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Exposing the underbelly of Armstrongism in all of its wacky glory! Nothing you read here is made up. Every crazy, weird and wacky quote is straight from the pens of Armstrongite leaders or members who think they possess some insight into God and the Bible. What you read here is the up to date face of Herbert W Armstrong's legacy. It's the gritty and dirty behind the scenes look at Armstrongism as you have never seen it before!

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    Is Hillary Clinton the antichrist? Does Bible prophecy foretell of a woman ruling over this nation? Is she about to bring down the United States so that the rampaging Germans, Muslims and Chinese can come over and put us all in concentration camps or ship us off to be slaves in Europe?

    Chief Overseer, Doubly Blessed Prophet, God's Most Highly Favored Son, Bob Elijah Elisha Amos Joshua Thiel has all the answers.  But first he has to consult his pagan, Buddhist, Muslim and Catholic sources to find the truth he needs to deliver.   Bob Amos Thiel's sources are sooooooooo reliable that he has the "where,""why,""when" and how this woman is supposed to bring death and destruction to the country...all from pagan sources.

    The review (which he wrote) of his book selling on Amazon says this:

    "Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States" explains about how, by virtue of her background and policies, Hillary Clinton is fulfilling, and will continue to help fulfill, various prophecies that will lead to the destruction of the United States. Not intended as an anti-Democratic nor pro-Republican book, "Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States" also tells the truth about Republican leaders and why their practices would also lead to destruction. It answers questions many question. Is Hillary Clinton apocalyptic? Does Bible prophecy warn about a woman leading the USA? Could Hillary Clinton be the Antichrist? Citing Islamic, Buddhist, Catholic, Byzantine, Native American, and Bible prophecy, as well as the writings of Nostradamus and others,"Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States" explains from many sources where, why, when, and even some of how, the various aspects of destruction will come. Since Dr. Thiel first wrote about the Obama Administration in his 2009 book, it has taken steps to fulfill, at least partially, at least a dozen predictions that Dr. Thiel recorded. More will be fulfilled as well. Would you like to learn more about what Hillary Clinton has done and the real direction that the United States and its British-descended allies such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are really going? This highly referenced book documents the truth about this.
    With Hillary in the news a lot lately, the False Prophet of Pagan Mysteries,  has started promoting his book again.  Today he writes:

    Hillary Clinton was born of parents who were basically of English, Welsh, Scottish, and French descent. Her heritage is of interest biblically. A reading of the Book of Genesis shows that Israel specifically placed his name on the two sons of Joseph named Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:14-16), neither of which were Jewish. 
    What does any of this have to do with Hillary Clinton?
    Well as it turns out, since everyone had to descend from someone, ultimately their progenitors are somewhere listed in the Bible. Hence, biblical writings and prophecies can often be tied to descendants of those progenitors the Bible discusses.

    Why is it  that Church of God false prophets and liars have to drag British Israelism into every one of their propehcies?  Hillary Clinton is so far removed from Biblical  progenitors that it is an impossibility to make such a claim.  Myths in Armstrongism are hard to shatter.

    Then he says this:

    Now, because the U.S. has already had women rule in high positions such as U.S. Supreme Court justices, senators, Chair of the Federal Reserve, and U.S. Secretary of State, it may not be prophetically required that a woman be its president to fulfill part of the prophecy in Isaiah 3:12. But since the Anglo-Saxon nations have all had females as their top executive, it would follow that the U.S.A. likely could as well. Could that be Hillary Rodham Clinton?
    then he makes this claim when Americna chose to rebuild building sin New York after 9/11.  That pr0ehcy is also in the Bible...well, may the WorldNetDaily bible, but not in any one else, even though he tries to claim so:

    How could this be related to Hillary Clinton?
    Notice some of what Mrs. Clinton stated in 2007:
    More than five years after 9/11, we still have not secured our borders, our railways, our mass transit systems, our ports, our chemical plants, our nuclear facilities and more…You know, one of the most discouraging aspects of the Bush-Cheney Administration is the way they have talked down America. They have been fatalistic. I reject that out of hand. We can do whatever we set our minds to. We can roll up our sleeves. We can be problem solvers again. And I have faith that we will answer that call. With your help we will rebuild America. (Clinton, Hillary: “Remarks on Infrastructure,” August 8, 2007. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.) 
    At least one prophecy-watcher has believed that American politicians making statements like “we will rebuild” are taking defiance types of positions that Isaiah warned against (‘The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment’: U.S. in crosshairs. WND, February 2012). Like ancient Ephraim and Manasseh, God was left out of the equation. 
    Since certain prophecies about Samaria appear to be directed towards the U.S.A. of the 21st century (e.g. Isaiah 10:4-11; Hosea 7:1-3), and this makes those ties to Isaiah 9 potentially stronger. 
    Hillary Clinton has been one of several leaders to at least partially fulfill this because of how she has called for rebuilding. And she may do more along this line.
     Talk about taking something out of context!

