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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    submitted by SHT

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    With so many end time prophets, guru's and leaders of the church that foolishly believe themselves to God's spokesman in this end times, it is hard to pick and choose which one should be followed.  Even though every single on of then have been exposed as lairs, they still keep regurgitating appalling predictions and end time scenarios.

    This takes us to our old buddy Wade Cox. One of his latest predictions has his band of loony followers destroying the earth. He gets all heated up with orgasmic desire to wipe the people of the "isles" of the face of the earth.  Why do so many of these end time "profit's" of God get their rocks off with death and destruction? They get all squirrelly at the prospect of seeing people die and the world destroyed.

    The Temple is being cleansed now on a  continual basis. Those of us that made it to this point are to be congratulated. We have shown the characteristics of spiritual discernment and loyalty and the ability to stand for the faith. It is those people who comprise the Church of God that stand before the throne of grace in honour and approved of God through the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (cf. No. 294 ibid).
    The Sequence of the War
    Over the period of the War of the Last Days we will virtually destroy the earth. The text says that fire will rain down on the people of the isles who are dwelling carelessly. This refers to the coastlands or isles far off. It is not just referring to the islands in the eastern Mediterranean. 
    We might thus deduce that we will see nuclear or laser wars or both, or indeed comets.

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    If you thought the batshit crazy prophets of the Church of God could not get any crazier, then check out Wade Mohammad Cox.

    Besides dreaming up idiotic reasons as to why the Koran and Mohammad are central to Church of God beliefs, this dingy guy sinks further into the depths of prediction addiction.  Mohammad Cox, like James Malm, Bob Thiel and the rest of the false prophets of Armstrongism is doomed to failure.   Cox is about as dumb as Neville Stevens was when he made these same kind of outlandish predictions. Neville Sevens has faded into complete oblivion just like Mohammad Cox will.

    The Restoration Begins

    After the Feast of Tabernacles in 2024 the lands are then reorganised to allocate for the Treble Harvest of 2025.  The early harvest for Passover 2025 which is the Barley Harvest in the Northern Hemisphere is prepared. The food system is planned for and the world gets back under the Laws of God and the plenty that follows keeping those laws.

    In the year 2025 the Treble Harvest will occur for the declaration of the Jubilee year from Atonement 2026 to Atonement 2027 when all nations and lands will be restored.

    From 2025 there will never again be years where the servants of God under the Messiah will ever see hunger except where they wilfully disobey God.  No nation will be in want except where they failed to send their servants to Jerusalem at Tabernacles and failed to keep the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts and Holy Days of God.  The Islam of God will be the one true faith of the One True God and the false systems of Hadithic Islam and pseudo-Christianity and all false religion will be stamped out.

    The system at Jerusalem will commence the healing of the nations and the regrowth of sea life from the rivers of Jerusalem from under the Temple Mount and the city and the trees planted along the rivers.

    The Sabbath Year of 2026 will see the Nations come to be reorganised with the Jubilee year commence at Atonement 2026 and continue to Atonement 2027.

    From Tabernacles 2027 the Laws of God will see the nations allocated their inheritance by tribes and nations under the supervision of the elect in both the spiritual host and the earthly priesthood. This is in effect the beginning of the Restoration of Ezekiel’s Temple and is run and controlled under the priesthood of Melchisdek at Jerusalem and all around the world.

    After the Feast of Tabernacles 2027 preparation will begin for the Millennial Harvest at Passover 2028 (see The Golden Jubilee (No. 300)).

    The rest of the world that is left alive will keep the Laws of God for the next thousand years or twenty Jubilees. At the end of the thousand years of his imprisonment Satan will be released again and the last war of the end will occur.   That will be for the short period from 3023-3024 before the Treble harvest of 3025 and the Sabbath and Jubilee years of 3026 and 3027. 

    In 3027 the Second Resurrection of the Dead will occur and the world will be resurrected to the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). The hundred years of the Second Resurrection of the Dead will occur from 3028 to 3127.                       

    In 3127 the entire judgment will be completed and those that refuse to repent will be allowed to die and their bodies will be cremated in the Lake of Fire.

