butt-numbing 58 lesson course.  Remember all of those wonderful hours parked at your dining room table diligently reading each lesson and handwriting out every single Bible verse it referenced.

    Each lesson was meticulously planned out so that you never had the opportunity to question what was being presented.  After all, this was coming from God's College and therefore had to be 100% right!  God would NEVER lead the Apostle astray into letting something as miraculous as the Correspondence Course EVER be filled with error!

    The problem with the entire course is that was nothing more than an elaborate "proof-text" of what the church believed after "proof-texting" scriptures to fit their interpretations.

    Here is the definition of proof-texting:
    Prooftexting (sometimes "proof-texting" or "proof texting") is the practice of using isolated, out-of-context quotations from a document to establish a proposition in eisegesis (introducing one's own presuppositions, agendas, or biases). Such quotes may not accurately reflect the original intent of the author,[1] and a document quoted in such a manner, when read as a whole, may not support the proposition for which it was cited.[2][3][4][5] The term has currency primarily in theological and exegetical circles.
    This is to be distinguished from quotations from a source deemed a hostile witness, which inadvertently substantiate a point beneficial to the quoter in the course of its own narrative. Even when lifted out of context, those facts still stand.
    Many Christian ministers and Christian teachers have used some version of the following humorous anecdote to demonstrate the dangers of prooftexting: "A man dissatisfied with his life decided to consult the Bible for guidance. Closing his eyes, he flipped the book open and pointed to a spot on the page. Opening his eyes, he read the verse under his finger. It read, 'Then Judas went away and hanged himself' (Matthew 27:5b). Finding these words unhelpful, the man randomly selected another verse. This one read, 'Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise."' (Luke 10:37b). In desperation, he tried one more time. The text he found was: 'What you are about to do, do quickly.'" (John 13:27)[6]
    The church was quite adept at twisting scripture to fit the interpretation it wanted the members to believe. Most members never knew it was happening.  After all, if Herbert said it, that settled it!  Since it was settled it could never be questioned.  God forbid if anyone dared to read a book that might have an opposite viewpoint!

    That brings us to today, as Doubly-blessed, Almost-arrested Tinfoil Bob Thiel has determined that he need to correct the old Correspondence Courses.  Tinfoil Bob, like almost all the other splinter group leaders has never had an original thought in his head.  He has spent years copying and imitating everything the church did.  Now he has determined that he needs to add his great interpretations to these old courses.
    We have been making progress on literature and clarifying matters for an upcoming Study the Bible Course lesson. Working on that lesson (number 15) caused me to do a lot of research and add many scriptures that were not in the original course from the 1950s. We expect that lesson to be available next Spring.
    Speaking of the Study the Bible Course, we have been working on getting all the English version lessons online by themselves, as opposed to only being available in the magazines. This should be ready fairly soon.
    Can any of these self-appointed pissants ever write or preach anything NOT already done by HWA and his crew?  Not a single new thought or interpretation for the 21st century.  No new way of looking at things that have relevance for people of this world.  No one humble enough to admit mistakes were made and interpretations were wrong.

    Humility is not a word any present-day Church of God leader knows or exemplifies.  They cannot because they REFUSE to follow the one person who taught them what it was to be humble. Liars and boasters of themselves and their supposed good works of magnificent campuses, auditoriums, great websites, booklets in Swahili and other African languages, the list can go on and on because it is always about themselves.

    Herbert Armstrong, as arrogant as he was, at least had a vision.  Something bigger and grander for members to look forward to as a unified group on a journey together.  Today's COG leaders have no vision.  The beat their chests as if they do and boast a lot, but they are visionless.  Herbert Armstrong could circle the wagons and realign people to his cause when it got waylaid, yet today we see scores of little men who cannot inspire people to join up with them to complete the grand vision Herbert Armstrong envisioned.  They have ended up being like dung beetles rolling their little balls of malevolent teachings up the side of an ever-growing pile of stinking crap.

    0 0

    Today, I want to write a short bit into the Methodology that Herbert Armstrong used to brainwash - yes, brainwash - those who subscribed to the Ambassador College Correspondence Course into the way he was thinking. This will help for you to see how he did what he did, and how he conditioned the mind to accept his theology. 

