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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    A reader here had this observation about Living Church of God's Charlotte HQ.

    My husband worked there for over 5 years and he never saw a bigger group of backbiters and cut-throats. 
    Rod Meredith promotes an atmosphere where if you stab your co-worker in the back, but give him your version of the story 1st, they other guy gets pushed down the ladder and the bully gets exalted.
    Everyone is so insecure and selfish that they expend huge amounts of energy making sure that no one steals their piece of the pie. Working to make sure you get noticed before someone else takes credit for your work is a constant struggle.
    If one were to randomly pick ANY worldly work office it would be more harmonious. Typically the people you work with aren't on the same level of self-righteousness, arrogance or filled with as much selfish ambition as the leading men at LCG headquarters. 
    It truly is a "brood of vipers".
    All the vipers have their little pet projects that feed their egos. It's disgusting.
    It was hard being a member in LCG knowing what its headquarters was like. If the average member glimpsed a peek of the lies and other shady behavior that goes on their so frequently that it's become common place, they might think twice about sending in those tithes. 

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    Please cut and paste your answer in the comments without commentary

    Yes, The Story of Adam and Eve is literally true

    No, The Story of Adam and Eve is not literally true

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    Several LCG members have commented to me about how appalling they think this invasion into their lives is.  It is all about control.  Members are still too stupid to make good decisions on their own.

    The Bible tells us that good counsel is critical for making good decisions (Proverbs 1:5; 11:1412:15). Marriage is one of the most important decisions of one’s life (second only to baptism). The ministry must never become a “blessing factory,” just putting the Church’s stamp of approval on a marriage, no matter what. Rather, the ministry is here to help couples seeking marriage discern God’s will as they consider making a covenant with each other, before God. 
    While the Church has historically suggested premarital counseling for all couples considering marriage, it makes much more sense to seek pre-engagement counseling. The intended purpose of counseling has always been to help couples themselves better determine if they are “right for each other” in God’s sight and to increase their opportunity for success in a potential marriage.  
    Regrettably, in all too many cases, once a couple is engaged, the couple’s focus is no longer on evaluating their relationship and whether or not they are right for each other. When their main concern is planning the wedding, they are far less evaluative of their relationship. Counseling can be simply an afterthought. 
    Pre-engagement counseling makes far more sense. The couple may be dating seriously but they have not yet publicly committed to marriage in an engagement and they are much more open to honestly evaluating themselves as potential marriage partners. This, in turn, gives much more opportunity for God to guide their decision-making. To better serve our membership in these critical decisions, the Church requests that all couples considering marriage seek pre-engagement counseling from the ministry before any formal engagement.

    God is NOT guiding their decision making, it is the minister, plain and simple.  It is his opinion and has nothing to do with God.  Just look at the horrendous mess Rod Meredith made in the church with his "divorce and remarriage" policies he instituted in the 1960/70's.  Could there have been anything viler?  Given that sickening track record, why would ANYONE even think about using an LCG minister for pre-engagement counselling?

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    Every time the Living Church of God thinks they are proclaiming a "forceful" message, Satan steps in and makes life difficult.  Gerald is not too happy that the LCG broadcast has been censored in the UK and Australia for subjects and graphics used that might be offensive against Parental Guidance standards.  This is sure to send Malm and Almost-arrested Thiel into yet more meltdowns.  Malm will claim LCG is pussyfooting around by not being bold and forceful and Elijah Thiel will claim it is yet another attack by Satan and those damn Catholics against the true church.  Oh, wait, LCG is NOT the true church, the improperly named "continuing" Church of God is.  It all gets so confusing as to who is right and who Satan is attacking the most.
    Life is getting back to a more normal routine now that the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread are over. We have experienced some difficulty with our television stations in Australia and the United Kingdom. Apparently some subjects and/or graphics used on our programs do not meet their Parental Guidance standards. This is rather remarkable when you see what else is allowed under PG standards, but the stations have control of the situation and we have to work within their scruples. I mention this because some members think our programs need to be stronger, not realizing that we try to thread the needle between preaching the Gospel and warning the world, and maintaining our presence on television. Even the Internet is not as free as one might think. Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames have done a remarkable job over the years in threading that needle. Some of us who are newer at it are having to learn. And at the same time, standards of what is allowed and what is not are becoming more constrictive in our politically correct world. Dr. Meredith continues to keep up with news as best he can from home. Mr. Ames mentioned today at lunch how much the cards and letters he has received mean to him.—GEW

    The LCG, like all the other COG's get as close to the world as they can in order to seem legitimate.  They have learned to "thread the needle" well after watching Herbert talk about a "strong hand from someplace." The phantom in the sky had more credence than that inconvenient dude they claim to follow.

    If, and I say IF, Gerald Weston truly believed his message was so vital for the entire world to hear in these, the most disgusting of end times, then he and the LCG would not care if the UK or Australia took offence at the message they supposedly are boldly proclaiming, but he won't.  It is easier to pussy foot around and play the victim and blame Satan rather than admit ineptness.  The Church of God has truly never been proud of its message.  Truth has never been a vital concept.

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    Can the leadership of the Living Church of God EVER say anything positive to the membership without denigrating them, week after week?  Once more, LCG members are doing things wrong.  It is never the overlords in Charlotte who seek to make life so difficult, but it is the back-sliding members.

    Brethren usually follow by example.  When they see the ministry being truly loving and grace-filled, people respond enthusiastically, when they see ministers acting like stupid jerks, they start ignoring the ministry and criticize it. Truly, when has the ministry every led by the right example?

    Do You Love Your Neighbor? Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another, and He stated that the capacity to show love for one another would be a sign that would identify His truedisciples (John 13:34-35). This command from Jesus takes on even more meaning when we realize that this instruction was given at the Passover—the last meal the disciples would have with Jesus until after His crucifixion—and in light of the fact that the disciples had actually been arguing among themselves at that dinner about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom of God (Luke 22:24). Regrettably, these same attitudes of strife and competition are still with us today, even within the Church, the body of Jesus Christ. According to the Scriptures, if we profess to be Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, but continue to hate (offend, despise, argue with, talk against, or be jealous of) our brothers and sisters in the faith, we are deceiving ourselves and actually walking in darkness (1 John 2:9-11). The Spring Holy Days that we have just completed are designed to help us identify and root out these wrong and sinful attitudes so we can more faithfully follow Jesus’ instructions to love our neighbors. Let’s strive to live up to this commandment in the days and months ahead.
    Have a profitable Sabbath,
    Douglas S. Winnail

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  • 04/27/17--13:41: Let's Try Again...
  • How does one view the account of Adam and Eve in Genesis?