    All those who have succeeded and found acceptable to God will be translated into Spirit beings and join the Heavenly Host as the City of God (No. 180).  

    God will then come to the earth with the heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of us all, and we will rule the universe. Our tasks then can only be guessed at as we see through a glass darkly in our human forms.  The Wars of Amalek Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God

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    It is not as if the Church of God needs ANOTHER bumbling idiot putting his message on YouTube as a warning to the church and the world, but there is.  Another bellowing, shouting, wildly gesturing and bible thumping prophet has stepped up to the plate. Spitting and snarling, the law will be shoved down peoples throats as if it was a requirement for New Covenant Christians.  It is almost a guarantee that Jesus will not be mentioned much, but you will sure hear Moses, Moses, Moses, Leviticus and Deuteronomy!  It is enough to make you barf without even listening to him.

    TheShiningLight-   The process of updating the Bible Studies through the entire Bible is taking longer than expected, mainly because I had not realized just how much they needed improvement.  As of now I expect to have the entire Bible updated except Daniel/Revelation and the Twelve Prophets by Pentecost 2019.  
    I plan to do these Prophetic Books by Tabernacles 2019, which will complete the updating of our studies through the entire Bible as a solid foundation for beginning the next phase of the work which will be public broadcasting.  
    I had wanted to do YouTube sermons or programs some time ago but was moved to realize that the Bible Studies, as well as the appearance and format of the site, needed to be updated to a much higher standard as a foundation for the programs.   Besides needing a quality site and Biblically solid studies to refer to in the programs, I have also learned a tremendous amount through updating the studies and am much better prepared.  
    With the bulk of the studies completed by next Pentecost a pilot broadcast is likely for next summer.  
    I have posted a possible intro at our YouTube channel and invite your suggestions.  If it is bad please tell me, and please send in any suggestions to or make a comment here.  The idea is to have the Intro set the mood for a solid no nonsense program and then transition to a title page of 3-4 seconds, followed by the actual program. 

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  • 10/12/18--18:51: Not So Fast! I'm Dreaming!

  • This afternoon, during a nice nap, I had one of those “Church of God” Dreams that most people who grew up or were in the Worldwide Church of God often seem to have.

    In this dream, I was led in the back of a large arena – obviously, where there was a convention going on. For some reason, I had the opportunity to have a conference with the Big Person in Charge, who happened to be Joseph Tkach. He was sitting behind a glass window, and I was in a line to talk to him. There were several behind me also waiting to talk to him.

    When it was my turn, I asked him if I could return to the Orr, Minnesota SEP site. He began to answer with a rambling of some sort, I dared interrupt him, and his voice raised about two octaves with a “I am talking” in no uncertain terms intent, and I immediately shut up to let him speak. He then proceeded to tell me that the best times of a person's life are when they are 16 or 17. I told him that I was 16 or 17 when I went to SEP. He said something like “There you go”, and gave me a special green/white envelope of “Request to see the SEP Campus” that I had to fill out. I thanked him, and started walking down the hall to exit. As I was walking down the hall, I could hear the distinctive “Tkach Voice – Raised In Annoyance” lam-blasting someone else about something. When I left, someone else tried to get in to talk to Tkach, but the Secretary denied access and closed the camera-thing above the hall access-door.

    A few years ago, I had another “COG” dream. In this dream, Herbert W. Armstrong himself – in spirit form – came down to Earth – alone. I was in the basement of what seemed to be a large, giant library. I heard Herbert call my name. I opened the box, and the “Spirit” of Herbert called out to me. Herbert apologized for everything that he did. I asked him why he did what he did, and he very remorsely said “I don't know.” He said he had to go, and I heard what sounded like a bell. I closed the small box that he was trapped in, and then, that was it. The voice was Herbert's, but a very, very mellow, humble, and contrite Herbert. I woke up, and thought “what a dream”.

