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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    Now that we have established that Gerald Flurry thinks he has the new "coronation stone" we move on with more of his mindless justifications and wild theories on what it represents for him and the Philadelphia Church of God.

    Because the English nation was too stupid to know they should have kept the Stone of Scone in London, Gerald's god had to go searching for a new stone to use.  Low and behold that stone was found in a field in Oregon and was reportedly used by Herbert Armstrong to pray at in the early days of the Radio Church of God.
    Hosea prophesied of a time when Britain would be “without a king, and without a prince ... and without an image”—referring to the coronation stone. We are in that time now! Britain doesn’t possess the image—the stone—any longer. We in God’s Church now have an even better symbol of King David’s throne.
    This is what God wants. I realize it is radical to say that there is a new stone of destiny. But it is also radical to say that God’s people will have the throne of David, and that is straight out of the Bible! And the stone is a symbol of the throne.
    God had a divine purpose for Flurry digging up that rock.  God had deliberately led HWA to that rock to pray and dream up a church and to set it apart as the rock Jesus Christ would come back to sit upon. 

    But there is a problem with the Stone of Scone.  Besides being Jacob's pillar stone that he slept upon and had his dream, it was also the stone that UNCONVERTED Kings and Queens had been consecrated upon.  The Stone of Scone was essentially unclean.  This allows for Herbert Armstrong's rock to become the new consecrated stone that only CONVERTED people have prayed at and used.
    Jacob’s pillar stone ties back to Jacob when he was unconverted. God changed his name to Israel upon his conversion (Genesis 32:28). That stone has been witness to generations of coronations of unconverted men and women who have carried on the royal line of David. In the final phase of His Work in this end time, surely God wanted to have a different stone—apurer spiritual symbol found within God’s Church, where His people possess the Holy Spirit. This symbol embodies so much more. I believe that is why God made the change. God’s faithful people today are following through on what Mr. Armstrong did as he prepared the way for Christ’s Second Coming. We are raising up the ruins of his work and magnifying him and what God did through him.
    Herbert's prayer rock is now the purest thing on earth today and those in its possession are also pure.
    God is certainly concerned about purity. As Mr. Armstrong wrote in Mystery of the Ages, when Jesus Christ came to Earth the first time, He “was born of the tribe of Judah, and it was necessary that He be of the original pure racial strain, even as Noah was.” As God prepares for Christ’s universe-shaking Second Coming, He is surely thinking about representing and preserving spiritual purity! God wants more purity there; and He achieves that with the prayer rock and all that it means.
    The god of Gerald Flurry had a divine plan in action from the foundation of the world when he created the stone HWA would kneel at and set into motion the birth of Herbert Armstrong so he could become the end time messenger.
    God makes a blanket statement here: “[H]e shall prepare the way before me.” Period! No caveats or qualifications. What an endorsement of this man! God made a covenant with Mr. Armstrong, and He knew that Mr. Armstrong would do the job. Did he ever! What a messenger!
    The birth and life of Herbert Armstrong was one of the most significant events in human history. HWA's life will be honored FOREVER because of the prayer rock.
    Mr. Armstrong’s life is one of the highlights in the history of man. God really was moved by how he delivered His message. He was moved by how he used the prayer rock to keep himself fervent and stirred to do God’s will! So now, Mr. Armstrong is going to be honored forever through the prayer rock!
    Instead of humanity being blessed forever by the work and life of Jesus Christ, we have been blessed by Herbert Armstrong being in our midst. If we show HWA obedience and loyalty we will be blessed. Who knew!
    Isn’t it wonderful that God will bless us so richly for being obedient and loyal to Him?
    It is more important for COG members today to pledge obedience to the new stone of destiny vs that dirty old rock used to crown unconverted Kings and Queens on.  How could anyone imagine Jesus Christ coming back and sitting his holy posterior on that dirty old Stone of Scone! Jesus Christ can only return to sit upon the Stone of Herb!
    Christ is pleased with His messenger! How God is honoring Mr. Armstrong with this new stone of destiny!
    Because Flurry and his band of minions no claim to be the true heirs of Herbert's legacy, they are the new Zadok's of the world today. Flurry's god is so pleased by PCG's actions that it has instructed them to be the caretakers of the Holy Rock of Herb
    God is also pleased with the spiritual “sons of Zadok” who, like Zadok the priest to King David anciently, remain loyal to God’s throne from beginning to end. He trusts His people to take care of the prayer rock—the new stone of destiny. This is a noble and worthy cause.
    The weight of this heavy burden weighs heavily upon Gerald Flurry.  He realizes he is only a man filled with vanity and sins, but he has the life of Christ Herbert as his example.  Forget Jesus lifting that burden off of Flurry's shoulders, HWA is the only way!
    God has commanded us to raise the ruins. Now, I am a man with vanity and sins just like anyone else. If I ever begin to think that I can do my job without following Mr. Armstrong’s example, I will be falling into a fatal way of thinking! But I have realized that every time I honor Mr. Armstrong, God honors me. Isn’t that wonderful? This is God’s government. It is a wonderful truth that we all must learn deeply.

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    Now that we know the true history of the most holy Stone of Herbert, it is time to trace the history of that other old dirty stone that was used at the coronations of UNCONVERTED Kings and Queens.  Get ready for that great Church of God myth to trotted out once more.  Good old Jeremiah and his daughter Tea-Tephi took Jacobs pillar stone and the Ark of the Covenant with them to Ireland where they buried the Ark in Hill Tara. Jacob's pillar stone later made its way to Scotland and then down to England. The devastating travesty in all of this was that royal keisters of many unconverted Kings and Queens sat on it.

    In Jeremiah 33:17-18, God promised that there would always be someone sitting on the throne of David, and that there would always be a priest or minister doing the Work of God and teaching about that throne.
    Look again at 2 Samuel 7:12-16. There God promised to establish David’s throne and said that Solomon would sit on it. He said, “If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men: But my mercy shall not depart away from him ....” God told David how He would sustain the king sitting on that throne: He would use men to chasten him and keep the throne with the line of David.
    But what if that nation becomes so evil that God must destroy it and plant the throne in another nation? Anciently, God sent the Prophet Jeremiah to warn Judah of its destruction. That is a type of what is to happen to Britain, America and Judah in this end time. (Request a free copy of my booklet on Jeremiah for a full explanation.)
    After ancient Judah was destroyed, Jeremiah was used by God to overturn the throne of David (and take the destiny) to Ireland by taking a direct descendant of David, one of King Zedekiah’s daughters, the princess Tea-Tephi. David’s throne was later moved to Scotland and eventually to England where it has resided for several generations, again with those sitting on the throne being descendants of King David. In the coming Great Tribulation, however, God does not send a prophet to remove David’s throne from Britain. So what happens to that throne?
    God has revealed the clear answer to this question.
    The soon coming tribulation will strip away any right that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles or Prince William have towards the Stone. Because they are all unconverted heathens, the god of Gerald Flurry had to raise up a new stone, the Stone of Herb so the true line of David could continue to sit upon the true stone. King Gerald will occupy it for a while and then turn the reigns over to the creature he calls Jesus Christ.
    Think deeply about the prophecy in Hosea 3:4: “For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image [the stone of destiny] ....” By the time this prophecy is fulfilled, Britain will have been conquered by the Holy Roman Empire. The British lose their king, and they lose their stone (a symbol of David’s throne), and there is no Jeremiah type to protect the stone and the king. God doesn’t have somebody there to tear down and destroy and transplant that throne.
    What does this mean? God promised to continue that throne forever, yet here we see that suddenly there is no king and no stone, and the prophecy doesn’t even say where they are. During the Tribulation, the king will probably be dead! Jacob’s pillar stone will be lost; we don’t know what will happen to it but it could be destroyed.
    If no one sits on David’s throne, God will have broken His promise!
    The truth is, by the time this prophecy is fulfilled, the throne in Britain is no longer David’s throne!
    Even before Britain loses its king and stone, the British throne is no longer the throne of David, or God’s promise is broken.
    Hosea’s prophecy shows that before the Tribulation, God must have a new stone and a new king—a new throne.
    Otherwise He could not allow Hosea 3:4 to happen. How else can you explain what is going to happen in Britain?
    God must no longer recognize the throne in Britain as David’s throne.
    Flurry goes on to state that during the tribulation people will see that there is no king on the throne of England and will immediately realize that their god broke its promise and they will be devastated that god lied to them.  What? As if any during a time of tribulation anyone would even have time to think of such a thing is beyond ridiculous.  Especially if you are hanging on a meat hook in some German concentration camp!  Would you care if Charles was sitting on a throne in London? 