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  • 04/27/17--22:18: LCG Sermonette Topic List

  • An LCG member sent me this.  It is a list of possible sermonette topics for speakers in LCG to talk about.  For a church that claims to follow Jesus Christ there is verily a scant reference to Jesus anywhere except around Passover and even then they leave him beaten and battered on a pile of broken matzo's on a gym stage.

    I also find it interesting that it talks about the speaker speaking to his "audience" and not as members or brethren.  The church elite has never thought of the members as brethren but as a commodity. Church has always been a spectator sport instead of a community, particularly in the more legalistic splinter groups.

    1. Select positive, uplifting, inspiring subjects that excite you and will interest the audience!

    Sample Sermonette Topics

    Difficult Scripture Types
    Gen. 1:30 Should we be vegetarians?
    Gen. 2:17 Explain “in that day”
    Gen. 3:15 Explain “It shall bruise your head, you shall bruise his heel.”
    Gen. 5:24 Explain how Enoch “was not found”
    Gen. 9:3 Does this disprove “unclean meats?”?
    Gen. 9:24 Why did Noah curse Canaan?
    Gen. 14:18 Who was Melchizedek?
    Gen. 17:10 Just a token of the covenant?
    Matt. 1:18-20 Holy Spirit member of the Trinity?
    Matt.  3:11 What is the “baptism by fire”?
    Matt. 3:17 Was this the Father speaking?
    Matt. 4:17 How was the Kingdom”” “at hand”?
    Matt. 5:32 Explain the word “fornication” here
    Matt. 11:12 What does it mean for the kingdom to suffer violence?
    Christian Living Types
    Why do we sing songs at services?
    Why do we ask a blessing on the meal?
    How to count the cost
    How to “remember Lot’s wife”
    How to fast
    How to prepare for the Sabbath
    How to study the Bible
    Honesty and keeping our word
    What is meditation?
    Should we “recite the “Lord’s Prayer”?”
    What is the proper position for praying?  Does it matter?
    Praying for the sick
    Pray for world leaders
    What does it mean to “”pray without ceasing?””?
    Analysis of a parable
    A foot washing attitude
    Laying down life for a friend
    Explain why we do not eat pork
    Explain why we are not vegetarians
    Why do we not keep Christmas?
    Why do we not keep Easter?
    Why first tithe? second tithe? third tithe?
    Why do we not speak in tongues?
    Godly sorrow versus worldly sorrow
    One of the parts of the armor of God
    One of the fruits of the spirit
    Think on these things (Phil. 4:8)
    Providing for our house (I Tim. 5:8)
    Historical/Analogy Types
    Characteristics of salt (we are compared to it)
    Characteristics of water (Holy Spirit)
    Characteristics of an ambassador (we are ambassadors for Christ)
    Characteristics of a lamb (Christ, the Lamb of God)
    Characteristics of a mustard seed
    Characteristics of a servant (we are the servants/bond slaves of God)
    Characteristics of light (light symbolizing good, darkness symbolizing evil – John 3:19)
    Characteristics of a bride (we are the bride of Christ, individually, collectively)
    Characteristics of a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1)
    Characteristics of leaven, as sin
    Characteristics of a building (Christ chief cornerstone, of the Church)
    Characteristics of a temple (our body and the Church is the temple of God)
    Background of person of Bible – David
    Background of person of Bible – Samson
    Background of person of Bible – Paul
    Background of person of Bible – Peter
    Background of person of Bible – Jesus Christ
    Background of person of Bible – Gideon
    Background of person of Bible – Joshua
    Technical/Definition Types
    Meaning of the word for “baptism” (baptizo)
    Meaning of the word for “spirit” (pneuma)
    Meaning of the different words for “love”
    Meaning of the word “character”
    Explanation of the personal pronoun for Holy Spirit (should be “it” not “He”)
    Explanation of the word “unworthily” (I Cor. 11:27)
    Explain the “fear and trembling” in Phil. 2:12.  Are we to be scared of God?
    Youth-oriented Type sermonette
    Following the Father’s footsteps
    Heroes of the Kingdom
    Building a good foundation for the future
    Supporting your family
    How to treat your siblings
    “He who is faithful in little will be in much”
    Importance of time (avoiding procrastination)
    Investing in education
    Avoiding the pulls of the flesh
    Resisting peer pressure
    Lessons from Daniel
    Lessons from Samson
    Lessons from David
    Lessons from Timothy
    Lessons from Ruth
    Lessons from Esther
    What is a foot-washing attitude?
    What is humility?
    Have you forgiven your neighbor?
    How to go to your brother
    Why is Christ compared to a lamb?
    Characteristics of a living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1)
    Characteristics of a lamb (Christ, the Lamb of God)
    How to become a lamb and not a goat (Matt 25)
    Importance of Jesus’ sacrifice
    Ceremony of sacrifices in Old Testament
    Explanation of word “unworthily” (I Cor. 11:27)
    Unleavened Bread
    How do we de-leaven our homes?
    How to come out of sin
    Resisting sin
    Words for “sin” in Scripture, and their meanings
    Characteristics of leaven, as sin
    Why is the Holy Spirit compared with wind?
    Why is the Holy Spirit compared with fire?
    Why is the Holy Spirit compared with water?
    Why is the Holy Spirit compared with oil?
    Characteristics of a temple (our body and the Church is the temple of God)
    Should we speak in tongues?
    Historical background of harvests (first fruits harvested at Pentecost)
    Explanation of the personal pronoun for Holy Spirit (should be “it” not “He”)
    Matt. 3:11 What is the “”baptism by fire?””
    Feast of Trumpets
    How will it feel to be “changed”?
    How to be at peace with our family members
    Rooting out anger (the spirit of war)
    Description of the blowing of the trumpet in O.T. times (historical)
    Gen. 5:24 Explain how Enoch “was not found”— did he go to heaven?
    Are there saints in heaven already?  (Explaining the resurrection)
    Matt. 11:12 What does it mean— for the Kingdom to suffer violence?
    Day of Atonement
    Discuss the meaning of the word “Azazel”
    Discuss one of the devices of Satan
    Why is Satan compared to a “roaring lion”?
    How is Satan a deceiver?
    How do we become “at one” with our neighbor?
    How to fast
    Feast of Tabernacles
    What will your city be like?
    How to rejoice during the Feast
    How to share with others during the Feast
    How to be a light during the Feast
    What will it be like to be a teen in the millennium?
    Young heroes for God’s Kingdom
    How to benefit from spiritual meat (studying and praying during FOT)
    How to get the most out of the messages
    The importance of fellowship at the Feast
    Infrastructure of society during the Millennium
    Last Great Day
    Hope for your relatives
    Taking care of strangers (to prepare to serve the billions)
    Infrastructure of society during the Last Great Day
    What will be the first thoughts of those resurrected to physical life?
    Analysis of scripture of a child living 100 years
    Why will Gog and Magog fight against God?
    Offertories (any Holy Day):
    Giving cheerfully, happily
    Being generous
    Giving according as you are able
    Counting your blessings
    Giving for the Work