    The text below is from the Ambassador College Correspondence Course, lesson 2, from 1955. Let's take a look. 

    Rewriting The Mind

    Perhaps the most important thing that Herbert used was mind conditioning. He did this by causing you to rewire the mind to focus only on what he wanted you to focus on. By using specific, cherry-picked scriptures without context or background, he would ingrain the particular scripture he wanted you to look at into your mind. He would have you focus only on those particular scriptures - to read them, to re-read them, again, and again. This technique literally "burns" the scriptures that Herbert deemed important into your mind. 

    Herbert admits that this technique is "intended to show you where to look" - to "help" you to "know" how to study the Bible. This focus on particular scriptures - called "cherry picking" - is used to bolster his way of belief and to support his doctrines. Notice that there is little in the way, if any, context whatsoever to the scriptures. Take a scripture, explain it the way you see it, and then have the individual re-read it, and re-read it over and over again, and then - importantly - writing it down. 

    The principle here is to literally rewire your brain to accept the conclusions that Herbert Armstrong came to, by focusing on individual scriptures and not the context of the scripture, the chapter, the book, the timing, or anything at all. This, again is "mind conditioning", used to distort and change the true meaning of the scriptures which can be only understood by proper context and understanding of the entire message written. 

    Writing It Down

    Herbert said the writing is "EXTREMELY NECESSARY". This is also why note-taking in church services was emphasized so greatly. When you hear or read - AND you write - it ingrains it into your brain. 

    From an article at, it says this: 

    Writing things down happens on two levels: external storage and encoding. External storage is easy to explain: you’re storing the information contained in your goal in a location (e.g. a piece of paper) that is very easy to access and review at any time. You could post that paper in your office, on your refrigerator, etc. It doesn’t take a neuroscientist to know you will remember something much better if you’re staring at a visual cue (aka reminder) every single day.
    But there’s another deeper phenomenon happening: encoding. Encoding is the biological process by which the things we perceive travel to our brain’s hippocampus where they’re analyzed. From there, decisions are made about what gets stored in our long-term memory and, in turn, what gets discarded. Writing improves that encoding process. In other words, when you write it down it has a much greater chance of being remembered.

    This technique was understood by Herbert as an advertiser. He knew that when we write it down it "encodes" into our long-term memory. From day one, from the Correspondence Courses to sermons - what would we write down? Individual scriptures - and sometimes, the pastor's explanation. This method of brain-washing, or mind-conditioning, caused us, in combination with other tactics, to accept one scripture and one explanation over context and correct biblical literacy. 

    Half an Hour a Day

    Herbert understood it wasn't just writing a scripture down and the explanation and stopping - he made sure it GOT INTO YOUR HEAD, by causing you to study his chosen scriptures with his personal explanation - and reread it - and write it - at LEAST half an hour a day. This combination of encoding and time will rewrite anyone's mind if they are open to it. And anyone who listened to Herbert Armstrong was well aware he was using the power of his authoritative voice to believe what he was saying. The more you read, wrote, and read and wrote again, the more you began to accept his beliefs as true beliefs. Again, completely ignoring other scriptures and context. 

    Emphasis on Large-Type Words

    Have you ever wondered why in the world Herbert Armstrong always typed in Large Type words? He was using advertising techniques. On this vein, check out the 20 most effective words in sales and see how Herbert implemented some of these. Read this article on creative print advertising to see techniques Herbert used as well. 

    Yet Herbert admits here - in plain language - exactly why he uses bold, capital letters in his material, such as the Ambassador College Correspondence Course. HE says "pay no attention to the small type", but read the large type words. This is the method to read all of his literature to get to the core of what Herbert wanted you to get in your head - all of the Co-Worker letters, the Personals, the Pastor Generals - all of it - ignore the small type and read the large type to get what he wanted into your head. This is how he subliminally got to people, using the power of printed text. This was another aspect of mind conditioning he used to brainwash his people. This is how I have come to see exactly how Herbert was thinking, and coming to conclusions about his entire empire and mindset while reading his material. He knew exactly what he was doing. He also knew you'd forget in time this technique, but it would be in your head subconsciously. In short, he was training you how to read his material the way he wanted you to to get the results he wanted. 

    Other certain splinter leaders continue to use this technique to brain-wash their followers as well. 