    Never fear though, Gerald's god has some tricks up its sleeve.  It has now transferred its blessing to the Stone of Herb. Things are now all cool and kosher again now that it is in the hands of CONVERTED PCG leaders.  No outsider could ever sit on the Stone of Herb, but a CONVERTED PCG leader could!
    Could this king be someone outside God’s one true Church? That would be impossible. This king is speaking the truth and hasting righteousness, so it must be a converted member in God’s Church.
    God has to have a king in this Church who is a descendant of David. And we also must have a stone that is a symbol of David’s throne. God has given us a new stone. The stone is always associated with the throne—not only as a symbol of the throne, but also a symbol of our Rock, our Leader, Jesus Christ! 
    It was right around January 16, 2017, that God revealed the truth about the new stone of destiny. 
    And it was on this date that God moved the throne of David to this Church!
    Aren't we blessed to know that the Stone of Herb now has the complete blessing of Gerald's god! So amazing!  Even more amazing is the rest of Gerald's claims...
    God is getting us ready to go to the place of safety where David’s throne is prophesied to be. There is a new king and a new stone. There has to be for this prophecy to be fulfilled! And this new king would have to be God’s apostle, at least for this time.
    The prayer rock, the new symbol of David’s throne, also came to us through a descendant of David, Herbert W. Armstrong. And it all happened around January 16, 2017, the anniversary of his death.
    God made all these things happen miraculously. This is all prophesied, and God has brought it about in a way that is truly mind-staggering when you think about it.
    Three dates are significant in the Philadelphia Church of God. Those dates do not pertain to the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ or his death and resurrection, as one might possibly assume. No, the date of Herbert Armstrong's death, the date of the day that Stephen Flurry read his dad's plagiarized copy of Malachi's Message, and the date that the PCG took possession of the Holy Stone of Herb, are the most significant dates PCG honors on its sacred calendar.  The location of this miraculous reading is Robbers Cave in Southeast Oklahoma.  It is now a place of an annual pilgrimage for HW Armstrong College students in March of every year. Imagine sitting on the very park bench the Holy Son Stephen sat on or walking the same pine needle-strewn paths that the Holy Son of King Gerald walked upon!  How awesome would that be!  Who needs some miserable trip to Israel to see biblical places where the feet of Paul and Jesus trod! The holiest places are right here in Oklahoma!

    Flurry continues:
    Even now, the United Kingdom no longer has the throne of David. And Jacob’s pillar stone is no longer relevant. There is a new stone.
    Think about this: If Britain no longer has the throne of David, this strongly indicates that Britain is going to go down rapidly! How could it be otherwise? This is a great condemnation by God against that people! And, in a sense, against America as well.
    Jeremiah was there when Judah was conquered by Babylon. He took Tea-Tephi—a princess of the house of David—and the coronation stone with him to Ireland and preserved David’s throne. Now, a modern Babylon is going to conquer Britain, America and Judah and destroy them—all together (Hosea 5:5)— and David’s throne is no longer in Britain. But God has preserved it another way.
    What does all this mean for the Philadelphia Church of God?
    We must think about this deeply. What does this require of us? This is some of the most amazing prophecy ever revealed to the PCG!
    Here, in this Church, is the hope of the world—the only hope there is! 
    That damn Jesus just had to get in the way, again!  How dare he be the hope of the world when the PCG is the ONLY pathway to salvation! PCG's pathway leads to Petra though.  It should be a scary warning to any outside Armstrongism to read Flurry's words below.  

    PCG is ready to flee to Petra!
    It is mind-boggling to even think about what God is doing. But this is real. This is what these revelations from God are all about. We have the throne in our possession now! God’s very elect now plays the key role with David’s throne. It is no longer in Britain—it is here in the pcg, which means we are now ready to go to a place of safety.
    I can just see some of the more rabid Flurryites now packing bags to be ready to flee to Petra, much like in the old Worldwide Church of God in 1972 where many had bags packed sitting by their front doors. COG members do that kind of thing.
    David escaped to the cave of Adullam along with several hundred people. Prophecy shows that, in the end time, God’s people will have to escape to a cave as well. They will go to a rocky fortress to escape the Holy Roman Empire, which has been chasing them for centuries! The Church had to flee into the wilderness for 1,260 years (Revelation 12:6—described prophetically as “days”). Now, we will have to flee for 1,260 days (verse 14). When we do, we will take with us the throne of David.
    We must be prepared to go to the cave of Adullam, the place of safety. Make this a part of your thinking, because we live in the most urgent time ever! We must be willing to go anyplace and do anything God wants. We must get our minds conditioned to do that! He often offers opportunities or directs us to do things we don’t want to do, humanly. We all have to do things we would rather not do; that is good for us! We must have the mindset that whatever God says, we will do. That will bring the most wonderful reward you could possibly receive!
    You can review the history: David and God’s people came to power shortly after he left that cave. God says that immediatelyafter we leave this rocky fortress, the place of safety, we are going to come to power! We will rule the world with Jesus Christ on David’s throne!
    PCG members will blindly follow when Gerald makes the decision. They will not stop to question the absurdity of it all. Their eyes will be fixed on the idea of becoming gods just like Jesus Christ. 

    By this point in time, Herbert Armstrong will be third in command of the entire universe, directly under Jesus Christ himself! Jesus however, will be in some side room of the third heaven due to the fact HWA and Flurry have commandeered his throne.

    What a glorious time awaits us all!    NOT!!!!!!!!

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    This was sent to me today:.
    It appears GCI is setting forth some uniform standards as to what happens in weekly worship services. It seems that due to its relaxed standards of letting each congregation set their own guidelines for worship, things have gotten rather chaotic in some congregations  
    The GCI has given some latitude towards some congregations in allowing them to continue to meet on Saturdays for the last twenty years.  
    Those days are now coming to an end.

    Ordering our worship
    Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders:

    Greg and Susan Williams
    Is there a particular way that worship services in the church should be conducted? That’s not a new question—the apostle Paul addressed it in his first letter to the church in Corinth. Their services had become contentious and chaotic, and Paul wanted to help them solve the problem. He did so by noting that, while their desire to exercise their spiritual gifts in worship was commendable, they must do so in ways that build up the church rather than causing division and confusion (1 Cor. 14:2633). Paul exhorted them to conduct their worship in “a fitting and orderly way” (1 Cor. 14:40). Believing that Paul’s exhortation is relevant for us today, I encourage all our pastors to gather with their leaders (including those who plan and direct worship) to evaluate their worship services.
    History of worship liturgy
    Let me share some relevant history. As various worship traditions developed, some churches and whole denominations adopted a “liturgical” approach to structuring their worship services, while others adopted an approach called “non-liturgical.” By definition, liturgical churches follow a set liturgy (order of worship). Some utilize a “high liturgy” that is fully-scripted while others have a “low liturgy” that, being less-scripted, allows more flexibility. Non-liturgical churches, while still having an order of services, are even more flexible. Historically, many Protestant churches became non-liturgical—not because they were against order in their worship, but because they did not like what they felt was the excessive ritual of the liturgy practiced in their day.
    Whether liturgical (high or low) or non-liturgical, all churches (whether acknowledging it or not) have a liturgy—some sort of “order” to their worship. That’s good because a lack of order can lead to the chaos Paul addressed in 1 Corinthians 14. Interestingly, there is a movement today among some non-liturgical churches to return to certain elements of the ancient, more formal liturgy of the church (click here and here for more information). They find that this shift makes their worship more appealing and inspiring to both regular attenders and visitors.
    GCI’s history and a challenge for us today
    Historically, worship in GCI (reaching back to WCG and beyond) followed a highly structured, standardized order. With our reformation came greater flexibility in how our congregations ordered their worship services. However, it is my observation that in adopting a less structured approach, some of our services have become somewhat chaotic and thus not as edifying as they need to be. Given that situation, I ask all our pastors and fellowship group facilitators to gather with their leaders to examine how they are conducting their worship services. Here are some questions to ask:
    • Do our services focus on who God is as revealed in Jesus?
    • Do they reflect the communal nature of our triune God who exists in harmony and unity?
    • Are our services uplifting and hope-filled, or are they uninspiring?
    • Do all aspects of our worship build up the church, or is there confusion and chaos?
    • Do all who are open to hearing the gospel (including non-Christians) feel welcome in our services?
    Conducting this evaluation and making needed changes will take careful and intentional effort. That’s appropriate since the root words of liturgy mean “the work of the people.” Wanting to assist you in that work, we have published in this issue an article that addresses worship in GCI congregations. It includes a standard order of services (liturgy) that, though not required, is strongly recommended. Over the next six months in GCI Equipper, we’ll publish additional articles that will provide further guidance to help you discern the Spirit’s direction concerning your worship services. As you go through this time of discernment and restructuring, I encourage pastors to discuss their insights and plans with their Regional Pastor (U.S.) or Regional Director (elsewhere).
    Points to ponder about congregational life
    Though our worship services are vital, they are only one part of a congregation’s life. With this broader perspective in mind, as pastors gather with their leadership teams to evaluate their liturgy, I challenge them to also evaluate some other key issues. To help them do so, I’ve listed below some points to ponder. It’s my observation that we’ve tended to overlook some (many?) of these issues. Perhaps that’s because we’ve been (necessarily) focused on doctrinal and theological renewal over the past several years.I believe it’s now time to attend to these other issues as we enter a new season of living out of the loving, inclusive relationship we have through Jesus in the power of the Spirit.
    • If your congregation is functioning more like a small group (with high levels of interaction and sharing of the leadership/facilitation role), it’s likely that you should consider yourself a “fellowship group” rather than a “church” that provides a well-planned and executed worship service. Healthy churches need to have a combination of both well-executed worship services as well as small group gatherings where disciples are enriched, and depth of community is built. Please be satisfied with what you can currently offer, and trust the Lord for the future growth you desire.
    • If you are holding your primary worship service on Saturday, that puts you out of step with most of GCI and the rest of the Christian world. Doing so sends a misleading signal about who GCI is. While circumstances may have prevented some GCI congregations from moving to Sunday services, making that change should now be a priority. In my far and wide GCI travels, I have rarely experienced a strong, vibrant and growing GCI church that is meeting on Saturday.
    • If you are meeting at an awkward time of day that makes it hard for people to gather, then you need to make a course correction.
    • If you are gathering in a hall that is difficult to locate and is out of the flow of normal activity, then consider how to improve your location, and find a target community to be immersed in.
    • If you are renting space in a church building that is owned by another congregation/denomination, consider the problems you face with identity. Is it clear that you are a congregation of a separate denomination?
    • If you have a rotating speaking schedule with multiple preachers, it’s likely that you are in “maintenance mode,” lacking cohesive leadership and vision for your church. The lead pastor should preach a minimum of three times per month, and it is even better if they preach five out of six weeks.
    • If your lead pastor also fills the role of “chief deacon,” then members need to step up. Perhaps the pastor needs to let some things go.
    • If you have people conducting the musical aspects of your worship (instrumental and/or vocal) who are not musically gifted, something needs to change. Get people involved in worship, but in accordance with their giftedness.
    • If your weekly worship service is structured in accordance with GCI’s past tradition, and hasn’t been examined in a long time, now is the time for a “come to Jesus” meeting! Take a good, hard look and have the difficult conversations. You will be glad you did!
    Once again, I encourage pastors to discuss their findings concerning these points with their immediate supervisor. Let us work together as a team to bring improvements to the worship and other aspects of congregational life in our churches and fellowship groups. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Greg Williams, GCI Vice President