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    Before the age of television and radio, a charismatic minister, one who by the power of his own personality, ego and even his mental quirkiness or illnesses, tended to influence a relatively few people overall. Since these inventions, times have changed of course. Now we can be bombarded with the ideas, opinions, inspirations, knowings and outright stupidity of the sincerely misguided. The problem is that they reach millions and are supported by people who buy into their ideas, but never meet the man, attend his church or know what might be going on behind the scenes of the organization he has created. 
    Such men build Mega-Churches in their local communities and the sheer size of the congregation seems to be proof enough that the pastor must be right, must be really speaking for God and must be doing God's for sure, real, end time (again and still) work on earth. Surely something this big and with these many resources, which are mainly the tithes given to the man, who then decides just how to spend it with littler over site, has to be right and true.
    For better or worse, the religious texts often give men more than they need to create a powerful, but false, and misguided belief system that then replicates itself and brings great ego pumping to the man who weaves the tale his way. They look into the Bible, both Old and New Testament, and what do they see? THEMSELVES! They see that, sure enough, just what Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel are alleged to have said, is what I, am saying as well. 
    These misguided and often dangerous pastor types, and the danger is to one's finances and freedom of thought, often anoint themselves with various titles such as Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet, Watchman (watch out for this one as it's not what they watch that is so dangerous, but how they interpret what they watch to the faithful), and worse sometimes. Elections might be fine in government, but not for church. It does seem that the more bold a man or organization is, the grander the titles and the more authoritarian with YOU designated as a mere follower, it becomes... and the more dangerous to your real spiritual self it is.
    Lets briefly remind ourselves of the traits a personality plagued with narcissism can bring to the Christian table.

    "Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognised as superior without commensurate achievements);
    Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion;
    Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions); 
    Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation - or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (Narcissistic Supply);
    Feels entitled. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her unreasonable expectations for special and favorable priority treatment;
    Is "interpersonally exploitative", i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends;
    Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, priorities, and choices of others;
    Constantly envious of others and seeks to hurt or destroy the objects of his or her frustration. Suffers from persecutory (paranoid) delusions as he or she believes that they feel the same about him or her and are likely to act similarly;
    Behaves arrogantly and haughtily. Feels superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, "above the law", and omnipresent (magical thinking). Rages when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted by people he or she considers inferior to him or her and unworthy. " (Malignant Self Love) 
    (If one cannot see these traits in certain Church of God Ring Masters they are blind and in denial as it manifests itself every week in every sermon and in every way everywhere.)
    Ministers and CEO's with these traits, can rise to very high positions in the world of Religion, Government and Business, on the backs and at the expense of those who would not be inclined to think this way. They may be genetically predisposed to this way of being, but the world has paid a big price for allowing such people to include us in their exploits. Since they rarely if ever seek professional help and to suggest they do can get you everything from fired, disfellowshipped or killed, others don't insist they do to their peril. 
    My experience is a Pastor with emotional or mental health issues often scoffs at and demonizes those that would go to professional mental health care counselors. They view it as "being weak" and prayer, Bible Study and fasting are the tools one SHOULD use to address such things.
    . I often wonder if mental health counselor types in Mega-Churches don't recognize the problems in Mr. Charisma, but override it because a quirky or dangerous mental disorder can look so spiritual in a church context.It looks like a zealous kind of obedience to God when in fact it is an personality disorder able to hide in a church setting. The same actions of Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel in your school teacher, mayor or boss would not result in someone saying they are inspired by God.
    So what are the problems with a one man Ring Master Church of God minster?

    1. The minister, used to being believed in every area that captures his imagination and chooses to comment on is an impediment to good science.  Desperate to sound authoritative and glib in their presentation to the choir, they perpetuate ignorance for those content to let others do their thinking for them.  
    Dave Pack's series where he ventured into dangerous territory for his actual understanding of good science which contradicts is pathetic science is a good example of this.  