    What was not used in this method? Context and Questions. This was classic: Here's a scripture. This is what the scripture says. Write it down. This is what it means. Next scripture. Rinse, and repeat. This was how they "proved" their doctrines. This is how they "proved" their understandings. People bought this for one reason: They were subliminally conditioned. 

    I will write next time about the methodology he used as to "where to start" reading the Bible, and why he chose that particular method. It has to do with one word: Fear.

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    It is that time of the month again and our resident Chief Pharisee James Malm is making another absurd prediction as to when the tribulation will start.  As usual, the couch potato waffles his dates, but rest assured he is 100% correct!  It is all guaranteed to go down at the end of 2019 or maybe 2020.  As usual, Pharisee Malm is pretending to be a prophet to the Church of God and is still unable to predict the date of all hell breaking loose.

    Unable or unwilling to hold down a real job where he has to actually work, the Pharisee sits at home all day writing his version of church history, creating his own doctrines and working overtime in reading any news he thinks will support his erroneous expectations for his prophecies.

    He naively thinks his imagined great understanding is so superfantabulous that he is influencing the United Church of God and the Living Church of God into examining their doctrines and will have an influence on them to teaching his flawed interpretations.

    I can guarantee you the end of 2020 will be here and the deluded Pharisee will be predicting some other future date because his god was not yet ready to come.  Pharisee Malm is just another liar in the midst of the COG wasteland.
    At this time all events are lining up for the 42 month great tribulation to begin at the end of 2019, or if things go slowly at the end of 2020.  
    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to call an election with a polling date in late May.  The logic is that there will soon be a general war and he can use the Independence Day festivities to celebrate the defeat of Israel’s enemies and generate an election result giving him a strong mandate to control the Trump Middle East Peace Process.  
    This year the Israeli Independence Day by the modern Rabbinic Calendar is May 9 2019 or by the internationally used Papal Calendar May 14th.  President Trump has agreed to withhold his Peace Initiative until a new government is formed after the elections.  
    If Bibi gets his way there will be war in early 2019 followed by elections in late May or June. 
    Once the confusion of war has settled and new governments have been set up, the Trump Peace Initiative will be unveiled.  US and International officials have been working very hard consulting parties throughout the entire region to put together a peace deal.  This deal is actually a completed basic peace deal which would be put in place with more advanced issues to be discussed according to a rigid time table.   Whether the miracle worker is set up in the Vatican in late 2019 and the tribulation begins at the end of the year or takes another year will depend on God’s will.  
    While acknowledging that things could go slowly and take another year, I have no choice except to do everything possible to prepare the brethren in case this does indeed come in 2019. 
    The Chief Pharisee imagines his "work" as being able to prepare the way for the two witless witnesses to go forth into Jerusalem and preach his message. Ultimately though, Pharisee Malm has another motive in mind.  Since he has no desire to work a real job, he, like so many other COG fools that have set themselves up to have gullible followers fund their useless and unrewarding lives.
    At that point, Spring Festivals and doctrinal material along with Proverbs and the New Testament will commence and continue through the Fall Feast in order to provide solid doctrine and spiritual meat for the brethren in preparation for the advent of the miracle worker, God’s two servants and the decision to stay or leave.  Preparing the brethren for these things is the purpose and reason for the existence of  this work.
    Please support this work to publish sound doctrine and warn the brethren with your prayers and offerings.  11/25/18 entry

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    Today, I want to talk a bit about the methodology that Herbert Armstrong used when it came to how he interpreted the Bible to those who subscribed to the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course, and listened to his sermons and messages. In Volume One of the 1955 Correspondence Course, Herbert outlines four different ways that one could approach studying the Bible properly. They are: 

    1) What the Bible is, how it was written, how to study it, and why "no one understands it." 

    In reality, the Correspondence Course was full of this, in extremely detailed, specific instructions, down to exactly what Bible to get, and what pencils to use, how long to study, and the methods of indoctrination (i.e. meditation, habit, writing, etc.) So, to say this was not used as an approach isn't correct. This approach was used in combination with their chosen approach. So yes, they did use this as a methodology, detailed, specific, and exact. 

    2) To start at the very beginning, with Genesis. 