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    Grace Communion International has informed its members across the board that it is moving into a liturgical style of worship.  Many congregations have been doing this for some time, others not so much so.  Liturgical worship is geared towards the seasons of the church year and also involves using a standard set of Bible readings for each day of the year.  The GCI is now using the Revised Common Lectionary, which is standard for Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, some Methodists and in recent years, many Evangelical churches. In the course of three years, the entire Bible is read if a person follows it on a daily basis.

    Many people find liturgical worship to be richly rewarding, but this is going to be a heavy cross for many GCI congregations to bear, as some are still steeped in the belief that anything connected to the Catholic Church is wholly pagan.  However, many will adjust to this once they realize that it has a purpose.  Fitting in good liturgical worship music will be a challenge for many GCI congregations.

    Music to fit the liturgical calendar follows hymns that have been traditional for hundreds of years.  COG members have been ingrained to avoid those hymns as being too Protestant. Thus the assumed need to sing Dwight Armstrong hymnody. For many in the GCI, having to listen to modern day hymnody that borders on songs that sound like someone is making love to Jesus or that he is some long lost boyfriend that someone has been panting for and never quite finds him, is not the best worship mood setter.  There certainly are some great modern worship songs out there, but spending a lifetime trying to sound like Hillsong singers is NOT a good thing!

    For those that have a strong avoidance to Easter and Christmas, this new liturgical practice will drive the nail in the coffin even faster for some.  Liturgy is all geared around Christmas and Easter.  Those still uncomfortable with Christmas and Easter will now have full in the face.

    The other issue this will present for some is that weekly communion will now be a recommended practice. For those that like to leave Jesus on the High School gym floor after Passover each year and never mention him much after that,  it will be a struggle to have Jesus as a weekly reminder.

    Here is the GCI stance on liturgical worship:

    The worship of God is central to the church. Through its worship services, GCI seeks to glorify God and edify those who attend by proclaiming the gospel through Scripture reading, preaching and singing; the administration of the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper); praise and intercession in prayer; and the giving of offerings.

    Gospel-focused worship pattern

    Along with many others in the body of Christ, worship in GCI follows the Christ-centered and gospel-shaped pattern of the Western Christian calendar as detailed in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). This pattern of worship is organized around a weekly celebration of the gospel (see the recommended order of services below) that is typically held on Sunday, the day the risen Lord Jesus was first encountered. As shown in the diagram and list below, the worship pattern then includes several annual celebrations that highlight key aspects of our Lord’s life and ministry along with other key aspects of the gospel.

    • Advent (four Sundays preceding Christmas)
    • Christmas eve and Christmas day
    • The season of Christmas (Christmas through January 5)
    • Epiphany Sunday
    • Transfiguration Sunday
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Lent (Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday)
    • Holy Week services:
      • Palm Sunday (celebrated as Passion Sunday when there are no Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday services)
      • Maundy Thursday
      • Good Friday
      • Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil)
      • Easter Sunday
    • Easter season (Easter through Pentecost)
    • Ascension Sunday
    • Pentecost Sunday
    • Trinity Sunday
    • All Saints’ Sunday (Sunday after All Saints’ Day)
    • Christ the King Sunday

    Liturgies for church services & ceremonies

    To assist congregations in following its standard worship pattern and content, GCI publishes RCL-synced sermons in GCI Equipper (click here to access) and the liturgies linked below for worship services and church ceremonies.

    Flexibility granted

    GCI congregations may adapt the denomination’s standard liturgies to accommodate local customs and needs (though the basic formats and content should be followed). Congregations may also adapt GCI’s standard pattern of worship, though all should provide services that celebrate Jesus’ birth during the Christmas season and his resurrection during the Easter season. It is then recommended that the other key events in Christ’s life (see the list above) be celebrated in a weekly worship service at the designated time of year.
    GCI congregations may hold their primary weekly worship service on any day of the week, though Sunday is the norm. Also, congregations may determine how often to offer the Lord’s Supper, though it should be offered no less than quarterly, and at least once during Holy Week. Offering the Lord’s Supper every week is recommended.
    In making decisions concerning adaptations to GCI’s standard worship pattern and liturgies, congregational leaders should seek divine guidance, understanding that worship is the divinely created response to the glory of the triune God revealed in Jesus Christ. 

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    If you think the convoluted story about the Stone of Herb cannot get any weirder, read on:
    This prophecy is dated: It is specifically about going to the place of safety with the new throne of David. We had to break away from the lukewarm Worldwide Church of God. God is focusing our minds on the place of safety, and also on conducting ourselves like King David did.
    This prophecy shows not just a leader going to that place, but all of God’s faithful people going there together. Daniel 12:8-11 paint a similar picture. We are all in this together; we leave together and are taken to a place of safety together. It says, “And from the time that the daily [the Work of God] shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.” Subtracting the 1,260 days we are in the place of safety from this 1,290 days indicates we have 30 days to get to a place of safety, and all of us go together.
    "We are all in this together; we leave together..." Of all of the splinter groups of Armstrongism, the Philadelphia Church of God and the Restored Church of God are the two groups that have the potential to lead their followers into some kind of death scenario. Their members blindly follow ANYTHING their leaders say as god delivered fact. 
    And notice verse 10: “Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried.” God wants us to be purified. I think that has a lot to do with us having the new throne of David. God wants a purified throne and a pure people when He arrives! Verses 12-13 talk about the wonderful ending of all this: It is leading right into the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, when He receives the throne of David!
    Amos 7 tells us when we go to the place of safety. There you see a priest, Amaziah, telling the king, Jeroboam, about God’s prophet. There is a confrontation, and the priest does the dirty work. He tells God’s prophet, “O thou seer, go, flee thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there” (verse 12). This is spiritual Antiochus—Satan incarnate!
    All indications are that this is how the nobility of Israel will go: We will be outcasts, sent to a cave! But we have the very throne of David! We don’t look to things or to people—we look to God! It doesn’t matter where we go as long as God is directing us!
    Flurry, admits to his faithful that no where in the Bible is it mentioned that Jeremiah took a stone to Ireland.  Nowhere.  What the Philadelphia Church of God does claim is that Herbert Armstrong PROVED that Jeremiah took the stone to Ireland along with the Ark of the Covenant and David's harp.  Herbert did no such that.
    In its account of the history of Jeremiah rescuing Zedekiah’s daughter to transplant the throne, the Bible never mentions him taking a stone. We know he did because it is a symbol of David’s throne. Jeremiah had to have the coronation stone—after all, he was taking the throne of David to Ireland! Mr. Armstrong proved from Irish history that when Jeremiah came to Ireland with Tea-Tephi, he had an ark, David’s harp and a stone called lia-fail.But these last three items were not mentioned in the book of Jeremiah when it discusses the king’s daughters. The same is true in Micah: It mentions a king but doesn’t say anything about the stone. As with Jeremiah, that is covered elsewhere. But we need the symbol of David’s throne, and we need somebody to rule from it!
    The PCG idolatry grows more each day.  Just how can a person "spiritually nurture" an inanimate object in "every way possible?" The church has always mocked Catholics for revering statues, and Flurry is doing the exact same thing he mocks.
    We must spiritually nurture the throne of God that is in our presence in every way we possibly can! God has given it to us to care for it and to be responsible for it.