    You can read his latest illogical tirade here for other fun things, nothing biblical, but fun.

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    Just when you think the silliness of Dave Pack and Armstrongism can't get any sillier, Dave goes and opens his mouth.

    Apparently after 49,300 Church of God members leave the three largest Church of Gods when their leaders die, they will be heading over to the Restored Church of God where they will  help Elijah Pack rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  Before his bastardized creature he calls "jesus" returns, his First Dominion will be in place where he and his 50,000 church members will be riding around on the backs of angels in Jerusalem as they judge everyone.    While all of this has been going on in Dave's First Dominion, Satan and his demons are in heaven with Dave's god.  Then after this god gets really, really pissed at Satan,  he will be cast out of heaven back to earth where he will make war with Dave's 50,000 members and many will be deceived.

    He is teaching that Matthew 24:15 proves there will be a third physical temple before the tribulation, Romans 2:9 shows the Jews are saved first and uses prophetic scriptures that mention Judah to conclude that God will give control of the temple mount to the Church and the Jews.   Elijah who is also that Prophet will restore all things and rebuild the temple and Church members will be judges who rule Judah and eventually the world, with healings and animal natures changed BEFORE the tribulation and the return of Christ at the 7th Trump but in the "presence" of Christ.  This will be preceded by the short work of Revelation 10:11, (the greatest Work ever!) which he claims is referred to as the times of refreshing of Acts 3:19.  This rule by perhaps 50,000 human judges residing in Jerusalem and riding on angels he calls the first dominion based on Micah 4:8.  After this millennial bliss (and he applies most of the millennial scriptures to this time) there will be the falling away of 2 Th 2 when many will be deluded because they liked the benefits but not the law of God.  Satan and the demons have been held captive in heaven during this "first dominion" and when they come back to earth the deception and tribulation begin.

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  • 04/13/16--22:02: It Hurts

  • From 1997 WCGnet:  This is just as applicable today to those leaving the Living Church of God, United Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, Restored Church of God and other splinter groups.

    "IT HURTS"

    IT HURTS to discover you were deceived - that what you thought was the "one true religion," the "path to total freedom," or "truth" was in reality a cult.

    IT HURTS when you learn that people you trusted implicitly - whom you were taught not to question - were "pulling the wool over your eyes" albeit unwittingly.

    IT HURTS when you learn that those you were taught were your "enemies" were telling the truth after all -- but you had been told they were liars, deceivers, repressive, satanic etc  and not to listen to them.

    IT HURTS when you know your faith in  God  hasn't changed - only your trust in an organization - yet you are accused of apostasy, being a trouble maker, a "Judas".

    It hurts even more when it is your family and friends making these accusations.

    IT HURTS to realize their love and acceptance was conditional on you remaining a member of good standing. This cuts so deeply you try and suppress it. All you want to do is forget - but how can you forget your family and friends?

    IT HURTS to see the looks of hatred coming from the faces of those you love - to hear the deafening silence when you try and talk to them.  It cuts deeply when you try and give your child a hug and they stand like a statue, pretending you aren't there. It stabs like a knife when you know your spouse looks upon you as demonized and teaches your children to hate you.

    IT HURTS to know you must start all over again.  You feel you have wasted so much time. You feel betrayed, disillusioned, suspicious of everyone including family, friends and other former members.

    IT HURTS when you find yourself feeling guilty or ashamed of what you were - even about leaving them.  You feel depressed, confused, lonely.  You find it difficult to make decisions. You don't know what to do with yourself because you have so much time on your hands  now - yet you still feel guilty for spending time on recreation.

    IT HURTS when you feel as though you have lost touch with reality. You feel as though you are "floating" and wonder if you really are better off and long for the security you had in the organization and yet you know you cannot go back.

    IT HURTS when you feel you are all alone - that no one seems to understand what you are feeling. It hurts when you realize your self-confidence and self-worth are almost non-existent.

    IT HURTS when you have to front up to friends and family to hear their "I told you so" whether that statement is verbal or not.  It makes you feel even more stupid than you already do - your confidence and self-worth plummet even further.

    IT HURTS when you realize you gave up everything for the cult - your education, career, finances, time and energy - and now have to seek employment or restart your education.  How do you explain all those missing years?

    IT HURTS because you know that even though you were deceived, you are responsible for being taken in.  All that wasted time........ at least that is what it seems to you - wasted time.


    Leaving a cult is like experiencing the death of a close relative or a broken relationship.  The feeling is often described as like having been betrayed by someone with whom you were in love.  You feel you were simply used.