    They say they did not adopt this approach - but in reality, they kind of did, just not with the Correspondence Course exactly. They used this approach with the Youth Bible Stories/Studies, leading the children through the tumultuous and violent Old Testament, punctuated with intensely graphic illustrations by Basil Wolverton, Church member and illustrator of MAD Magazine Fame. After a full childhood of indoctrination of the horrors of the wrath of God, the opening of the Earth, David, Samson, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Balaam, Rachel, Esau, Jacob, Rebekah, and others - finally, around 11 or 12 years of age, they received the lesson called "The Introduction to Jesus Christ". 

    3) The New Testament. 

    This is the method nearly every Christian Church has adopted - the foundation being Jesus Christ, the foundation of the Christian Church, the Gospel of Salvation, the Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline Epistles, the writings of other Church leaders, and the symbolic and controversial Book of Revelation, and using this understanding to understand the books of the Old Testament, whose books pointed to and were a shadow of Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of all that the Old Testament pointed to. This was the one method that was completely rejected as the approach for the Correspondence Course. 

    4) To begin with the very present. 

    The chosen method of how to study the Bible was number four - "the one we have adopted". Which, truly, is not "Bible Study" at all. 

    This approach first and foremost was a "fear tactic" of speculation, inconsistencies, falsehoods, and irregularities. Below, you will see the text of how they rationalized their approach. 

    To Begin with the Very Present

    They begin by saying "the whole world seems suddenly to have erupted in chaos in physical violence".
    Sadly, chaos and physical violence has been going on for millennia. Ignored are countless world wars, plagues, diseases, famines, pestilences, persecutions that have been far, far worse than the 20th century that Herbert lived in. It does not take a lot of research to look back and see generations and periods of time that make our current time look absolutely blissful. 

    Remember, this was written in 1955. Just about everyone who read this in 1955 (assuming 18 or older) is extremely old or, frankly, dead. The intonation is the Bible would mean more to them as it's related to THEIR LIVES. Of course, things turned out very, very differently, as we all know. Besides some serious localized conflicts, diseases, and a wide range of social issues, the generations ahead of them in their prime of life (1955 -2005) were to be some of the most prosperous and bountiful years for many of the readers in many years. What Herbert Armstrong indoctrinated them with, on the other hand, was a fear and paranoia of the future which was doomed to imminent and total annihilation at virtually any time, within the next three to five years on a constant, ever-moving, but never-reaching timetable. 

    Instead of studying the Bible, with the foundation being Jesus Christ, the foundation was fear. The foundation was prophecy - most of which was completely incorrect. The foundation was British Israelism, which, again, has been proven (through DNA and genetic analysis) as completely incorrect. The foundation was based completely on Herbert's worldview through HIS eyes - through HIS life - conveyed and transmitted to others through this course. 

    Quotes That Immediately Followed This Text: (Said to a 1955 Audience.) 

    "YOU LIVE IN A WORLD OF CHAOS" (we still do, we always have.)
    "Mass Destruction of the Earth's Inhabitants Appears Imminent" (FALSE). 
    "The Outlook Grows More Serious" (WE'RE HERE.) 
    "This World's Civilization Has Come to a Crisis!" (WE'RE HERE)
    "It is Time to Be Concerned" (ALL of those who read this were able to live out their lives without Armageddon.) 
    "You will Learn The Only Way To Avoid the Dire Events Shortly To Fall." (They Didn't.) 
    "In our Generation the Entire Earth is Endangered" (We're Still Here). 
    "The World's Population Can Be Wiped Out in a Few Hours". (It Wasn't.) 
    "This World is CRASHING to it's DOOM!" (We're Still Here.) 

    Lesson One said the Following in BOLD LETTERS. (Remember the Psychological Condition Herbert taught)

    WHAT would HAPPEN if HE WERE NOT TO RETURN (Fear Inducing) 
    NO SOUL would be SAVED ALIVE (Panic Inducing)
    SUICIDAL ATTEMPTS (Negative Thought, Fear Inducing) 
    CUT SHORT (Cresendo, Emphasis)
    TIME OF TROUBLE (Fear Inducing) 
    MASS MURDER (Fear-Inducing) 
    FORCE OF THE EVIL NATURE (Negative Thought, Fear Inducing) 

    The first lesson of the AC Correspondence Course was designed to make you afraid, to fear, to panic - and if you believed what was written, to try to escape what was said to about to happen. The problem? Nothing like this happened in their lifetimes. 