    0 0

    As King of the Church of God, Gerald Flurry and his little band of minions is the "advance team" preparing the world for the return of the creature he calls "christ." King Flurry tells his members they are the "transition period" right now. He then goes on to claim that this "transition period" is just like a dilating cervix that has started contracting to prepare for birth.

    The prophecy surrounding David’s throne has tremendous depth. It is about our birth into God’s Family. It all begins for us when we are born again into the Kingdom of God, ruling with Jesus Christ forever.
    We are part of a transition movement into the very throne of God and Christ ruling the world. This is the first step into Christ’s headquarters’ rule. Having this throne ought to make the rule of Christ on David’s throne far more meaningful and real to us! We will be used to solve this world’s problems. We must think like God’s kings and priests! We have the throne that Christ is going to rule from—and we are in that transition period right now!
    Look at the transition period in a physical birth. That process happens in three stages. According to BabyCenter, “The first stage begins when you start having contractions that cause progressive changes in your cervix and ends when your cervix is fully dilated. This stage is divided into two phases: First, early labor: Your cervix gradually effaces (thins out) and dilates (or opens). Active labor: Your cervix begins to dilate more rapidly and contractions are longer, stronger and closer together. People often refer to the last part of active labor as ‘transition.’”
    It is called transition because it is right after this that the mother begins pushing, which is the second stage. It is the transition to the actual birth. The third stage, after the baby is born, is the delivery of the placenta.
    We should think seriously about this because Mr. Armstrong said that physical birth is a direct type of our birth into the Kingdom of God! It happens the same way, but on a spiritual level (John 3:3-6).
    Why is it that when ever a Church of God leader cannot prove one of his "revelations" that he has to refer to it as being on a "spiritual level?"

    Did our receiving David’s new throne start our descent into being born again?! Are we now in the pushing stage into our birth in God’s Kingdom?
    Surely God would give us a dramatic sign of when this pushing stage begins! Keep this understanding in mind when you look at the terrible evil in this world and the trials coming upon God’s new royal Family.
    We must see spiritually and realize we are in a transition stage! This is different from what it has ever been before. We have the very throne that Jesus Christ will sit on and rule this world from forever! We are transitioning right into becoming the Bride of Christ. At that time, we won’t have these physical problems anymore; we will be God beings!

    0 0

    End of the World COMING: 

    Doomsday prophet claims apocalypse less than ‘ONE YEAR AWAY'

    Ron Weinland, our favorite Church of God felon, has caught the eye of the British Press due to his prediction the end of the world will begin in June of 2019.  Like all of Weinland's previous asinine utterances, come July 2019 the world will once again see that Weinland is a liar.  Weinland has had one embarrassing failure after another since he claimed 2008 was the end of time.

    Though the article is brief, it is very apparent that whoever wrote it has been checking out COG blogs related to Ron and his loony family.  There is no escaping the Internet any more for these charlatans!

    Ronald Weinland is the founder of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God (COG-PKG). 
    The author of multiple books on the subject of the end of the world, Weinland now claims Judgment Day will come in June 2019. 
    Formerly a minister of the Worldwide Church of God, based in North Carolina, he formed the COG-PKG in 1998. 
    Ever since, Weinland has warned his followers the end times are upon us, telling those who mock him or his church they will be cursed with “a sickness that will eat them from the inside out”.  End of the World COMING: Doomsday prophet claims apocalypse less than ‘ONE YEAR AWAY'

    0 0

    Here is your chance to buy one of the original buildings that Herbert Armstrong bought to start the Pasadena campus.  Mayfair served for many years as the dorm for men, women and cafeteria for the students.  Annie Mann, one of the orginal Pasadena campus workers ho lived here till she died.

    You too can live here for a pittance:  $8,3800,000.00
    10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms

    0 0

    Did you know that Jesus Christ made a personal appearance to the Philadelphia Church of God?  He apparently came back to intervene in the right of PCG to publish Herbert's Mystery of the Ages. The other reason he came back as to make sure the Stone of Herbert was restored to the PCG so that he could eventually come back and sit on it.

    This is about as absurd as Dave Pack claiming Jesus is returning to Wadsworth BEFORE he goes to Jerusalem.  Both of these nutjobs believe the creature they call "christ" is coming to their campuses or their church first.

    Plus, the fact that Mystery of the Ages is as important to the salvation story as is a dirty old rock from Oregan, shows the depth of lunacy that has taken over the mind of Gerald Flurry.

    “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it” (Habakkuk 2:11).
    As I wrote in my booklet on Habakkuk (request a free copy), the “stone” is God; He is “the stone of Israel” (Genesis 49:24). As our Leader and Head, Christ is crying out to the pcg. This Stone is crying out of the wall—right out of the house of God,spiritually and even physically to a certain degree today. Stone, wall, beam and timber are all materials in a physical house, but this is primarily a spiritual house.
    The Hebrew word translated “beam” means to join together or connect; it is derived from a root that means “to fasten” and signifies “a connecting girder.” The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary says it is “the cross beam or the main rafter connecting the timbers in the wall.” The beam brings everything together. I wrote in Habakkuk that this beam is Mystery of the Ages. It brings things together because it is a synopsis of the Bible; it connects the whole Bible. We are together and we fight together because we have the most important book since the Bible! Mystery of the Ages connects everything—it is foundational to our understanding! It connects God’s people to each other, and connects us to the whole world, and connects the world to God!
    God revealed the truth about Habakkuk 2:11 toward the end of 2002, just as our court case revolving around Mystery of the Ages was reaching its climax. Our court battle began over this book.
    Yet I have come to realize that the “beam” in this verse is more than just Mystery of the Ages. That book is the centerpiece, but the “beam” includes everything that happened with that book— all the history of the court case, including all the other writings we obtained in it. The Stone was crying out, and we heard that cry in the midst of those crisis years. Mystery of the Ages and our copyright battle spells out the answer to this crisis!
    It also includes the stunning truth revealed in Amos 9:1 that Jesus Christ made a personal appearance during the court battle! The “Stone” came in person; it was a real appearance; it was not just symbolic. While we were battling in court, God was working something out. He was there and He won that battle for us! (We will discuss this in the next chapter.)
    When it says, “the beam ... shall answer it,” we have to consider everything that happened during the court case.
    Not only did we obtain the copyright to Mystery of the Ages,but we also received new revelation and had a personal appearance from Jesus Christ Himself to the Church!
    Why was it so important that Jesus Christ make a personal appearance when He did? He was concerned about the throne that He will rule on forever. This is something that we have to build our faith in. We didn’t see Him, but we saw what He did!

    0 0

    What does Queen Elizabeth and Stephen Flurry have in common?  They both made a monumental decision on the same day.  One made a horribly bad decision and the other made a proper decision.  One guess as to who made the right decision!

    When Queen Elizabeth made the horrendous decision to return the most "precious thing on earth" to Scotland, the Stone of Scone, a different stone started crying out to be discovered!

    The PCG loves to use the court trial, where they were humiliated into having to pay for the rights to publish HWA's works, as a symbol of something they call god working in their midst. All through the court trial, the Stone of Herbert was crying out to PCG so they would win the court case.  Jesus heard the stone crying in the damp woods of Oregon and personally appeared to the PCG to intervene in the trial and to let Flurry's emissary find the Stone of Herb. Jesus needed Flurry to find the Stone of Herb in order to take possession of it and eventually deliver it to Petra for 3 1/2 years and then into Jerusalem so he could come back and sit on it.