    There is a grieving process to pass through.  Whereas most people understand that a person must grieve after a death etc, they  find it difficult to understand the same applies in this situation. There is no instant cure for the grief, confusion and pain.  Like all grieving periods, time is the healer. Some feel guilty, or wrong about this grief. They shouldn't -- It IS normal. It is NOT wrong to feel confused, uncertain, disillusioned, guilty, angry, untrusting - these are all part of the process.  In time the negative feelings will be replaced with clear thinking, joy, peace, and trust.


    There is life after the cult.

    Copyright (c) Jan Groenveld

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    I received this the other day.  It details once again just how nasty the leadership is in the Living Church of God.  More mistreatment by Bob League and Rod McNair.  Why do/did members put up with these two slim balls?

    I read some of your blog posts with great interest. Rod McNair is a very nasty, suspicious man. I truly hate to speak ill of the dead but, Bob League was an evil man as well.
    My boyfriend is a former member of the WCG. He also used to work for Ron Dart & Ted Armstrong. He also graduated from Ambassador College.   
    He would tell me all of the horror stories about Herbert & people being "disfellowshipped" for insane reasons. I begged him to take me to visit the LCG congregation in Charlotte.

    He went on his own in the summer of 2014.  Now, understand, that he knows many of the members of the LCG in Charlotte because of his long history with the Church of God.  That was the first time he had been there in 4 or 5 years.

    My boyfriend owns a bible college and we also have a Sabbath keeping congregation that meets in the morning.  He likes to be able to go to other churches to be fed, not to steal congregants.

    One of the members of the LCG ran and "tattled" to Bob League that my boyfriend was there.  Bob and three other men took my boyfriend in to a room and proceeded to scream at him.  They told him that he had no right to start a college.  He didn't have the authority to do it.  Well, the state of North Carolina gave him the authority to open a bible college.  My boyfriend doesn't answer to the LCG.

    I thought he was joking when he told me this.  It was just so absurd.  No, he wasn't joking.  Those men had the audacity to tell my boyfriend that because the LCG didn't authorize his college, he had no right to open it.

    Summer 2015 I finally talked him in to taking me.  We got there late so, we slipped in the back.  When the service was over we went out to where everyone was having snacks.  Someone must have told Rod McNair that we were there because he made a bee-line for us.  He took my boyfriend in to a room to question him about why he was there  We were just there for fellowship.  No other reason.  No one would speak to us.  They treated us like leapers.

    A month later, my boyfriend when back with one of the professors from our college.  Just to visit, no other reason.  As soon as Rod McNair saw him, he immediately started interrogating him about why he was there.  He tried again to explain that he was only there to fellowship.

    A couple of days later, Rod McNair called my boyfriend.  We have NO idea how he got his number.  He told my boyfriend that he wasn't comfortable with him coming to their church.  The only reason he would give is that it was because he has his own congregation.  We weren't trying to "sheep steal".

    Rod McNair was NASTY and mean.  He told my boyfriend that he can't come back unless he calls and asks permission first.  What church does this?  My boyfriend does have his own congregation BUT, everyone is welcome.  You don't have to go through a screening process to even be told where the meeting is.  If anyone wants to come to our church, they are more than welcome.  We want to share Jesus Christ with anyone that will listen.  We keep the Sabbath and Holy Days and if people want to learn, we help them.

    I grew up Southern Baptist so, this behavior by Rod McNair and Bob League is completely bizarre to me. Southern Baptists open their doors wide to every one.  I never dreamed that so-called Christians could be so nasty.

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    There has been a fun discussions on Facebook about Wade Cox, the "christian" Church of God leader that splintered off a couple decades ago as the one and only true church leader. The topic was brought up on how he took over a Facebook group that was for former Church of God members and those that had left various splinter groups.  It was an interesting group till Wade popped on and began to snarl and spit absolute nonsense.  It then disintegrated into pure hell as a group.  Group members were told that they would be FORCED by his god to bow to him and all of his church members in the end times.  We would actually bow in worship to him!  Even Dave Pack, who leads the most superfantabulous Church of God EVER, has never said people would worship him...though he gets pretty close since he has called himself everything but Jesus.

    Someone pointed out another church blog that has many quotes about the guy.