    2. The minister or Christian Zealot that goes unchallenged because he IS the Minister or Zealot, is a threat to a good education. They often bolster their own pronouncements by making fun of a formal education. They mock Plato, Socrates and others who are symbols to them of "human reasoning" as if there is reasoning is more than human. Dave Pack dismissed Einstein because he had "wild hair." Brilliant Dave...  I realize they give the impression that God pours his mind, on a regular basis, into  themselves, but this is an illusion and delusion. 
    "When you take into account what the so-called "educated" people don't know that's essential to know, and compare it with the vain "education" they do have, it becomes clear that they are quite dumb."
    -- Robert T. Lee, Anti education Christian Leader.
    These types tend to use the words "so-called" and put parenthesis around the words "education" a lot. They will soak their congregants in the biblical verses that mock human wisdom and ultimately, when cornered, come back with "well, the wisdom of man is foolishness with God," and "God's thoughts, (which usually mean his thoughts at the moment you are questioning,) are higher than yours!" End of discussion.
    3. Many charismatic and one man churches are a threat to your good health. They often stress that ill health is a function of the devil in your life or mind, when it really might be the fact that one believes that sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are the four food groups and spends a lot of money proving it. Anointing an obese person for bad knees is like painting a car with flat tires. It still won't move.
    These spokesman for God emphacise that having hands laid on you is more important than a good check up or good treatment of maladies contracted in the course of living on the earth as a human or old age. Some teach that it's either God OR Doctors, but can't be both. Some mix it up but give false reasons in sermons for human illness and often cause a person to postpone getting genuine help and finding a solution to the problem. When these ministers contract an illness themselves, they tend to re-read the scriptures and hear the voice of God telling them that it's now OK to seek professional help and a good Doctor for themselves, and thus have to reveal this a new truth to the congregation who'd catch on if he didn't. When they need it, they tend to change over to "God has given us medical knowledge as a gift and we should recognize and for me at least."
    4. Charismatic and One Man Shows aren't accountable for their use of your generous tithes and offerings. As such, they are a grave threat to your finances. Such members often tell themselves after they send the money, "I just obey God and tithe, and what he does it it is none of my business. I trust God and his Church." That gives Mr. Charisma a free hand which is why we see Tel-Evangelists and Religious CEO's sporting hot cars, expensive watches and amazingly expensive homes in exclusive neighborhoods. Even the original scripture, "blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven," was changed to "blessed are the poor, IN SPIRIT, ...." to give some very wealthy and materialistic ministers and churches some wiggle room throughout history. Somehow these men embarrass and anger us, but nothing is ever said or done that changes them and the giving goes on, along with the lifestyle abuses and offenses to common sense. Sheeple love Shenanigans I guess.
    5. The One Man Show can define the world to the members as it serves him. He can spew out why the world is this or that way and just what exactly God is doing and thinking. He can motivate the masses with the imminent (again) return of Jesus. Everything is watched with baited breath and is just around the corner. The world can't go on for more than 3 or 5 or 10 or 15 more years, so give, give, give, give. Of course the numbers of years "just ahead" never change and often match the number of years the minister wants the show to go on for him, but no one notices or cares. Granted, it's a dangerous and discouraging world, but frankly it is the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions that want their form of peace on earth to come that are pushing us towards the edge. As I have said before, they might bring nothing but a sanitation problem for their false efforts and beliefs about what God might be thinking.
    6. The One Man Show can leave you high and dry when they DIE! Uh what? These men often act as if they simply can't die "before all be fulfilled," and rarely make provision for a change in leadership, if that is what the group wants. Why would you have to make provision for new leadership when you are the End Time Apostle or both of the Two Witnesses of Revelation? I once asked a group that was just smitten with the talent and "knowledge so called" (sorry couldn't resist) of their pastor in his Mega-Church. I asked if they had a plan B. I asked what they would do if he failed to live up to his own press or died and they simply insisted that would never happen. Uh huh...It's the people who work for such jerk that end up paying the price in having given their lives to a false vision and were lied to about the outcome. Of course, life is choices and we make our choices don't we? If your grand poopa minister does not have a way to be replaced, you need to make a way, for your own good and spiritual safety. If he refuses to entertain the idea, he's an idiot and you need to vote with your feet. (See Narcissism above.)
    7. A One Man Show presupposes that you must see life, religion, God, the Bible, the world, your family, your thoughts, your finances and every other aspect of your personal freedom to be who you are, through his eyes. You really don't have a life. You have HIS life. You aren't a player in your own life. You are a player in HIS life. You can't see the world and receive knowledge as see fit. You have to receive knowledge and receive it from HIM and as HE sees it. In short, you have given up your mind and all you now are is an agreerer. You just agree with your ministers views, opinions and perspectives on who and what God is and when Jesus simply must come back for all of the big US, not them. If he says dinosaurs are less than 6000 years old and fossils are deceptions as is any book outside of the Bible, you just say, "yes sir." If you are really hooked by the one many show, you become a virus for him and spread it to others. If he says one man is God's political leader, but the other is Satan's, you just say "well ok," and vote as the minister says you should, for GOD. It's all bullshit, but many love bullshit and smear it on themselves every week in church as a Holy Excrement, I mean Sacrament.
    (Hey, that was pretty good!)
    8. And finally, the one man show is dangerous because men are men and women are women and when they fall from grace, they tend to take everyone with them in one way or another. People are people and get into all sorts of wants, needs, desires, lusts and experiences. Religion and the need to be good, godly, perfect, righteous and sinless, well at least not "big" ones, forces people wear masks.
    No man is above being normal, but the demands of religious obedience is abnormal in a real world. The congregation can "sin" until the cows come home and often, but they expect the pastor to be their sacrifice for sin by his living an unreasonable life full of unreasonable expectations and unresolved personal needs. The reason so many ministers "fall from grace," is because few can meet the expectations of religion and the few that think they can, can't but won't admit it. Many are pushed from grace by ego.
    Don't be overly impressed by the religious who know everything and demand you pay, obey, pray and stay just because they say so. Question religious authority and those that demand your righteousness at the expense of your sanity. The person demanding your devotion or obedience is just a human being as well with all the foibles that go along with that. 

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    This is the world headquarters of the improperly named 
    "continuing" Church of "god"

    Why is it that so many of the COG's out there have to hide their churches from the world?  They claim they are God's chosen mouthpiece and are the possessors of endless end time knowledge that God somehow was too stupid to reveal to Herbert Armstrong or any of the men he apostatized from.
    Just like Herbert Armstrong, they are too embarrassed to say who they are and what they do.

    The above is the "HQ" of Almost-arrested  Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, doubly-blessed but not ordained, dream weaver, naturopath, homoeopath, second witless witness, prophet, future martyr, Chief Overseer and bitter disappointing "son" to Rod Meredith, Bob Thiel.  Instead of boldly proclaiming his church to the world, he hides behind his Doctor's Research where he dabbles in herbology, dispenses naturopathic, homoeopathic, and nutritional information,  i.e., pills, pills, and more pills.

    The COG has been rife with men peddling herbs and homoeopathic pills for decades.  The so-called "Dr's" the church and college had on campus in Pasadena were chiropractors that peddled pills and herbs.  Several others were members in Pasadena and made a fortune living off gullible church members who bought these pills over the decades. Being forbidden to uses real doctors, church members flocked to these men for advice. Who needs to see a doctor when cayenne pepper will cure most anything!

    It is probably a good thing that Almost-arrested Bob hides behind his sign, otherwise, Satan and his demons would be able to find him.  After all, demons seem to have more power in the Church of God than that inconvenient dude they claim to follow does.

    The only good thing about Bob's HQ is that so far he has not attempted to build a mini-me auditorium or Hall of Ad.

    From an LCG member:

    Bob Thiel is not licensed to practice in California, which many LCG members had always assumed.  The papers he claims to have written have also not held up to "peer review" standards.   Bob Thiel is a quack in every aspect of his life.  Fake doctor, fake theologian, and a fake COG leader.  He is a liar that every COG members should be wary of.

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    Can you imagine being ensconced in your cult compound for several months and never venturing outside it because you are such a superfantabulous man who works every single day for the "work?"