    I seriously want to know how PCG members can sit there and believe this crap?
    Habakkuk 1:6-11 discuss the resurrected Holy Roman Empire conquering America and Britain. This united European power will conquer the people who have the old throne of David and the old stone of destiny (Hosea 3:4). The stone sitting in Scotland is about to be seized by the Holy Roman Empire, and there is no telling what will happen to it beyond that. But God has given a new stone to His Church!
    Remember, in the August 1996 Trumpet magazine, I said I believed the stone of destiny in Scotland was “the most precious physical thing on this Earth. I also believe that Queen Elizabeth just made the worst decision of her life! And the British government has made the biggest mistake in its history! [England’s] actions have scorned the omnipotent living God. And there’s going to be a terrifying penalty unless they repent.” I wrote this just before we entered our court battle over Mystery of the Ages.
    The stone of Scone was moved out of Westminster Abbey on Nov. 15, 1996. It was officially placed in Edinburgh Castle on November 30. That was the same month my son contacted a copy- right lawyer about the legalities of reprinting Mystery of the Ages.What is more, the process of finding, acquiring and moving
    Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock from Oregon to our headquarters campus in Edmond, Oklahoma, took place during the court case years (sidebar: “Timeline of Events,” page 49).
    Habakkuk says the stone was crying out! The revelation about the new stone of destiny brings another spiritual dimension to this prophecy.
    You can certainly see that the Stone, referring to God, was crying out to His people as we fought in the court case. He was crying out for us to act and fight for His truth! But God is also revealing that while Christ was fighting the battle for us, the literal stone—the new stone of destiny, Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock—was “crying out.” We heard that cry and retrieved the stone. Though we didn’t know it then, Jesus Christ was about to establish a new throne and a new stone!
    What a marvelous blessing! Even as we were fighting forMystery of the Ages, we were being given a new stone of destiny, which led to us receiving a new throne to proclaim God’s wonderful truth to the world! When the stone was crying out of the wall, God was stirring us up and getting us ready to receive the throne of David!
    Let me make it abundantly clear what the double wonder is. While we were fighting a six-year court case, the new stone— Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock—was “crying out.” The rock is Jesus Christ personified. He was crying out for us to retrieve this prayer rock, which was to become the new stone of destiny. This stone symbolizes the throne of David and God’s promise to him, which will climax at the Second Coming of Christ.
    We also have a descendant of David to sit on that throne— which means that we have the new throne of David. Britain no longer has the throne of David.
    The new stone, which symbolizes the new throne, is the first wonder of the double wonder. 

    0 0

    "Her Majesty reacts to  LCG 's continual whining about being persecuted..."

    Poor Gerald Weston. He believes that the Living Church of God has been suffering much persecution after he gained power. Stations are not letting some of LCG's programs to be aired.  But never fear!  Weston says they will continue to be a forceful witness to the world.  If he is referring to his witnessing here in Los Angeles, you would be hard-pressed to find anything from LCG available.

    June 20, 2018
    Dear Brethren and Co-Workers,
    The assault against religious freedom is massive throughout the so-called Western world, and too many professing Christians fail to see what is at stake. Censorship of religion is real. We at Tomorrow’s World experience this first-hand. We see our world transforming on a daily basis.
    I received a letter recently from someone complaining that our message is not strong enough. Little does he understand how many Tomorrow’s World telecasts are turned down in his country for reasons that would be laughable five years ago. For example, our program mentioning the miraculous weather at Dunkirk was banned because we did not mention global warming. What global warming had to do with events in 1940 is anyone’s guess.
    Another program was turned down for saying that abortion and pornography are sins. Programs on family are censored for not promoting “non-traditional” families. Apparently, upholding the traditional family and not recognizing same-sex “marriages” is no longer permissible. The list could go on.
    Weston clams they have to warn the unrighteous in the world, yet his HQ is a hotbed of unrighteousness.
    Please do not misunderstand. Tomorrow’s World will continue to preach the truth and will not back down from doing so, but sometimes one station or another will refuse to air our message due to their own constraints. We are called to courageously tell the truth. We are to preach the good news (gospel) of the Kingdom of God as a witness to the entire world. This requires a call to repentance from sin, which means we must define sin in a world that no longer understands what sin is! “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9–10). Yet, those behaviors can be changed, as seen in the next verse: “And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God” (verse 11).
    Just like his predecessor Rod Meredith, Weston has a burr up his butt about a certain group of people.  One guess as to who they are...the gays!

    The behaviors listed in this Bible passage are the very ones promoted today, and anyone who fails to celebrate them will pay the price in this society. It is in this context of political correctness that we see our freedoms of speech, expression, association, and religion eroding away. How long will it be before it is impossible to tell the truth by way of mass media?
    One baker in Colorado experienced firsthand the power of the LGBT movement when he refused to bake a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. He did not discriminate against homosexuals in general, but he refused to use his talents to create a wedding cake for a celebration with which he disagreed as a matter of religious conscience. He also refused to bake Halloween cakes as they too went against his conscience, but no one protested that. Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in his favor, but only after great damage was done to his business and personal finances. Also, the decision was based on narrow factors, and other court victories will be needed before small business owners who hold strong religious convictions can breathe more easily.
    What happened north of the U.S. border is not encouraging.
    Trinity Western University, a small evangelical university in Langley, British Columbia, found itself on the other end of a Supreme Court of Canada decision. The court decided that they will not be allowed to confer law degrees, because all their students must sign a “community covenant” that prohibits sexual relations outside of a marriage between one man and one woman. The law societies of Ontario and British Columbia decided that no one who signs such an agreement is fit to practice law in Canada. Or, to put it another way, you cannot openly agree with biblical standards and be a good lawyer! Why? It would not be fair to the LGBT community.
    Some wonder why we talk so much about the LGBT movement. This is why. It is a defining issue of our day. It is not a matter of private individual behavior, although that is something that must be repented of if one cares to be given eternal life in the Kingdom of God. However, LGBT activists are out to destroy ALL biblical foundations of morality. This is more than a culture war. It is a war against God! These anarchists are not interested in discussion. They are not interested in diversity. They are interested in removing all biblical restraints and silencing all opposition, and this is why the decision on the Trinity Western University case is so chilling. If these radicals can silence individuals who hold strong contrary views, they can control the judiciary—which they already do for the most part. So while they call for “tolerance” and diversity, it is only tolerance and diversity for their views.
    My friends, the speed with which our freedoms are collapsing in country after country is shocking, as the noose tightens on anyone holding godly values. How much longer will we be able to openly proclaim the truth? How much longer before a loving God must step in to save mankind from itself?
    We don't know how much time we have left, but it is getting rough for us now!
    People often ask, “How much longer do you think we have?” The simple answer is, we do not know. What we do know is that events in this world are moving rapidly in the direction the Bible indicates (see Matthew 24:32–39). Morality is plummeting. Marriages and families are in shambles. The forces of evil are growing stronger. The Middle East is in perpetual turmoil. The majority of nations are lined up against the Jews in Israel, and Jerusalem is a troublesome stone to all nations (Zechariah 12:3). Europe is coming to a crisis state, where a strong leader will step in and the Beast power will rise up. It is evident from a historical perspective that time is short.
    The prophet Daniel speaks of our day. “At that time Michael shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. . . . Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:1, 3).
    The prophet Malachi also refers to the time leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. “Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them; so a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name. ‘They shall be Mine,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘on the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.’ Then you shall again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him” (Malachi 3:16–18).
    then Weston gets to the gist of the matter.  He wants money.  It has been a task laid upon church members to support the church.  If you do not, then Jesus cannot come and you will be left behind to suffer horrible indignities. Give him money and his god will NOT be ashamed of you.
    Dear Members and Co-workers, the task laid upon us is great. It is great, both collectively and individually. The time has come when each of us must stand up and be counted, just as the Colorado baker refused to violate his conscience in the face of persecution. As Jesus said, “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. . . . For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels” (Mark 8:34–35, 38).
    God has called you to be part of His Work at the end of the age. The challenges ahead will be great, but, for those who fulfill His will, the reward will be far greater. Thank you for your prayers and generous support.
    Sincerely, in Christ’s service,
    Gerald E. Weston

    Does Weston even have an original thought in his head?  This is the same crap that Armstrongism has been preaching for decades as a tool to scare people.  With all of the beauty in the world and in peoples lives, both in and out of his church, you would think he could write an uplifting article on the goodness of God every once in a while.  That might inspire members to give some money.  This doom and gloom crap is turning them off.

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    Grace Communion International recently moved its world headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina.  It is a time of opportunity for another fresh start and that begins with a new web site.

    Here is one of the things they posted:

    Grace Communion International places great emphasis on the gracious triune God (Father, Son and Spirit). Our pastors and the people they serve point others toward the Triune God so that union and participation with Christ happens.
    We are inclusive informers, teachers, and pastor-theologians who pursue God’s Word (the written Word, the Holy Scriptures and the Living Word Jesus). It’s our quest to follow where He leads.
    We are passionate about equipping, training, and proclaiming the relational nature of God. Our goal is healthy churches who want to be a part of God’s renewal.
    We are intentional about developing leaders; and new, growing, and multiplying churches. We lead with belief into the liberated love and life of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Our consistent effort is high support, high challenge, and grace always.
    Grace Communion International is a trusted theological voice, who has proven that we are willing to lose it all so that we may gain Christ. We see our people, and others who join us, embracing and sharing the love of God in genuine ways.
    While GCI was certainly willing to lose it all, I just wonder about the "trusted theological voice" can really be trusted?
    Many ask—“What are your distinctives—what makes you different, or superior?” The bottom line is that we aren’t in competition with other Christian churches. We are simply striving to be the healthiest expression of Christian church that we can be.
    "Healthiest expression of Christianity?"
    By the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit we seek to proclaim the Good News in all of our communication and in the way we interact with others. The Gospel about Jesus really is good news and that’s what you will hear and experience in Grace Communion International.