    I've had other “COG Dreams” because the COG was such a large, massive, over-whelming presence in my life over the years. I've had dreams where I'm back leading songs – but somehow screwing it up, or not having the proper hymns coordinated with the piano player, or forgetting I had the song service until the last moment. I've had dreams where I was giving the Sermonnette, but was wearing an awful, pathetic suit. I've had dreams where I felt that immense, consuming, powerful pride that I was in a higher position within the local church – and woke up completely disgusted and shameful about those untamed attitudes.

    There's a big difference between the dreams that any one of us hundreds of thousands of people who lived in the COG's have – and the dreams that our current splinter leaders have. It's directly proportional to who we think we are in the grand scope of the universe, the church, and life.

    When a typical person with a COG history – like me – has a COG dream, they do exactly what I did. They wake up, say “Wow, what a dream”, think about it, then go about their day. When a Current Splinter Leader has a dream (I'm thinking of one person in particular who needs straighter bookcases and nicer curtains), they think about it in the form that it is of world-impacting significance and importance. They think of themselves in such high regard and importance to the world, that every parcel and fractal of the dream takes on a divine significance – to them, to the other characters in the dream, and eventually, to the world. Their feelings of grandiose importance are so tremendous that they nearly take on their own prophetic ministry and theology based on what went on in the dream.

    I recall when our Cheap Bookcase Prophet wrote a pretty lengthy oratory about a dream he had where “someone's line went down”, like a graph, and “his line went up”. Suddenly, this dream about “lines” went from dream to blog post to our Bookcase King of Bad Curtains suddenly using this dream as a divine affirmation that he was to take over the place and position of the owner of the “first line” that was going down on his dreamland bar graph. It went from dream to affirmation, to using the dream as a basis for an elevation in his position! The Might Waver of Gestures then had to tell everyone how this somehow was linked in to his own assumptions about The Mighty Double Blessing That Wasn't – somehow asserting what he thought in his head that a healing-anointing somehow was a hidden and morphed Ordination that elevated him from a simple layperson to a role he's always wanted but never got of an Important Dude in the church.

    If I was to use the methodology that he uses with dreams, I could start a whole new belief system. I could say that the Spirit of Herbert Armstrong is trapped in a prison, and that he has become remorseful and contrite, and that I was granted a lone audience with Herbert to convey his apology and remorse for his actions. I could say that Herbert was timed and a bell signaled that “he had to go”. But I recognize it was a dream. I could also say that somehow I was in a parallel universe with Joseph Tkach, where he was now reduced to a receptionist – a rather forceful, assertive, and mean receptionist at that. I could think on that and somehow come to a bunch of conclusions about what that meant for Tkach's ministry, and all sorts of different conclusions – based on a dream. And to me – that would be naive, stupid, and dangerous.

    Of course, Bob, and any COG member who ever listened to these stories would never buy their authenticity in a million years, even if they were! Why? Because these dreams contradict the beliefs they have already formed in their head. There's no immortal soul, there's no heaven, there's no conscious spirit, they would forcefully say – so obviously, it's just a complete figment of imagination and needs to be summarily dismissed. However, if you have a weird dream where one bar graph line goes down, and one bar graph line goes up, then, because it seems to affirm an already held strong belief, it's lauded up to some sort of divine affirmation.

    This is a methodology that the COG's have down to a science, and a methodology that Kairan Underwood said that the PCG used in writing many of it's own articles for it's own flagship magazine. Look for anything you can find to confirm your beliefs, then throw out everything you can find that dismisses them. Take the smallest rock and elevate it to universal proportions. Or, take the biggest evidence and dismiss it completely because it contradicts already concreted viewpoints.

    It was this methodology that Herbert Armstrong used over and over again in his ministry to legitimize his dogmas and doctrines. It was this methodology that Herman Hoeh used to support Herbert Armstrong's dogmas and doctrines. It was this methodology that field ministers used each Saturday while preaching to their congregations on their own belief divergences – within the lines of Armstrong's dogmas and doctrines. All of this led to variances of belief – within the confines of Armstrong's beliefs – which is why one local congregation sometimes varied considerably with another local congregation's experience. Every minister had, within the confines of their rank, that extreme hubris – only tempered by the dictatorial hand of Herbert Armstrong, who forcefully shot down any challenge or rise on his beliefs or his authority.