    This is what Super Dave is claiming:

    Now recall…Now we’re going to look at something. We’re just going to look at some more serious things. Just what exactly is it you’re going to escape? And why do you want to run every time you go back and read Habakkuk 2? No trotting, no walking, no strolling, certainly no sleeping. I mean, you run! And it’s why I try…I don’t go to bed much before midnight every night. I don’t like to do anything but my job. You know, since I moved on campus, now three months and three days ago…I turned 68 this last Wednesday…I’ve been off campus four times in a little over three months. Once was to go to the Feast. So I pretty much stay here. But I have a wonderful existence here.
    You know what? If you had a chance to live in a Kingdom like environment, would you go “off campus?” No! So this is my life. It’s what I do. But I understand it’s easier for me. I’m older, my kids are grown up, I’ve got grandkids. I’ve lived certain things in life. I don’t need more. I’m trying to run every day, and I know that if I do, I’m setting an example for others, and I hope I’m setting such for all of you. And I hope some of you will want to set examples for others, as well. But I just would tell you, as we go into what I’m going to cover, it’s horrible! It’s not anything that I saw. But I want you to understand why there is a reference to blood and violence. 
    I am certain he does have a wonderful existence there.  His minions wait upon him hand and foot as they step to the side of the hallway as he passes.  He lives in a church-owned home, maintained by church employees, and makes his subservient wife venture outside into the cruel world of the Giant Eagle to do the shopping.  He does not even have to leave the gated driveway of his compound as he walks across the campus to his office suite.  Life is soooooo tough being God's most important man in human history.

    Church of God leaders live in their own little cocoons, separated from teh reality of society and out of touch with reality.

    0 0

    Why is it that so many of the COG leadership have to wallow in fear-mongering? Where would the church be without famine, disease, pestilence, war and death?  Where would Rod Meredith be without his jack-booted Germans hanging COG members on meat hooks as they are confined in concentration camps, or so starved from famine they eat their own children?

    Herbert Armstrong set that narrative decades ago as a tool of control over the membership. It worked so well that millions of dollars poured in every time he wrote a member letter claiming intense punishment stopped come.

    Dave Pack has been working over time doing this as he talks about his god slaughtering three COG leaders and about a young man arising in the church to become the man of sin who would then slaughter all the COG members in the various splinter groups that have jumped ship to join with Dave.  Right now Almost-arrested Thiel is the youngest splinter group leader out there.  Will he become the man of sin and slaughter COG members?

    Here is why Dave says what he does in order to "wake up" COG members so that they can escape  Thiel's wrath:
    That’s why, brethren, I tell you before God…You need to understand me when I say this. You want to DO what Christ said to escape. If there are people, who are among us, who don’t believe these plain verses, then God be with them, because they’re going into the fire, and maybe we’ll see them later when they gain some wisdom, fear of God, and faith that when Christ said something, He meant it. Nobody has to preach these things. Let me just stop for a moment. Close your Bible. Set your notes aside. I just want to say something.
    I’ve been thinking about this ever since I discovered this. I take no pleasure or joy of any kind in having to announce these horrible, horrible things. I could wish somebody else did. I look into the camera so I can talk to all of you people around the world…They told me which camera to look in, because I wanted to do this. Actually, I have a place in my notes. I don’t want to forget to say what I couldn’t have forgotten. The most horrific trial in the history of the world—an unrestrained devil, with unlimited power, is coming for God’s people…He comes and sits in God’s Church and attacks them—and God put him here, as surely as He unleashed the devil against Job.
    I hate to have to say this. I hate to have to tell some of you, your friends are going to be butchered like hogs, but they’ll come back up soon…very soon. That’s the good news. And we haven’t talked about exactly how they fit into the resurrection of the dead and it’s very exciting. I would like to comfort you with those words. But they will not come up in the reckoning; but they do come up into a special status.
    This video will be available, so I’ll just tell those in the splinters…I’ll name them. If you’re in the Living Church of God, PCG, UCG, COGwa, and others—take heed. You’re being warned. Brethren of God, now you know why Paul DIDN’T STOP for three years—with tears, warned everyone day and night. You got a better picture of why? Be warned. This man you seek…Maybe you think I’m wrong or it’s a joke, or you don’t fear God or look at the Bible. If you’re in those groups or the little groups—he is coming for your throat! And unless you escape, he’s going to get there and he’s going to rip your carotid out as he tries to catch your jugular on the way out! That’s the way it’s going to be. If that makes me a cult leader, so be it. I believe God…I believe God. 
    Even though the thousands of COG members who join up with Dave will almost immediately be slaughtered, then will arise again to work with Dave and his crew as they usher in the First Dominion where his "jesus" returns for the first 1,000 years, and then comes again for a second 1,000 years in the millennium that Herbert talked about.

    0 0

    Superfantabulous Dave has the power to save you!

    We just had a family of five come with us from Sardis. It’s an interesting discussion—the promise God makes to Sardis. If people from the Sardis—a family of five this week…We’re still booming just like we were in November, by the way. No slow down, not at all…And I mean a family—wonderful—a husband, wife, three children; Church of God Seventh Day in a foreign country, came with us. You know what? If they stay faithful…This might be one of the first sermons they hear. I think they started this week…then they escape.

    0 0

    See story here:  New Home Office purchased

    Grace Communion International has purchased a building in Charlotte, North Carolina for their new HQ building.   Located close to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, it will allow easy access for ministers to fly in an out for conferences.

    GCI purchased a building in Glendora , CA after selling the Pasadena campus and moved their HQ to 2011 E Financial Way.

    The new facility in Charlotte offers them 27,000 sq. ft. of office space as well as a place to store the historical archives of the Radio/Worldwide Church of God/Ambassador College.

    Loopnet had this:

    Property Shark states that the current value of the property which includes the building and 45 acres of land to be worth around 2.3 million, though the source that sent this info says they paid close to $3,000,000.

    More details here:  Property Shark

    This is sure to be really irksome to the Loving Living Church of God that has its HQ in Charlotte also. Perhaps they can have a joint picnic soon. Both churches now have a membership size of around 7,000 or less, each

    When one steps back and looks at all of this, it is actually a sad sight to behold    From a premier campus that was a showcase to the world, to HQ's in industrial parks, it is a sad conclusion to the COG empire. From 100,000+ members to hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups with 5,000-7,000 or less, it is a sad legacy to behold.  Some groups are more legalistic than Herbert Armstrong ever imagined, and other groups are freed from the shackles of legalism, yet in spite of all of this, the church continues to fracture and dissolve.  Eyes are now upon LCG to have issues once Rod Meredith dies and others are looking at another major split to happen in UCG as it inches closer and closer to abandoning the law and embracing grace.  While I have to see that one to believe it, many say it is in the works.  

    Now we wait to see if Gerald Weston will take over a Welcome Basket when GCI officially moves in.