    0 0

    Gerald Flurry says:
    Mystery of the Ages is the synopsis of the entire Bible—the Old and New Testaments. It is the only book on Earth that explains the Bible. It has the answer to the stone’s cry. Mr. Armstrong believed Mystery of the Ages was the second-greatest book on Earth, second only to the Bible. We have the same belief.
    Look again at Habakkuk 2:11: “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” Habakkuk 2:11 is the single greatest new revelation that God has given the Philadelphia Church of God so far!
    God is honoring His Church in a wonderful, wonderful way!
    We heard the cry of the stone—Jesus Christ made sure of that. We knew we wanted Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock, a symbol of how Mr. Armstrong built the greatest work ever on Earth! He built it on prayer, going to God continually. He had a prayer rock, which is the focal point of all this symbolism. And now, God has shown us that this rock symbolizes King David’s new throne. 
    Did you know that Herbert Armstrognandhsi rock made possible and paved the way for Jesus to return again!  Without HWA Jesus would still be stuck in the third heaven.
    This stone is tied to the man who wrote Mystery of the Ages. God is putting a dramatic spotlight on the man who prepared the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. God is honoring this man and telling us to follow his example. There is no stone on Earth like the prayer rock used by God’s end-time type of Elijah. He prepared the way for the Second Coming, and we are here to raise up the ruins.

    0 0

    From a reader....

                              GCI Update: Points to Ponder, 

                               in the style of Jeff Foxworthy

    -- Putting the fun in dysfunction…
    and the turd in liturgical (even tho there is no “d”) --

    You might not be a real church….

    1.    …..if your “congregation” functions like a small group with high levels of interaction and sharing of the leadership/facilitation role, as opposed to a well-planned and executed worship service.  If you’ve got people speaking in tongues and blurting out random “prophecies,” then you may need to reel in the chaos and re-order your worship services.

    2.    …..if your primary worship service is on Saturday.  Lord knows that strong, vibrant and growing churches do NOT meet on Saturdays!  If you’re still trying to glorify God by meeting on Saturdays, then you need to get a freaking clue.

    3.    …..if your church meets at an awkward time of day.  Meeting at 2:30 PM or some other weird time will require a course correction since God does NOT honor worship services set at awkward times!

    4.    …..if your church gathers in a hall that is difficult to locate and out of the flow of normal activity.  Meeting in a small, dark room at the back end of “Billy Bob’s Tavern” is probably not the best venue for attracting potential church-goers in your community.

    5.    ….if you are renting space in a church building owned by another denomination, but there is no prominent sign displayed with your church’s name.  Any congregation that meets in a “Church of Religious Science” building, for example, should expect to attract tons of people if you just put up a freaking identifying sign.

    6.    ….if you have a rotating speaking schedule with multiple preachers.  What this means is that you are likely in “maintenance mode,” lacking cohesive leadership and vision for your church.  The lead pastor should preach a minimum of three times per month, and it is even better if they preach five out of six weeks and genuflect as often as possible.

    7.    …..if your lead pastor also fills the role of chief deacon, then the members need to step up.  No lead pastor should ever be caught doing deaconly things like setting up chairs, greeting people as they walk in the door, handing out bulletins and other such nonsense.  Tell the lazy-ass lay members to pick up the slack!

    8.    …..if you have worship leaders who are not musically gifted.  Anyone who cannot carry a tune in a bucket, is tone deaf or does not play a musical instrument well, should not participate in your music ministry. Having NO singers or musical instruments is better than having bad ones!  You can always put on a CD, after all.

    9.    …..if your weekly worship service is structured in accordance with GCI’s past tradition. It’s time for a “come to Jesus” meeting if your worship service still has a sermonette and announcement followed by a sermon…especially if you’re still meeting on Saturdays.  Go ahead and have those difficult conversations, by telling your leadership team they suck.  Just say NO to Saturday-worship and old HWA traditions once and for all!  You’ll be glad you did!


    0 0

    Over the last couple of years, the Church of God has bee subjected to various self-appointed prophets, apostles and Pharisees have been warning us of doom and gloom they soon hope will to strike this nation, Canada, England and Australia. The thought of famine, pestilence, war and death excites these guys to no end.  It is like it is a fetish to them.

    From raving lunatics like Pack, Malm, Cox, Flurry and Thiel, these near-death prophecies are the basis of their threats and demands that they lay upon their followers.  Unless their followers heed every single thing they say, salvation will not be granted by their gods.  Their god and the thing they call "jesus" is eternally pissed.  Grace, mercy and redemption are not part of their vocabulary.  Such things actually infuriate them.

    This brings us to another Church of God false prophet who claims his "jesus" is soon to return.  The difference in this prophet's "jesus" and the one that some of the others claim to follow is that this "jesus" is a created being that never was part of the heavenly realm that most of Christianity understand and believes.

    This prophetic fool is none other than Rond Weinland, the official certified Church of God felon.  In his June 8th letter to his rapidly imploding little flock, he attacks Christian and Jews for their varied beliefs in a Messiah. He has a fit over the Trinity, the council of Nicea and the Catholic Church, claiming they are all a mess and wholly not unified because of their beliefs...unlike the Churches of God who are 100% united across the board in their understanding in all doctrines and biblical interpretations!

    Weinland, like the above lying false prophets, is looking forward to war as he writes:
    That is why this world is about to be plunged into the worst times of all human history, whereby God declares that if He did not intervene that mankind would indeed annihilate himself. It has only been now in this prophesied period of the end-time that mankind has developed the means of doing just that through the use of nuclear weapons.
    That time has now come when such weapons are going to be used. And once it begins, only God can stop it. It is important to know that there is enough power in such weapons to destroy all life from this planet many times over.
    Weinland next writes about his "jesus" and the Jesus that Christianity and most Church of God's believe in.  According to the Second Witless Witness, the Jesus of Christianity and most COG's is Jesus Christ.  This Jesus is the Catholic Jesus and not the "jesus" of the true church.
    Only One True Christ
    This brings us back to the subject at hand. Indeed, God promised that He would give to mankind a Messiah—a Christ—through whom He would save the world. From the beginning of the Church of God on the Pentecost of AD 31 (Acts 2), the disciples taught about this Messiah, this Christ, who had died and was resurrected to life again, now having everlasting spirit life. They taught that he was the one who was now with God the Father and who was now working with Him to prepare for a Kingdom that would come and reign on this earth for 1,000 years (Rev. 20). But traditional Christianity chooses to ignore such scriptures and does not teach about this period of time because it does not fit their doctrine and beliefs.
    The overwhelming majority of people simply do not question what they have been taught from youth. They do not understand that only two churches arose after the time of Christ’s death and then continued for many hundreds of years before other churches emerged on the world scene who also came to call themselves Christian.
    First, there was the Church of God, which is known throughout scripture in the New Testament and is referred to in exactly that way—the Church of God—God’s Church. Indeed, the oldest Christian church is the Church of God, which God brought into existence on Pentecost AD 31 and has continued now for nearly 2,000 years.
    However, in AD 325 another church began to emerge that began to use the stories and writings of the apostles to teach about a different Messiah—a different Christ. They chose a name to identify him as the one who was born on Christmas Day, and the one who was resurrected on the Sunday morning of Easter. But none of this is true. Nevertheless, they gave him a name and they became a very great religion on this earth. The name they gave him is that of Jesus Christ.
    The problem with Christianity and the Churches of God is that they do not follow the "jesus" that the Second Witless Witnesses believes in. This "jesus" is the one that Felon Weinland revealed to the world in 1994, the year Felon Weinland and his dingy wife apostatized from the mother church. 1994 is an earth-shattering date in the history of the church as God was FINALLY speaking to his true prophet.
    Although God’s Church has remained small through time, just as God said it would be, the Church of God has been teaching and publishing the truth of Christ’s return for just over 80 years now. But a more precise timing for that return was not known until God gave a very specific countdown to His Church that began in December 1994. The incredible event that began this countdown is the very event God foretold through the apostles Paul and John. Paul declared that this future prophesied event would be the sign of Christ’s coming—of his return. This is fully covered in the most recent book I’ve written, Prophesy Against the Nations.
    It is the responsibility of God’s Church, as a watchman, to warn about a great world war that immediately precedes Christ’s actual return. That specific warning has now been going out to the world for nearly 70 years. In the countdown that began in 1994, there are very specific measures of time that God has given as to when he can send His Son to become the King of kings in His Kingdom. There are only very specific periods or moments in time in which God has shown that His Son can return.
    The date of 1994 is vitally important to the end time Witless Witness in that is leads directly to March of 2019 or Pentecost 2020 as the date of the return of his "jesus".
    The countdown that began in 1994 has specific periods of time in which God can bring this age of mankind to an end and then establish His Kingdom under the reign of His Messiah, the Christ, for the next 1,000 years. God has revealed that this final end-time count to Christ’s return must fully align with the timing of certain annual Holy Days and that within that alignment there must be the fulfillment of very specific segments of time.
    Note that the "jesus" of Felon Weinland has failed to return several times now:
    The first count in which this event could have occurred was on the Pentecost of 2012 or the Pentecost of 2013. But it did not happen at that time. The next and far more meaningful “count” and alignment for Christ’s coming is on Pentecost, June 9th of 2019.
    You can know if that is the time Christ will once again stand upon the Mt. of Olives if a third world war has broken out by February or March of 2019 at the latest. If not, then the next possible return will be the Pentecost of 2020. Beyond that and there will be a space of more time that will be a matter of a few years. The world is just that close to a final world war—a nuclear war breaking out on earth. It is that nuclear war that is the trigger for Christ’s coming and the purpose for his intervention in the affairs of mankind to stop that war.
    See the easy out the Felon gave himself for 2020?  If his "jesus" does not return, more time will be available for a few years more.  Every single self-appointed Church of God prophet has been saying this crap for 8 decades now. Thier "jesus" never seems to come during their expected dates.