    Once Herbert Armstrong died, once the Church collapsed, and that dictatorial hand of Herbert Armstrong was no longer holding down the hubris, pride, and self-beliefs of field ministers and evangelists under him – the individual dogmas and doctrines held by all the field ministers exploded without temperance. Now, 23 years later from the collapse of the church, we have one of them preaching a horrifying “All things common” doctrine, another one idolizing a simple garden rock, another one claiming to be a minister but never was ordained to the position, another one trying so hard to hold down the fort of his own rapidly crumbling splinter, another one who went to prison for trying too hard to replicate Herbert Armstrong's luxurious lifestyle – and then you have the weird and wacky ones who've only been able to grab a few hundred viewers on YouTube – literally the bottom of the barrel in YouTube Statistics and video viewers.

    The methodology of the splinter leaders – Look for anything you can find to confirm your beliefs, throw out everything else that dismisses them, is how the Armstrong Churches of God have operated for decades.

    In a recent expose' by a former writer of the PCG's Magazine "The Trumpet", and a true PCG Insider himself published right here on Banned By HWA, Kieran Underwood confirmed himself that this methodology has been used to write several publications by that splinter. But it's not only that splinter. One can easily see the exact personalities and attitudes that each of the COG leaders have. You can tell who is greedy, who is angry, who is physically oriented. You can tell who is jealous, who is wanting, who is child-like, who is wishing they were important, and who wants to bring back the glory days. By using this formula, you can tell very easily what an individual person's COG-Beliefs are – but more than that, you can tell who they are as a person. It is said that "By your fruits shall you know them." Equally true is that by their methods, you can see right through them, I would say.

    And if you go by facts alone, the Splinter Leaders themselves have proven themselves to be completely enraptured in jealousy-driven, greed-oriented, physically-minded, money-loving, Herbert-worshiping religion that is not, never has been, and never will ever pass as any form of Christianity. All this is is a sham and a scam, exposing exactly who and what these splinters are – a reflection.

    submitted by SHT

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    The Philadelphia Church of God, known today as the death church, is wanting to drag more youth of the church into its unaccredited "college" that it now wants to open in Jerusalem. It is using as a false front, its dig in Jerusalem, to legitimize itself in the eyes of Israel and the world.  The government of Israel needs to be warned about how vile the Philadelphia Church of God has become and how it is destroying lives in its very midst.

    3. Keep Jerusalem in your prayers.
    You naturally think most about the things you are most interested in. If you love Jerusalem, you will be thinking about it—and praying about it! And keeping Jerusalem in your prayers will motivate you to continue working hard and developing your talents in preparation for a future dig. 
    Here are a few things you can add to your prayer list regarding Jerusalem: Pray that God opens doors and makes the next step in Jerusalem obvious to Pastor General Gerald Flurry. Pray that Dr. Eilat Mazar receives another excavation license from the Israel Antiquities Authority soon, as well as the financial aid she needs for it. Pray also for her health and the team of staff members who are helping her process the finds from the latest excavation right now. Pray that God would establish a branch of His college in Jerusalem. 
    God has a lot to do in Jerusalem, and for the most part, the people He uses to do the Work there are young people. If you would like to be one of those people in the near future, learn to work hard, develop your native talents, and keep Jerusalem in your prayers always. If you do, why wouldn’t God bless you with an opportunity to go to Jerusalem and dig for Him?
    The time to start preparing for the dig is now!

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    The man no one seems to know.

    graphic courtesy of SHT

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    Would that trickster god of so many in the Church of God really "call" you into joining up with one of the silliest and unnecessary Churches of God ever to come into existence?  Has there ever been a church with more dubious credentials than the improperly named "continuing" Church of God?

    If you have the stomach to watch the COG's greatest self-appointed prophet to ever exist you can see him here in all of his wildly jesting glory, with an updated backdrop of a hotel door, wall thermometer or alarm, and some dirty silk plants. And PLEASE, do something about that acid reflux condition!  The constant belching in ALL of his videos is painfully obvious!

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    A new era for Grace Communion International.