    0 0
  • 05/02/17--07:11: On a Personal Note

  • Indulge me a bit in sharing how one can go from being a minister in WCG, or any church for that matter, to an informed skeptic and I suppose now atheist which simply means, to me, one who does not emotionally or intellectually need a Deity to explain the world and my own part in it.   It means I do not feel compelled to live in either the Bronze or Iron Age in my thinking and beliefs.
    Years ago I took a personality profile test found it so accurate, down to the kinds of gestures I use and why, that I suggest to Joe Tkach that all ministers and leader types take one. This, from my naive perspective, might just prevent sending the same, ill placed and probably not really called to serve anyone but themselves type ministers from going on and on and hurting one congregation after another. WCG had this very bad habit of transferring it's problem ministers rather than confronting them. They said no to testing. Now I know why. People hate the insecurity that comes from knowing they aren't as special as they think they are. I'd challenge any leader of a WCG split, splinter or sliver to take one.  They won't ever....ever.
    Being out of the loop, it took me years to figure this out. It took me years to admit that what I was seeing in WCG was happening as my ENFP personality, which is Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceptive, also is founded upon the idea that people like me are negotiators, ministers, counselors and even massage therapists,  simply hates conflict. Or as my son said so aptly said once, "dad, you'd take a stabbing lying down." That hurt, not the stabbing, but the fact he was right. It's my loathing of conflict I have found that some, like Dave Pack, leader of the Restored Church of God, and others, who are what I would consider abusive, personality driven and more narcissist than shepherds, actually thrive on. Or as Stanley Rader, personal counsel to Herbert Armstrong once said, "I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right." True narcissism. And so I dismissed in my mind what my heart was telling me was so and went about the business of pastoring people in concepts I still had faith in, even if I could see that the higher up one went in the business of religion, the more your brains turned to shit and you forgot where you put your spirit.
    But even more than that, even more than losing faith in a particular church, I knew I was losing faith in faith. I had seen too much that was real and did not match the great promises of the Bible. For all the conflict over healing and doctor care, make-up, and all that I generally labeled as "majoring in the minors," I never asked anyone to do or not do what I would or would not do myself. My conscience is clean when it comes to being an enforcer of stupid things in years gone by. I found that "ask and you shall not have, do not ask and all things are possible", worked just fine in most cases and the years have proven my gut feelings correct in thinking that "someday, none of these things will be issues."
    Back to the original thought. I have always been a seeker and open to new things even as a minister. Actually my internal definition of a minister seemed to contain the "keep looking" clause, but that was rare among my peers who felt they had found once and for all, as I did too, but now don't. I think my working mostly alone, apart from the big cities and multiple ministers in one place, probably saved me from scrutiny. The few times I did work with other ministers it was ongoing drama and egomania. I found it entertaining but stupid as well and it took me years to see it was more widespread than I imagined. So even as a minister in a "One True Church," I could see the Bible itself had problems that my Church and all Churches simply do not want to address.  There are many issues, Biblical and secular churches and pastors don't want to address.
    Even as a kid in Sunday School, the stories in the Bible generated many questions about how such things could be in reality. Did Joshua really stop the earth from rotating so the Israelites could kill more Amelakites? Answer: NO. Not only is it bad science, but it's a just plain stupid reason to stop the rotation of the earth! Also, no one else on the planet noticed, which made me suspect.
    Did 600,000 men, plus women, children and hangers on really trek around the Sinai in a group for 40 years leaving no signs of it? NO, they did not, at least not that many or for that long. I once read a study on how long it would take those in the back of a group that large to get moving once the front of the group started to move. It was weeks! It's mythology adopted to give a small insignificant people, who now get way too much attention, a history. How many times have we almost found Noah's Ark? Always a great story in the news that just goes away. It never happened, at least not in anyway the Bible describes.
    Homo Erectus 1.8 Million Years

    Over time, I came to see that evolution of all life, including man, is generally true, details to unfold as time goes on. The defensive arguments of the Creationists are lame. Not to them, because they need to believe it, but to me, because I don't. I'm not afraid not to believe the unbelievable. I'd rather be ahead of my times than behind. The 4.5 billion year old meteorites, the 2.5 billion year old banded iron and the 1.8 million year old early human tools in my room inform me more than the Bible and Genesis.
    I have had my DNA taken back 100,000 years to Africa (I'm Dutch) and tracing the personal journey my cells, blood and spit have taken to get "me" to America. Fascinating how my saliva proves that in the distant past, "I" traveled through Yemen, Iran, Iraq, the Russian Steppes and left into Europe as Cro-Magnon, routing the Neanderthal who were already there, but lacked the imagination I had to rid the place of them in 18,000 years or so. I love that explanation and journey far more than I do those of the Bible, because it is true.
    When I was a pastor and WCG was changing over from Holydays to Holidays, every doubt about the Biblical story of Jesus birth circumstances and the actual narratives came out. I felt that if they could flip over to something so theologically lame as Christmas, I could finally examine my doubts about the whole story. Needless to say, the birth narratives, over which the Church said I studied too much, are not coherent, do not agree, are two different stories, are not known by Mark, John or Paul and find their origins in pagan mythology. All Paul knew of the physical Jesus, who he never met or quoted, was that he was "born of a woman of the tribe of Judah." Nothing special there. Long story.