    The "jesus" of Weinland keeps failing to return because of some many variables at work in his church and the world today.  It is his church members fault that they are not ready and its the world's fault that they just cannot seem to royally f___ it all up. Weinland's "jesus" has to sit there and twiddle his thumbs for a few more years.
    The book, Prophesy Against the Nations, explains the prophetic countdown that began in December 1994 and the intricate plan whereby God will fulfill specific timing and prophecy for this end-time. The eventual precise timing God will use to fulfill these prophetic events is somewhat fluid due to current choices being made by people in God’s own Church and by leaders in this world. That is because there are great variables that exist because of the kinds of choices people have before them, and this has strong bearing on how and when God will bring all things together in order to complete the fulfillment of all end-time prophecy. Nevertheless, God is using specific segments of timing in order to usher in His Kingdom on earth where the Christ will finally become the prophesied King of kings over all nations.
    There is now a final cleaning of the true Church of God.  It is time for Weinland's god to spit out more people. After all, it is COG members fault "jesus" cannot return to earth and wreck vengeance upon Weinland's critics.
    A Final Cleansing for God’s Church
    Since the final countdown for Christ’s return began in 1994, God has been preparing His Church for that return. As part of this process, God has also been restoring and revealing far more truth to His Church so that His Church is indeed ready for that return. Part of that process of God revealing truth is also a process for revealing error—in order to cleanse the Church and get rid of error.
    Herbert W. Armstrong, an end-time apostle of God, although not received by the world as God’s apostle, was raised up by God in the 1930s in order to begin this process of restoring truth in His Church. God did this because over the prophetic era of the Church known as Sardis, much truth had been lost. As a matter of fact, truth began to be lost not long after the last of the original apostles died. That apostle was John, who in his later years was imprisoned for a time on the Isle of Patmos by the Roman government. It was there that the last book of scripture was revealed to him—the Book of Revelation.
    But after 1800 years of persecution that came from different governments of man, beginning with the Roman Empire, as well as persecution and death from those who even called themselves Christian, the Church of God began to lose truth it was originally given. Once the printing press was invented and many other organizations with many varying beliefs concerning Christianity arose on the scene, it became even more of a struggle for the Church of God to hold onto the truths it had been given from the beginning.
    So God raised up an end-time apostle whose job and commission was to begin restoring truth once more. God was doing this all in preparation for His Son to be sent back to this earth once again. It was revealed to Herbert W. Armstrong
    Herbert W. Armstrong was also shown in the late 1940s that a company of ten nations in Europe would have much to do with the events of this end-time. He spoke of these ten nations that would arise at the end and that they would have (1) a common government (first the EEC and then the European Union), (2) a common currency (the Euro which came on the scene in 1999, 13 years after his death in 1986), and (3) its own military which has now become a reality as well.
    But the world did not truly listen to God’s apostle nor has it ever really listened to His prophets and apostles.
    Now we get to the final truth that Felon Weinland needs to reveal about his "true jesus".  Felon Weinland has bought into the "one god" teaching and this explains that his "jesus" is a created being He also goes on to explain how God became the Father.
    It wasn’t until 2005, after Herbert W. Armstrong died in January 1986, that God revealed more error about this Trinity teaching to His Church. Mr. Armstrong knew that the holy ghost or holy spirit was not a being—not a separate God being, but he had not come to see the rest of the error in the Trinity teaching, which was that there is only “one” being who is God who has eternally existed. Christ had a beginning in life only after being born of Mary because the One Self-Existing Eternal God (Yahweh Elohim) had begotten Mary with His Son. By this act He added to His name—that of being God who then became a Father.
    So God’s Church teaches that Christ has not eternally existed as the Trinity teaches. Scripture is filled with much evidence that there has only been One who has eternally existed and that He is the Almighty Self-existing Eternal God. No one else has ever had such self-existing eternal life in them—only One has.
    “I am the LORD [Yahweh or the Eternal], and there is none else, there is no God [Elohim] besides me: I girded you, though you have not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none besides me. I am the LORD [Yahweh, the Eternal], and there is none else” (Isaiah 45:5-6).
    Did you know it took until 2005 for God to reveal to the church that "jesus" never eternally existed and that he is nothing more than a created being?  I don't know what planet Weinerdude is on, but there have been people who have taught this since the beginning of Christianity!
    In 2005, God gave to his final apostle and His Church to know that Christ was not of the Trinity either. He has not eternally existed, but had his beginning of life and existence from a birth that the One Eternal Self-existing God gave in begettal to Mary as his mother.
    There is one last final teaching that Weinerdude needs to give to the church and that is TRUE name of his "jesus".
    Only One Christ & One Last Error to Correct
    As this post stated at the beginning, the world is filled with very divergent and conflicting beliefs about the Messiah—the Christ. This is true in both Judaism and in traditional Christianity. Traditional Christianity does agree on one primary thing and that is the name they have given him—Jesus Christ.
    That is a different Christ than the one the disciples spoke of in scripture. The first book of the New Testament makes it clear what the Messiah’s true name was to be, but the church that became great in the Roman Empire after AD 325 changed that name and influenced its change in all scriptures as well.
    God declared what His Son’s name was to be and it is not the name chosen and given to him by traditional Christianity.
    It is important to understand what God told Joseph before His Son was born of Mary. God made it clear to Joseph, and to all who will listen, what the Messiah’s name was to be. This will first be quoted for how it is stated in the New King James Version of the Bible.

    “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After his mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make her a public example, was minded to put her away secretly. But while he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, ‘Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she will bring forth a son, and you shall call his name JESUS, for he will save his people from their sins.’ So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: ‘Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel,’ {Isa 7:14} which is translated, ‘God with us.’ Then Joseph, being aroused from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took to him his wife, and did not know her till she had brought forth her firstborn son. And he called his name JESUS” (Matthew 1:18-25).
    The name God gave to His Son as given through an angel to Joseph was not “Jesus.” Jesus is supposedly a transliteration of the actual word, which in English is “Joshua.” “Jesus” (Iesous [ee-ay-sooce’]) is supposedly the closest sound from Latin or Greek that could be used for the name of Joshua in Aramaic or Hebrew. However, it is not an actual translation of the word. The name of Jesus does not carry the actual meaning of the name of Joshua, yet that is the name God instructed to be given the Christ.

    Joshua the Christ is coming to save us!  What amazing new truth!
    Clearly the name of Joshua (Immanuel) is about “God being with us,” giving Christ power to help “save” His people—to help save us from our sins. Christ was the very Word of God made flesh as it speaks of in the Book of John. It is about the very Son of God, who is of the same Word of God (“logos” – the very revelatory thought and mind of God).
    Indeed, after nearly 2,000 years God is about to send His Son as the Messiah—the Christ—to first save mankind from self-annihilation, and then to establish the Kingdom of God over all nations. The last great error to be removed from God’s Church in order that it be made fully ready for Christ’s coming is the correction of his very name. The name “Jesus” Christ represents all that began to be taught in error in a church calling itself Christian after AD 325. That name represents the teaching of that church in doctrines like the Trinity, Easter, Sunday worship, Christmas, and much more that is in error to God’s Word.
    The one whose feet may well be standing once again next year upon the Mt. of Olives, after nearly 2,000 years, is Joshua the Christ—the true Messiah sent from God to save mankind.

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    This was posted on a COG-related facebook page yesterday.  Thre are many parallels in the posting that echo what went on and still goes on in the Church of God today.  All of the crazy charlatans in the COG are doing this same crap and they are driving people away from from the church and God. Who really needs the god of Armstrongism? Where is love found in the church these days as it is busy condemning anything snd everyone? The Church of God is losing members today at a record pace and its leaders are too stupid to realize why.

    The Christians Making Atheists

    Growing-up in the Church, I was taught that the worst thing one could be was a non-believer; that nothing was as tragic as a doomed soul that condemned itself by rejecting God. The religion of my childhood drew a sharp, clear line between the saved and the damned. All that mattered was making sure someone found themselves on the better side of this line—and the Atheists and Humanists didn’t have a shot.