    Another thing to mention: In this one lesson, the order of scriptures were all over the place without context: 

    Matthew, Mark, Jeremiah, James, Luke, Proverbs, Romans, Isaiah, 1 Corinthians, II Timothy, II Peter, James, Micah, Isaiah. (Cherry-picking/proof-texting/find scriptures that fit what we're saying). 

    Some may say I'm giving HWA too much credit for this methodology. Intentional, or unintentional - he knew what he was doing. Herbert Armstrong made a choice to use fear and worry - unfounded fear and worry - a psychological manipulation of mind conditioning to use the world at that time as the foundation of interpreting the whole entirety of scripture. That was the trap - a trap many in the splinters are still trying to use today. 

    Finally, let me reiterate that this was written in 1955. History and time has proven everything written here was false. The predictions were incorrect. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was not the foundation. Fear, panic, worry, and doubt - and money - were the foundation. This was intentional manipulation. This was spiritual extortion. This was a SCAM, plain and simple. This is 2018. My hope is people will not fall for the trickery any longer. 

    submitted by SHT

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  • 11/27/18--20:26: Sleeping In Church

  • Can there be anything more sleep-inducing than an hour and a half sermon by a COG minister who has to have 25+ points to get his point across as he makes you turn to 5,000 scriptures?  As your eyes start to flutter trying to stay awake because of the boring drivel you slowly start to realize that you are hearing the same canned sermon from two years ago.  

    cartoon submitted by TLA

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    For decades the church has always trumpeted the claim that we were a little church doing a mighty work in a very short time. The ministers and church leaders who preached this have come and gone as the "work" imploded into hundreds and hundreds of tiny little groups with some of them still thinking they are doing some kind of a work.  Some of the bigger groups hop into cable channels and print glossy magazines and yet no one seems to know who they are.  None have ever reached to the same level that the bombastic Herbert Armstrong achieved.  As much as they try to imitate him they end up looking like complete fools.

    Their "work" is a times trite and silly with countless predictions and myriads of rules and regulations that they claim are necessary for salvation by their chosen god.

    Imagine a splinter group leader who supposedly make the remark that  "LCG’s influence was like 1/2 a peanut shell in the Pacific Ocean.." This is a pretty pathetic statement for a man who claimed to have been trained at the feet of Herbert Armstrong and yet though the had the best Church of God qualified to so a "short work."

    That peanut shell comment was supposedly made by Rod Meredith to Tinfoil Bob Thiel  in a conversation that no one can prove ever happened. God's most highly chosen splinter leader, after Dave Pack, has this to say  about that short work:
    Back in November 2002, the late Dr. Roderick C. Meredith and I had a discussion about that. I reminded him that he said that LCG’s influence was like 1/2 a peanut shell in the Pacific Ocean. And got him to understand that even if LCG doubled it television coverage that this would not fulfill Matthew 24:14. 
    Thiel then goes on to say that there was not a single man in the meeting room that had the biblical understanding that he did. The other evangelists sat in awe as they listened to the miraculous words emanating from the golden mouth of the non-ordained "son" of Meredith.
    During that meeting, and subsequent meetings with other LCG evangelists, I put forth my view that for a short time, the media would focus on the message of the Philadelphian work–particularly after identifying the King of the North and explaining what he would do (cf. Daniel 11:39-43). All the evangelists seemed like they had not thought of that, but that they agreed with the vision I laid out.
    Apparently Living Church of God never recovered from the revelation from Tinfoil Bob and to this day has never accomplished anything worthwhile.  Because of that, Almost-arrested Bawana Bob, the great hero of Africa, determined he needed to step up to the plate and start God's ONLY end time church.
    In late December 2017, in the article titled "18 items to prophetically watch in 2018,"I wrote:
    Jesus taught:
    19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:19-20)  
    In the Continuing Church of God, in sermons, I have gone over every thing that the Bible records that Jesus spoke in the New Testament. … 
    We also have made literature available, not only on the internet, but in printed form and in multiple languages.
    Jesus also taught:
    14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. 15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand), 16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. 18 And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes. 19 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 20 And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened. (Matthew 24:14-22)
    Elijah Thiel somehow believes he has preached everything there is to know about Jesus.  (Excuse me while recover from laughing so hard!)