    From there, I discovered that the story of the dying Sons of God in history, such as Osiris, Mithras and Jesus, were retelling of the larger story of the journey the real SUN of God takes around the 12 constellations of the Zodiac every year. It is no coincidence that the SON of God and the SUN are crucified in the Spring on and around the Spring Equinox or that Jesus was the Lamb of God as was the SUN in Aries, the Lamb when it was "crucified". For Jesus to be "with you until the end of the age," means more the age of Aries which ended 2000 years ago with Jesus death and not the end of the world as fundamentalist Christians insist. 
    It explained all those 12 tribes, 12 sons, 12 disciples, 12 Apostles etc, that surrounded the "SON" on his one year ministry, according to Matthew, Mark and Luke, but three years according to John. It's no coincidence that in Revelation, God is surrounded by 24 elders, which are the hours in the day. To me this makes perfect sense and the fact that Matthew's Gospel accounts of Jesus ministry through the twelve months of his short ministry, exactly match the story of the SUN through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Stories in the Bible that make no sense literally on earth, (like the Magi seeing Jesus star in the East and following it West to his house) often make perfect sense when you understand them as astro-theology. The story of the dying Son/Sun of God takes place every year over our heads. Light is the great revealer, but light also hides. You won't hear that story in church! Nuther long story. I suppose years ago I did wonder why in Malachi, the "Messiah" or Jesus as Christians said it pointed to, was said to be "the Sun that arose with healing in his wings." If you know of the Egyptian sun symbol with wings, you'll see how old a concept that was.
    So while I find the story of the Bible in the heavens, as above etc, I don't fear the literalism of the Bible anymore, nor would I teach it. This is, in part, why I feel strongly about those that are manipulated by ignorant and pushy pastor types, into supporting something literally that is not literally to be supported. Ideas have consequences and we see that every day with religion gone amuck. Spirituality, as I have always noted, comes from within and doesn't need your money nor for you to show up Wednesday evenings, Saturday or Sunday.
    Now to some, the reason I can go on this journey of discovery and enlightenment, while painful at times, is because I was never converted to the truth of past affiliations. I think I was. I was a true believer for a long time. But when I saw how quickly those in "high" places could change and demand change, everything I ever doubted bubbled up and here I am. 
    I have both a deep resentment for those that have hurt so many and a gratefulness that I was able to get out and not have the drama of all that followed. The local church I last pastored was already using me as a punching bag in place of those they really resented enough. Remember, I don't like conflict, much less being the imagined target and cause of their anger. I learned to tell people I was never one of them, but one of "you" working for "them." I grew up Presbyterian and well outside a lifelong WCG mentality. I did manage to remind Joe Tkach that he was reinventing the wheel and that what he found so so new in Jesus, was so so old a story to the vast majority of those who came to WCG in the first place. For that I was told later that "HQ thinks you know a lot about Jesus, Dennis...but they don't think you KNOW Jesus." Uh oh.... :) Actually I think I know about Jesus more than they can possibly imagine... at least the Jesus of the Bible. It seems real contemporaries of Jesus know little or nothing of a Jesus who was known everywhere according to the Bible.
    And so I have lost faith in just having faith. I like the facts more than I like faith. I understand faith and I agree that sometimes there is nothing to have but faith until facts come forward. But I do not substitute faith for facts. Eventually faith falls to facts.  
     Even a good Buddhist will say that sometimes there is nothing left in life to do but have a good laugh. A good laugh and "faith" sometimes are the same thing. When I had my kids immunized in 1974 when it was not fashionable theologically in WCG, I did so because facts over rode my faith factors. When Herbert Armstrong said in a Bible study that dinosaurs probably couldn't reproduce because they were created by Satan who couldn't either, I went with the cover of National Geographic  I saw on his coffee table in his office that displayed dino eggs. That happened a lot over the years when I listened to one minister or another on various topics they really knew little about. Mixing religion with science is lame.
     I"m still an extrovert, intuitive, feeling and perceptive. I still do "counseling" and I still hate conflict and confrontation. I don't, however, believer I will take a stabbing lying down again.  

    Transitions are messy and in looking back, mine certainly was.  As Frank sang, "Mistakes I've made a few. But then again, please don't make me mention them..." or something like that .  Older, wiser and more settled is the end result.  Moving to Oregon was the best thing I have ever done and only the second place I choose to move to in my live rather than have the church tell me to do it.  If I can see Mt. Hood or Mt St Helens on the way home from work which I will do til I drop, it's all good. 
     I suggest you find out what you are and you'll understand your life in much more detail. Humans are hardwired the moment the sperm hits the egg...the rest is conditioning, programming, tribal expectations, fear, guilt and shame that keeps one in line with the group, religion or organization.

    I also simply want people to think before they get hurt by those god-haunted types who run on emotion and the need to control. 
    Sometimes we have to loose our minds to come to our senses. You can loose a lot of other things along the way when you do that, but being more authentic is well worth it. It's what ENFP's treasure almost above all other things.
    Thanks for listening.....

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    Sit back and relax as you follow ALL of Gerald Six-Pack Flurry flights with his new Gulfstream jet as he continues his quest to imitate everything Herbert Armstrong did.

    Will he soon have all the metal fixtures in the jet gold plated like HWA did?

    How long do we have to wait till he starts paying off world leaders for an audience so he can preach about "a strong hand from someplace?"

    We can also watch as they fly his grandkids around the United States for their Irish Dance competitions.

    Number registration of PCG's Gulfstream G450 jet.

    See it full size here.   FAA Registry


    0 0

    A question was asked that pretty much sums up the current state of affairs with the various self-appointed, lying false prophets of Armstrongism who claim their god has revealed specially hidden knowledge that is only available in the end times.

    ...I mean God COULD have said to him "there's more yet to be revealed, I'm not telling you the half of it; you know I have My own purposes....". But instead He allowed HWA to preach, if not a lie, then at the very least, a very incorrect misunderstanding that deceived many. 
    So did God allow Herbert to preach incorrect and misleading information just so Pack, Flurry, Malm and Thiel could be the end time true witnesses? If that is so, then what a cruel joke the trickster god has played upon the church!

    Pack, Flurry, Thiel, and Malm are the four biggest culprit's in blatantly lying that their god has given them new knowledge or an inside track as to how prophecy is supposedly "coming alive" in these "end times." These four stooges are the most visible liars the church has right now.  That being said, it does not let the lies of UCG, LCG, COGWA and others off the hook either.  They lie just as equally.

    0 0

    Gerald Weston has a letter up on the Tomorrow's World website that starts off with this blurb about Rod Meredith:
    Longtime readers of Tomorrow’s World have read and become familiar with these “Personals” from Editor in Chief, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith. Sadly, Dr. Meredith, who is nearly 87 years old, has been diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, and his days appear to be very limited. It grieves me to inform you of this, as I have known Dr. Meredith since I first took his Freshman Bible class at Ambassador College in 1965. He has asked me, his designated successor to his office, to write this issue’s Personal and relieve him of that task.
    Weston then moves on to do what Meredith has done for decades, bad mouth Christians who are not part of the Living Church of God.  Meredith has been republishing his old 1960's thesis on his bastardized version of what he thinks Christian history should look like.   As most here already know, his version of "true" Christianity is appallingly void of truth.  Christian history to Meredith is a narrow defined group of people whom he claims were constantly being persecuted, due to an impotent god that could never keep his word active and was continually losing it. Christians did not exist until Herbert Armstrong and Rod Meredith came on the scene.  "Truth" can only be found residing in these men and their churches.

    Weston continues:
    Change is never easy, but it is an important part of life. One thing you can be certain of is that while our personalities may vary, the same basic truths that you are familiar with in Tomorrow’s World will remain. All of us here at Tomorrow’s World are deeply committed to what we often refer to as the Truth. We recognize that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ was being corrupted as early as the first century, not long after Christianity began. For, as Jude tells us, “Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).
    What Weston really needs to be saying here is that he and the rest of the COG's have corrupted Christianity since the early part of this century by teaching lies and heretical doctrines.  Weston, Meredith and Armstrong all claimed to follow this thing they call "jesus" but never really identified with the man or anything he said or did.  The New Covenant was the furthest thing from their minds as they whored themselves out to the law.  The law has always trumped and has been promoted by the same Judaizers that prevailed in the church in the first century.