    Passing the GCI presidency baton   Posted by GCI Update on October 9, 2018 under GCI News | 14 Comments to ReadAn important event in GCI history will occur in a worship service to be held on October 14 in Charlotte, NC. In this setting of worship, we’ll be celebrating Dr. Joseph Tkach’s many years of service to our denomination, and the installation of Dr. Greg Williams as GCI’s new President (Dr. Tkach will continue as GCI Board Chairman). In the video below, Greg interviews Joseph concerning his tenure as GCI President and the preparations that have led to the passing of the GCI presidency baton to Greg. That weekend, we’ll also celebrate the retirement of a few other GCI leaders—we’ll include pictures and additional details in a special issue of GCI Update published on October 24. Thanks for your prayers concerning this event, including safe, trouble-free travel for those attending, some from overseas.

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    graphic: SHT

    Does anyone today believe that if HWA were still alive that he would be defending bellowing fools like James Malm or crybaby-whiners like Bob Thiel?  Can you imagine what he would do with Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack! HWA would drag their pathetic asses to Tuscon and give them a good dressing-down. and then kick them out the door for rebellion.

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    submitted by SHT

    So lets get this straight.  Herbert saw it as his commision to BLOT out any COG member that did not follow HIS edicts, especially those not tithing 10%. That became a MAJOR SIN in Herb's eyes!  

    Considering tithing is NOT a New Covenant command, it is still amazing the COG had to determine it was a sin to not pay it.  

    Everything in the law-based church was a MAJOR sin.  Everything imaginable was used as a weapon to keep people living in fear of being turned away at the gates of Petra.  

    Fear is the greatest legacy of the Church of God. Not things like grace and mercy, but FEAR. Death ending fear that is meant to keep people in submission.  It is still the tool today of the merchants of the law in the church. 

    Damnation and death is the order of the day.

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    The Philadelphia Church of God has the following article, by Brad McDonald, on their website:  The Fatal Consequences of Dehumanizing Your Neighbor.  This is coming from a church that regularly dehumanizes its members and youth, so much so that people are committing suicide.  From its spiritual bankrupt ruling on disassociation with family members (parents, grandparents, children, spouses), to its morally bankrupt sermons.

    The Oxford dictionary defines dehumanize as: “the process of depriving a person or group of positive human qualities.” 
    To dehumanize a person or group is to stop recognizing the features that identify them as human—their natural rights, their thoughts and emotions, their familial and social relationships—to the point that people consider them to be like an animal or even an inanimate object.        
    History is laden with examples of humans dehumanizing one another and the sickening consequences. Recall Adolf Hitler’s dehumanization of Jews, whom he referred to as “rats” and “parasites.” Jews didn’t live in homes, he said, but in “nests.” Like dogs, the Jews traveled in “packs.” During the war, Hitler had Jews herded into camps and branded with a number. Hitler considered the Jews to be animals, and this view, naturally, allowed him to treat them as such. 

    Harvard University psychologist Herbert Kelman has studied the effects of dehumanization. When a victim is no longer considered human, he wrote, “the principles of morality no longer apply to them and moral restraints against killing are more readily overcome.” Deprive a foe of his or her status as a human and it becomes much easier to persecute, torture and kill him. History shows that dehumanization is often an inevitable step toward unimaginable suffering, violence, torture and mass murder. 

    Since when has the Philadelphia Church of God been a "moral" church?  It is another COG that is founded upon rebellion, theft, and despicable behavior. From rebellion against the mother church to stealing tithe money and the works of Jules Dervaes and passing them off as channelled information through Gerald Flurry. When they do things like this why else would they feel justified in ripping families apart and literally killing its own members by driving them to suicide?

    Notice the following from McDonald:

    In the end time, men will be “without natural affection.” Many will be cold, heartless, without compassion or empathy. And this lack of natural affection for fellow human beings will make them capable of committing extreme acts of violence. Prophecies in Isaiah 1-3 and Ezekiel 7 talk about America being plagued by race wars and civil unrest.
    While he is discussing the current political scene in the United States, the first two sentences above are a perfect description of how the PCG operates. The leadership is cold hearted and calloused towards its members, totally heartless as it demands families turn their backs on each other and friends upon friends. As for compassion and empathy, when has the Church of God as a whole, EVER practiced this towards its members?