    Tinfoil Bob truly believes that he and he alone is doing the most magnificent work the church has ever seen in its history.  No work is more amazing as his.  No one has been on more conspiracy radio programs than hehas, no one has printed more literature in more languages than he has, no one has reached more territories or had so  many viewers of his videos than he has. Dave Pack was seen trembling in his fourth floor office when he heard this. Because of his great work, the end times will soon be here.

    Notice that the Great Tribulation happens after Matthew 24:14 has been fulfilled to God’s satisfaction. 
    In the Continuing Church of God, we have a booklet, The Gospel of the Kingdom of God, available in close to 100 languages. They can be found at 
    According to AWStats, our websites have been visited by people from at least 220 nations/territories. According to YouTube our online videos have been viewed by people from at least 220 nations/territories. 
    More will be done.    
    Absolutely right!  The work continues with Banned by HWA!!!!!!  Here is how many this "short work has reached in less time that Thiel has been in operation!

    The late artist Andy Warhol was known for getting the idea out that people are entitled to their ‘fifteen minutes of fame.” 
    The Apostle Paul wrote that God would have a short work:
    28 For He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness, Because the Lord will make a short work upon the earth. (Romans 9:28) 
    In the Continuing Church of God, we are preparing for this through the development of articles and booklets, and in numerous languages. 
    We believe that when we publicly identify the coming King of the North and explain that he is pushing a false peace and false gospel, and that he will destroy the USA and its Anglo-Saxon dominated allies, as well as an Islamic power, that media attention will be focused on us and what we teach. 
    This will be the short work, and will lead to the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14.
    Are you going to watch or support the work? 
    Jesus praised the Philadelphians for their work (Revelation 3:7-13), while condemning the Laodicean Christians for being lukewarm about the work (Revelation 3:14-22).
    When you read Thiel's screed you will see that he believes he is doing a huge work on YouTube and of course in Africa.

    The YouTube video, Something is Biblical About This!, has received over 265,000 views in the past seven or eight days. After showing various leaders covered by the news, the video switches to one of our videos (PESCO and a Great European Army) and shows many excerpts for about five minutes. 
    So while YouTube only shows that our BNP channel has so far had less than 600 views, we actually have had a couple of hundred thousand more views than that. 
    We in CCOG are leading the Final Phase of the Work and various ones in the media will cover parts of what we teach in the future. Matthew 24:14, which was not the topic of the video that was covered, will be fulfilled. 
    Anyway, being featured in another video gives parts of the message we are proclaimed some fame. More will happen in the future. 
    Outside media attention of aspects of our views, including from those hostile to aspects of what we teach will help lead to the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14. The media and the short work
    So there you have it.  The only "short work" out there will soon be cut short because the world will soon be persecuting the "work" of Bawana Bob.

    Why is the god of Armstrongism such an impotent god that it has to rely upon blithering idiots like Thiel and Malm to do its "small work?"

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    Church of God News has this up about David Hulme.

    David Hulme’s ‘Vision’

    As the church that David Hulme founded slides slowly from obscurity into oblivion, he is seeking to use his accumulated knowledge and diplomatic expertise to bring peace to the world.

    His vision is “to become a renowned diplomat to establish peace among international entities” [Crunchbase], because he is “the ultimate resource for all matters about foreign policy” [Twitter].
    Why has the Church of God created so many puffed up men who think they are something so superfantabulous that the world needs to hear what they have to say?  COGNews is right in describing Hulme's church as one sliding "from obscurity into oblivion."  It is a sad day on South Marengo in Pasadena when Hulme has to realize that Bob Thiel's little personality cult is doing far more than he is or has ever done! 
    He spent 10 years studying International Relations at the University of Southern California, with an emphasis on the Middle East, in order to obtain a doctorate.

    What work experience has fitted him for this role?

    David Hulme gained a BA degree from Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, and served as a minister in the Worldwide Church of God in the UK, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

    He rose to prominence in 1986, when the WCG’s new pastor general, Joseph W. Tkach, ordained him as an evangelist, and appointed him, Richard Ames and David Albert as presenters of The World Tomorrow TV broadcasts.