    In light of this supposed truth, the heart of the faith (I was told), was to live in a way that reflected the character and love of Jesus so vividly, so beautifully, that others were compelled to follow after him; that a Christian’s living testimony might be the catalyst for someone’s conversion. The Bible called it “making disciples” and it was the heart of our tradition. As the venerable hymn declared, we Jesus people were to be known by our love.

    What a difference a couple of decades make.

    Just ask around. People outside the Church will tell you: love is no longer our calling card. It is now condemnation, bigotry, judgment and hypocrisy. In fact, the Christianity prevalent in so much of America right now isn’t just failing to draw others to Christ, it is actively repelling them from him. By operating in a way that is in full opposition to the life and ministry of Jesus—it is understandably producing people fully opposed to the faith that bears his name. 
    In record numbers, the Conservative American Church is consistently and surely making Atheists—or at the very least it is making former Christians; people who no longer consider organized religion an option because the Jesus they recognize is absent. With its sky-is-falling hand-wringing, its political bed-making, and its constant venom toward diversity, it is giving people no alternative but to conclude, that based on the evidence of people professing to be Godly—that God is of little use. In fact, this God may be toxic. 
    And that’s the irony of it all; that the very Evangelicals who’ve spent that last 50 years in this country demonizing those who reject Jesus—are the single most compelling reason for them to do so. They are giving people who suspect that all Christians are self-righteous, hateful hypocrites, all the evidence they need. The Church is confirming the outside world’s most dire suspicions about itself. 
    These people aren’t stupid. They realize that bigotry, even when it is wrapped in religion or justified by the Bible or spoken from a pulpit is still bigotry. They can smell the putrid stench of phony religion from a mile away—and this version of the Church, frankly reeks of it. People are steering clear in droves, choosing to find meaning and community and something that resembles love outside its gatherings.

    With every persecution of the LGBTQ community, with every unprovoked attack on Muslims, with every planet-wrecking decision, with every regressive civil rights move—the flight from Christianity continues. Meanwhile the celebrity preachers and professional Christians publicly beat their breasts about the multitudes walking away from God, oblivious to the fact that they are the impetus for the exodus. 
    And one day soon, these same religious folks will look around, lamenting the empty buildings and the irrelevance of the Church and a world that has no use for it, and they’ll wonder how this happened. They’ll blame a corrupt culture, or the liberal media, or a rejection of Biblical values, or the devil himself—but it will be none of those things.

    No, the reason the Church soon will be teetering on the verge of extinction and irrelevance, will be because those entrusted to perpetuate the love of Jesus in the world, lost the plot so horribly, and gave the world no other option but to look elsewhere for goodness and purpose and truth. 
    Soon these Christians will ask why humanity has rejected Jesus and we will remind them of these days, and assure them that they have not rejected Jesus at all—they just found no evidence of him in their Church or in them.  JOHN PAVLOVITZ

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    The twisted mind of Gerald Flurry continues to run amok with one outrageous claim after another. His idolatry of all things Herbert Armstrong is sickening to watch.  Besides the Stone of Herb in his collection, Furry calls HWA's Mystery of the Ages the second most important book in the world.  It will soon be the text book of the entire population of humanity in Flurry's kingdom to come.

    Habakkuk 2:17 is about the destruction of Lebanon, which was at one time the jewel of the Middle East. God is saying that the entire Earth will soon experience that kind of destruction! The Laodiceans will have to go through this because they are lukewarm; they aren’t excited or on fire for what God has given them. And some of them ended up fighting God and trying to destroy His truth!
    But notice where this all leads: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (verse 14). We are getting ready to fill the Earth with the truth taught in Mystery of the Ages! After the Bible, this will be the main textbook in the World Tomorrow. It is the instruction manual God will use to teach all mankind! This will be the number one book that all mankind will study, after the Bible, because it decodes the Word of God! It contains the most wonderful message you could possibly hear. As God’s kings and priests in embryo (Revelation 1:6), we are preparing to teach the entire world from this book!
    After all, it is more important to emulate Herbert Armstrong and ready Mystery of the Ages than it is to emulate Jesus Christ and read Galatians or Romans.

    0 0

    The power of the Stone of Herb is taking on a legend all its own the more Flurry talks about it.  Now Flurry claims that Jesus would never have been accepted by humanity when he comes again unless the PCG provided him with the Stone of Herb to sit on.  Who knew that some dirty old rock deposited by some ancient glacier in the middle of Oregon, millennia ago, would end up being the most significant find of the 21st century!
    Ferrar Fenton says “or” and Young’s Literal says “and,” based on the Hebrew grammar. One of our staff who has studied Hebrew wrote me explaining, “The conjunction ‘and’ is similar to using ‘or’ since both of them combine two subjects together, rather than separating them, as ‘nor’ does.” This indicates that the two offices or individuals spoken of here—the scepter and lawgiver—are not separate; they are now combined into one. Genesis 49:10 combines the law and the scepter.
    This is talking about us getting the new throne and the new stone with the law of God! Remember, if you have the law, Mr. Armstrong said, that presupposes government—or, in this context, the scepter. It is all together now—the scepter and the law!
    This prophecy is specifically referring to the time when the new throne and the royal law combined, which happened on January 16, 2017. When God combines the scepter and the law, things really begin to be heightened spiritually. The scepter must be ruled by the royal law now, and the royal law must be applied to that scepter promise—“until Shiloh come.”
    Jesus needed a new throne to legitimize his coming and it had to be combined with enforcement of the law.  Screw grace, mercy, and justification.  The law trumps AND the book of Genesis!
     Before Christ’s return, we had to have David’s throne. We needed a new throne combined with God’s law to be appropriate for Jesus Christ to accept when He returns. Genesis 49:10 specifically describes the fact that we have the new throne of David in our possession when Christ comes!

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    Church of God News had the following post about Norbert Link and his prophetic predictions of how the world is rapidly coming to an end.  This is nothing new to anyone who has even the slightest contact with the Herbert Armstrong's Churches of God movement.  One self-appointed prophet after another has come out with sure predictions that have failed in the most epic fashion.  None of them seems to ever remember that scripture condemns every single one of them when just ONE of their prophecies fail. Yet, they go on day in and day out uttering some of the most absurd, baseless and idiotic predictions imaginable.  The seven biggest liars in the Church of God today are Flurry, Pack, Malm, Thiel, Weston, Link and Weinland.  They get all hot and bothered with silly end time predictions and scenarios and totally ignore anything about Jesus Christ.

    The question is, how can you trust Link's predictions or ANY of the others when it is based upon the failed prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, who's failures go back as far as 1935? When the very founder of the church you are a part of told one whopper after another, each epically failing, how can we trust any of these men today? Other than Weston, every single one of these men appointed themselves as prophets and church leaders. Weston inherited his mantle, the rest placed it selfishly upon themselves.

    COG News posted:
    Church of the Eternal God
    In Standing Watch, 28 June 2018, Norbert Link says that the actions of Donald Trump and the reactions of European leaders are leading to war between the European Union and the USA – not just a trade war, but a real war, the great tribulation.
    He offers a free booklet, The Great Tribulation and The Day of The Lord, which states on p. 16: “Incredible as it may seem, the United States and Great Britain, as well as other Commonwealth nations, will be overthrown and enslaved by their former ally and friend—the United States of Europe, led by the modern Assyrians.”
    (This scenario – the modern Assyrians being Germany – was part of the end-time prophecies of Herbert Armstrong, to which a number of ex-WCG churches hold fast.) p.55: “… another “Elijah” must come to prepare this world for the second coming of Christ. God has given this role of an end-time Elijah to His end-time Church. There should be no doubt that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, who is considered by many as an apostle and who served as Pastor General of the Church of God until his death in 1986, began to fulfill this role.” 
    In the Plain Truth magazine, June/July 1934, Mr. Armstrong set out the timeline of end-time events in his article What is Going to Happen: 
    “These prophecies above considered, then, indicate that we may expect the present world-wide depression, time of trouble and fear of war to CONTINUE until the year 1936! This in spite of the NRA or any man-devised remedies for the present trouble! 
    And at, or quickly after that time, we may expect to see the heavenly signs of the sun and moon becoming dark, the stars falling — and the heavens rolling back as a scroll, showing the SIGN of the coming of the Son of man IN HEAVEN. 
    In the July 1935 issue he declared, in Mussolini Goes To WarEven as you read this, he is marching to ARMAGEDDON! HERE is the most astounding prophecy of the hour! Heretofore unexplained! Now being startlingly fulfilled! The Bible foretells every step Mussolini will take  
    Mussolini shall establish his palace, as capital of the revived Roman empire, at JERUSALEM! 
    The Plain Truth magazine was not printed in 1936 or 1937. Publication was re-started in 1938 without any reference to these failed prophecies.

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