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    For those who can't sit through the original. 
    Aside from the awful presentation style, this shorter video calls out three points in his message that render his church effectively dead.

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    The Dr. watching Fatima with some Mayan fairies 
    fly around him during his sermon

    Anyone who has ever attended a large Feast of Tabernacles site will have to acknowledge that at times there were "some" interesting sermons.  But since the mother church imploded and hundreds of harlots daughter churches hit the scene, the large Feast sites have ALL disappeared and are nothing more than memories.

    That brings us to 2018 and to the saddest Church of God to ever exist, the improperly named "continuing" Church of God. The prophet Bob Thiel has released two of his sermons on youtube.  Instead of being on one single topic, guru Bob jumps around to scores of different topics in his 1:30 long butt-numbers.

    Here are the topic of two of his "sermons:

    October 9, 2018
    • When Lucifer and the angels were on the Earth, before their fall, did they have any hand in creating the dinosaurs and the prehistorical world?
    • What are your thoughts on aliens (from outer space)? Are they demons?
    • Might Adam and Eve’s skin tone, etc. have been a mix of races?
    • Since we know that the Kingdom of God will continue to expand, will procreation continue somewhere?
    • What is Exodus 20:5 teaching?
    • What is the ‘general assembly’ in Hebrews 12:23?
    • When are people made perfect?
    • When will Elijah come?
    • How will we know the final Elijah?
    • How about swearing by God’s name and Deuteronomy 6:13?
    • Can you explain 1 John 3:9?
    • Can you explain 1 John 5:7?
    • Will the bottomless pit of Revelation 20:3 be in the location of Rome during the millennium?
    • What do you think about curse words?
    • How does entropy prove God’s existence?
    • How many archangels are there?
    • Does asking for a 2nd or 3rd anointing show a lack of faith?
    • Is Satan destroyed after the millennium?
    • God a severe God in the Old Testament, but a merciful God in the New Testament?
    October 11, 2018 
    In this sermon, Dr. Thiel answers questions that have been submitted to the Church of God on many topics, such as: Is cremation acceptable for Christians? Can you wear garments of mixed fabrics? Does Romans 14:5-6 eliminate Holy Days? How should Christians dress? Is it right to have pictures of Jesus? Does Matthew 27:5 contradict Acts 1:18-19? What happened to Garner Ted Armstrong? Can you use a heart symbol? Should you trust ‘The Urantia Book’? What about dinosaurs and the age of the world? What are the origins of Native Americans, often called Indians? Can you use Proctor and Gamble products? Does 1 Kings 8:9 contradict Hebrews 9:4? Who is the ‘elect lady’ of 2 John 1? Was Abraham a Jew? What is a Hebrew? What was Ambassador Foundation for? Is ‘Amen’ pagan? Dr. Thiel goes through scriptures, facts, COG documents, and historical information to provide answers.

    Just like every other splinter group leader out there, Thiel does not have an original thought in his head.  He has to rely upon old Worldwide Church of God Reprint Articles and booklets to fill his mind with.  Can you imagine Herbert Armstrong walking boldly on stage and speaking about hundreds of different topics during one of his sermons?  It never happened!  Instead, we had one topic that was preached incessantly, The Two Trees, week after week, month after month, year after year. With Thiel, he kind of slithers behind the podium and then starts wildly gesturing as he covers hundreds of topics in his hour and a half sermons.

    For someone who claims to be the modst important end time prophet the church has ever seen; it needs to be asked, "Did Bob Thiel flunk Spokesman Club?" Has the church ever had such a poor speaker?

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    submitted by Anon

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    Submitted by SHT

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  • 10/16/18--19:53: NEW!!! Ezekiel Church of God

  • NEW!!! Ezekiel Church of God

    It has come to my attention as Pastor General and Apostle that there is a grievous mistranslation of our great commission.

    Matthew 28:18-20 King James Version (NKJV)
    18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.19 Go[a]therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,20  teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”[a]Amen.