    The church in the first century had to be constantly on guard to all of the Judaizers that kept trying to lead the people back to the law instead of following Christ.  The same thing happens today with Pack, Flurry, Thiel, Malm, Weston, Kubik and others that place more importance in the law than the new covenant.

    Weston then moves on to mock present day Christians in various countries who are being slaughtered for their faith.  
    Reports out of the Middle East, North Africa, and other scattered places in the world tell of beheadings and killings of professing Christians. It takes great courage in some locales to profess the name of Christ! One can only admire individuals who put it all on the line when faced with such dire consequences, and one must wonder, “Do I have such courage?” It’s easy to think we do, but there is a test you can take right now that will answer that question.
    According to Weston and Thiel, the men, women and children being slaughtered in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere are just a bunch of dumb ignorant f__ks that died for all the wrong reasons.  They died worshipping satan, unlike the true believers in the LCG who wait to be slaughtered by invading German armies or taken as slaves to the European Union. This is the exact same thing the pissant Bob Thiel does when he calls Christians "so-called" or "improperly named." No one is as good as they are or knows as much as they do.  These spiritual perverts seem to go out of their way to pervert the gospel message:

    Galatians 1:6-9

    6-9 I can’t believe your fickleness—how easily you have turned traitor to him who called you by the grace of Christ by embracing a variant message! It is not a minor variation, you know; it is completely other, an alien message, a no-message, a lie about God. Those who are provoking this agitation among you are turning the Message of Christ on its head. Let me be blunt: If one of us—even if an angel from heaven!—were to preach something other than what we preached originally, let him be cursed. I said it once; I’ll say it again: If anyone, regardless of reputation or credentials, preaches something other than what you received originally, let him be cursed.
    Weston, Thiel, Malm and the rest of the "leaders" of the church have cursed themselves due to their lies, specially when it comes to prophecy.  Every single one of them has lied about prophecy and have had one failure after another.  They refuse to face the fact that if just one little itty-bitty prophecy fails then they are all false prophets.

    You can read the rest of Weston's abomination here:  Living the Way

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    I can feel the butthurt from Bob Thiel all the way down here in Pasadena!

    Almost-arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, doubly blessed, self-appointed, world renown Mayan authority, and certified false prophet had a meltdown over a previous posting about his Naturopathic business.  A reader posted that Thiel was not licensed to practice in California.  Thiel did not like being attacked by yet another LCG member. and thus the spittle started flying.

    While many of my health and theological views are not 'mainstream' (nor were Jesus'), calling me a quack is wrong. 
    Third of all, let's deal with this fake degree nonsense. I have a B.S. for the University of LaVerne and an M.S. from the University of Southern California. Those degrees are not fake--LCG's Dr. Michael Germano also has degrees from those same universities. My Ph.D. in nutrition science and is from Union Institute and University--it is also not fake--COGWA's Ralph Levy also got his Ph.D. from the same university.  
    Fake theologian is another falsehood hurled above. LCG's Dr. Douglas Winnail advised me to get my foreign Th.D. in Christian apologetics, early church history, when I consulted with him about it in 2004. He also had some limited involvement with my program. While the school does not have USA accreditation, my doctoral dissertation was 589 pages, single-spaced, with 1302 references, plus hundreds of scriptural references--and that is much longer than the dissertation for my USA-accredited Ph.D. After I graduated, Living University gave me the title "Adjuct Assistant Professor for Theology." But since I left LCG, I did not end up teaching at LU--but make no mistake about it, the leaders at LCG did not consider me to be a fake theologian. Furthermore, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith appointed me as an advisor to the evangelists on doctrine and theology back in 2009. 
    Additionally, LCG's Dr. Meredith told me on multiple occasions that God may consider me a prophet. When I counseled with two LCG ministers about it (Dr. J. Fall and Gary Ehman) both told me that I did NOT need to have any ordination to be a prophet. I would not accept that. Instead I prayed that God would resolve the prophet matter for me in a visit to Charlotte, NC in December 2011. At that time, while being anointed, LCG minister Gaylyn Bonjour prayed that I be granted a double-portion of God's Holy Spirit and told me that this was reminiscient of the passing of the mantle (2 Kings 2:9-13). He told me what he did was done and could not be undone. He also brought up the passing of the mantle up with me again on March 23, 2012. But other than telling Dr. Meredith, etc., I took no action related to a church until December 2012 when it was clear that the top leadership reneged on too many promises and did not have the integrity to lead the final phase of the work.  
    Perhaps it should be noted that like David who was privately anointed by Samuel, then later publicly anointed years later, years after the private anointing by Gaylyn Bonjour, I was pubicly anointed by Evangelist Evans Ochieng (who had a GCG/LCG background) and Overseer Samuel Ofusu (who had a Church of God, Seventh Day background) in front of about 60 witnesses.  
    Read his entire hilarious narcassitic defense here.

    It is all about Bob. It always has been.  Look at me!  LOOK!!!!!!!

    0 0

    The post below was on a Facebook page recently and shows just how controlling the chruch was in telling members what to do.

    I have permission to repost this by its author:

    My momster would never let me watch Scooby Doo... Scooby was even the focus of several sermons... it was considered "evil" because they glamorized witches, monsters, drugs, demon possession, and the occult.  
    Of course, as soon as I escaped, I embraced EVERYTHING the cult ever railed against.  
    I almost instantly became a fan of Scooby Doo!  
    I just had a thought - I wonder if Scooby Doo was hated so much, not because it glorified the occult, but because of the other things it taught: 
    Scooby Doo taught kids to question everything. It taught us that even if we were afraid, we should face those fears and keep searching for clues until we find the truth... It taught us to see through the distractions and follow the evidence to the end... 
    and above all, it taught that all the supernatural boogeymen were just men in masks! 

    All those lessons go against EVERYTHING The Worldwide Cult of Herbie wanted us to think. Herbie ruled through fear, so they NEEDED us to be afraid. They wanted us to believe everything they said without ever even thinking of questioning them... They needed us to depend on them completely and not make ANY decisions without their approval... and above all, they were TERRIFIED that if we ever opened our eyes, followed all the clues and looked too close, we would see that their beloved "Modern Day Elijah" was nothing but a perverted old con, a man in a mask!!  
    I can almost hear the creepy old bastards voice now: "And I would have gotten away with it too... if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"
    Chester L Roberts II


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