    In 1995 he was elected to be the first President of the United Church of God, the largest breakaway group from the WCG. In 1998 he was removed from this position by the UCG’s Council of Elders for unauthorized spending that had plunged the church into serious debt.

    He then left United, drawing away around 3000 members to his new church, the Church of God, an International Community.

    He launched a quarterly magazine, Vision, which was printed on very high quality paper. The magazine was almost entirely secular in content, with no mention that it was being sponsored by a church.

    David Hulme claimed that the new church would be more active than UCG in preaching the gospel, but in 2013 several of his ministers had finally had enough, and left to form a new church, with probably close to 1000 people.

    Stephen Elliott, wrote, in his resignation letter to David Hulme in December 2013: “Our membership has declined, not grown. After 15 years and an estimated expense for Vision of $3+ million dollars for salaries, advertising, publishing, design, shipping, PR, video, travel and whatever, there has been no fruit from Vision or the Vision website. The only new members, other than children of members, have come because of a personal relationship with a member – not because of Vision.”

    In 2016 the magazine was reduced to a website version, which is actually just a collection of 5 or 6 articles.

    Three early videos– Quest for the Real Paul, Cheating God out of Christianity and Message to the Seven Churches – were filmed on location in the Middle East. These are well produced and worth viewing, but very expensive to make. Latterly, his Insight videos are much shorter and filmed in a studio.

    David Hulme promotes himself, but not his church, posting his personal profile on various websites dedicated to business professionals.
    With Hulme it has ALWAYS been about him. When he was working in Pasadena he thought he as the most magnificent man to ever walk the dichondra covered grounds of the campus.  He was in his element when he was put over the Ambassador Foundation and got to hobnob with performers, celebrities and dignitaries.  With his British accent, he was the slick and polished face of the Foundation.
    If you go to David Hulme’s page at LinkedIn (a social networking website), you find that he describes himself as the President of Vision Media, and clicking on the link to his ‘personal website’ takes you to It’s not a church website, as far as he is concerned.
    Like Herbert Armstrong, apparently presenting himself as a minister of God is a total embarrassment and a certain door slammer when he imagines himself as a future "diplomat."
    “David Hulme is publisher of the quarterly online journal, Vision (, president of Vision Media Productions and chairman of Vision Foundation International.”

    He lists his previous experience as:

    • 1977-1979 Circulation Manager (Africa) of Quest Magazine

    Although Quest was owned by the Worldwide Church of God, TIME magazine described it as: “nonetheless thoroughly secular. Armstrong gave editorial control to Robert Shnayerson, 55, a former TIME senior editor and Harper’s editor in chief, who dedicated the magazine to what he called ‘the pursuit of excellence’ in fields as diverse as mountain climbing and genetic research.” Herbert Armstrong closed down the publication when Shnayerson declined to modify his editorial policy.

    • 1986-1995 Vice-President of Ambassador Foundation(David Hulme formerly described AF on LinkedIn as a “Non-Profit Organization, Management industry”.)

    Ambassador Foundation carried out some charitable works, but Ambassador Auditorium’s performing arts program was not one of them.
    Notice what COGNews says below as they point out how Hulme covers up his Church of God connections.
     There is no mention of being a presenter of the WCG’s TV program, The World Tomorrow, 1986-1994. 
    • There is no mention of being the President of the United Church of God, 1995-1998. 
    • President of Vision Media, 1998- (not President of a church). 
    There is a mention of the church on the Vision website (if you search for it):
    “ is sponsored and funded by the Church of God, an International Community.
    The Church does not intend this site to convert readers to its beliefs …” 
    As Stephen Elliott noted above, David Hulme succeeded in not converting readers – but surely that was not the wish of the church members?
    If David Hulme is so embarrassed by his connections to the Church of God then he needs to admit that to his few remaining followers, shut down his group and set them free to regain their lives unfettered by some of his draconian legalistic rules.

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  • 11/28/18--17:19: Jesus Flash Christ!

  • Jesus "The Flash" Christ goes to the Father's throne only millions of miles from here....

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  • 11/28/18--23:47: Living in the___________

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  • 11/29/18--20:10: Spiritual Extortion

  • Ambassdor College Correspondance Course Lesson 7, 1955

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