    This should read: Go ye therefore and preach the Ezekiel message and scare the living daylights out of people.

    We are changing our name to the Ezekiel Church of God to match our new understanding THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS!!! Brethren, do you REALIZE the ENORMOUS privilege we have to have this UNIQUE understanding.

    To get this message out to the world – for the FIRST TIME in over 1900 years, we will need a lot more money. This is your chance brethren to put your shoulders to the work.

    Sell all you have and send it in NOW. GREAT will be your REWARD!

    Do you want this to happen to your children?

    People everywhere will be in fear of the disasters.

    We are in the GUN LAP. Time is SHORT. We have only 2 to 3 years to get the message out before the end comes. Don’t risk being in the LAKE OF FIRE!

    Send your generous offerings to….

    submitted by TLA

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  • 10/17/18--06:59: GOVERNMENT in the ACOGs


    Every form of government the ACOGs have tried has failed.

    WCG – top guy changed all the doctrines and kept all the money.

    GCG – tried one man with a board that could throw him out. This they did even though 80% of the members disagreed with them. Plus, they kept all the money. Then they went broke because they also had most of the expenses and not enough income. Not as smart as the Tkaches.

    LCG – back to one man. One man died. Next one up – unknown at this point.

    UCG – council voted on by ministers – still split into 2.

    The common denominator is the people – specifically the ministry. Everyone wants to be in charge.

    For such a small group of people, we have as many splits (400) as the rest of Christianity combined (400). You would think we would be ashamed. We sing Onward Christian soldier – all one body we – we are 400 bodies. 1 Corinthians 3 blasts all the schisms and points out Christ was crucified for us, not the ministers.

    The head of man is Christ – not a minister. The ministry role is to help us, not lord it over us like the worldly rulers do.

    In Acts 15, we find James, the brother of Jesus, rendering the final decision – not Peter. After Jesus told the 12 they should not be jockeying for position and they should be servants, not lord it over people like worldly rulers, they finally got the point.

    Why can’t we all get along today like the apostolic church did? Instead we have leaders who demand titles – Mr. and Dr. – instead of being brethren, we have the formality of 100 years ago. At every company I have worked for, everyone from CEO down is on a first name basis, and somehow manages to still have respect for one another and the management.

    Submitted by TLA

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    The Kitchen clan have a bizarre posting up on Facebook concerning HWA and the unpardonable sin.

    A person that one of the Kitchen's had attempted to "friend" on Facebook rejected his friendship when she found out he was not a Living Church of God member.

    She made this comment:

    "Mr. Merideth was appointed by the church board members, all ministers. I don't know where you get your info. but you are wrong on more than one count. My. Armstrong was a very good and intelligent man and he loved Father God and he taught others to be the same. He is not a Saint. Nor is He an apostle. He would be the very first to say so. I am sorry you do not understand your Bible better and that you believe without proof in your fellow man."
    Her comment above, that HWA was not a saint, sent the Kitchen clan into a pretribulation Laodicean meltdown.
    To say Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is NOT a Saint, is kin to the UNPARDONABLE SIN!
    It is saying he had NO HOLY SPIRIT within him, and therefore is NOT a member of the Church, and therefore WILL NOT rise to meet Christ in the air on the last trump of God! And that sentences him to the third resurrection does it not? The Lake of fire?

    And to say he is NOT an apostle, and that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong would be the first to say he is NOT a Saint, and apostle? Read Mr. Armstrong's articles! Listen to his sermons! In his article “How Christ gives Church its beliefs” he specifically says he is an apostle! In the World Tomorrow TV program “The Coming Kingdom” he says to the PUBLIC that he is an APOSTLE of Jesus Christ! He says this numerous times! Yet you say he would admit that he WASN'T ONE? First, perhaps you should consider that you could be wrong or mistaken. Or if you are merely parroting what has been told you by a pastor, maybe you should examine whether such statements is true. They are not. And is very dangerously close to committing the unpardonable sin!
    The Kitchen's worship at the altar of HWA like James Malm worships at the altar of the law.  Neither has any idea who Jesus is or what he accomplished.

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