    They had this:

    Date: early September, 2010
    Wade Cox"Our worst persecution was within the WCG from among our own so-called brethren.They will be made to bow down and worship us. They left the faith for Trinitarianism and Binitarian/Ditheism and they will be punished. They keep the wrong Calendar as do the Jews of modern Judaism and they will be brought to account before us soon."
    Wade Cox"The Babylonian system has penetrated everything from Judaism and the Trinitarian system to the WCG and the Offshoots and the COG (SD) Denver and the sDAs and SDBs in the US and whatever. They all keep the Babylonian Calendar with its system of intercalations as set in the Hillel Calendar which many of the white churches of god keep. There is no excuse for it. 
    How can one keep a calendar which uses the Babylonian intercalations and the Babylonian date system with this year as 5711 and keep Atonement on Saturday a day late this year and the Holy Days a day late also and not be part of the synagogue of Satan. 
    The Sardis and Laodicean systems are part of the synagogue of Satan andthey will bow down and worship the Phildelphian era but so will the others including rabbinical Judaism no matter what their lin

    Group members struck back at him and his high horse kicked into gear.  He soon brought in other cCG members and appointed one of his minions as group administrator and then started threatening to sue every one.  Such fun!

    He claims his "work" is the most amazing thing this side of Dave Pack and Bob Amos Elijah Elisha Thiel. You have got feel sorry for Wade, he was never doubly blessed or set apart by anyone.  But his group far exceeds ANYTHING the Church of God has ever seen.

    Wade Cox"CCG is not an offshoot of WCG. It is far greater than WCG and the vast majority of its members have never seen the inside of WCG."

    There there these  fun tidbit:

    Wade Cox
    "We have now the full facts that Hitler was a full blooded jew."

    Wade Cox"When we say US people we mean mean those people in the WCG and offshoot system that are totally incapable of independent thought and of not following a man in the insane cult of the personality that permeates the US religious and political system.""Let us hold these bootlickers up to the examination and criticism they all so richly deserve." 
    Wade Cox"When Messiah returns to take over the world, as we are told he will, the elect of the First Resurrection will take over from the demons in assisting Christ to rule the world." 

    This all comes form a man who has converted over half of the African Continent into his church.  7th Day Adventists and others are flocking to him by the thousands.  He also is claiming that the will covert Muslims over to his side and teach them the laws of the Old testament.  What fund theism that would be!  Leave sharia law for old testament law where women, children and sinners would be stoned to death.  He might as well buy into Dominionism, the cult that is rising onto power in this country right now.  He would fit in perfectly.

    Int will be a cold day in Petra before I bow down or anyone else here bows down to worship this agent of deception.


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    These pictures are from an auction held in New York City, April 11, 1995 at Christie's.  This was just one of many auctions held in New York and Los Angeles concerning the sale of Herbert Armstrong's collection of gold, silver and fine art.  Much of  the fine art and metalwork were purchased during the time HWA was mailing out letters to the membership demanding that they cut back and send in more money.  The "Work" was always in a state of distress. Many members did indeed sacrifice and mailed in more money.  The result - HWA was on treasure hunting trips to Harrod's in London and other UK locations buying treasures for his three homes and college campuses (St Alban's, England, Big Sandy, TX and Pasadena, CA).

    While Mrs. Armstrong was alive and in the early years of the church they lived in a modest house on Hill Ave (now owned by Cal Tech).  When Loma Armstrong died Herb began shedding his 'simple' life style for the extravagant one.  This was also the time Gerald Waterhouse and Dean Blackwell started blabbering that HWA was an Apostle.  And as you all know from the Bible, Apostles were meant to travel around the world speaking to world leaders, give them gifts of Steuben crustal, and play host to them at extravagant dinner parties at the various campus homes.  Apostles were ordained by God to live lives with the finest the earth and humankind has to offer.  This easy justification lead to multiple millions of dollars in extravagance by HWA,  evangelists, faculty, certain department heads and many ministers.

    Click on picture to view larger size -

     Elizabeth II Gold Table Service 14 karat
    Used at all dinners in HWA's dining room
    Auction estimate $50,00-80,000


     Regency Silver-gilt Four Light Candelabra, Benjamin Smith, 1812
    These sat on the buffet in the dining room.  They were also used on the dining table.
    Auction estimate $80,000-120,000


    George III Silver-gilt Candelabra and matching candlesticks, Paul Storr, 1802
    Auction estimate $60,000-90,000


    The Duke of Norfolk's Coronation Cup
    William IV Silver-gilt Paul Storr, 1831
    Auction estimate $20,000-30,000


     Regency Silver-gilt Centerpiece, Paul Storr, 1818
    The Three Graces occupied the place of distinction on HWA's dining room table.
    Auction estimate $30,000-50,000


    Regency Silver-gilt Wine Coolers, Paul Storr 1813
    Used to keep the hundred dollar wine bottles cool
    Auction estimate  $60,000-90,000

     A pair of George IV Silver-gilt Wine Coolers 1826
    Imagine chilling your wine and champagne at home in these! 
    Auction estimate $50,000-80,000


    The sterling silver pictured here is an Elizabeth II Table service. Service for 12.  
    This was HWA's everyday silver.
    Auction estimate: $10,000-15,000


    While various COGlet's splinter personality cults are idolizing HWA on this the 25th anniversary of his death, I thought I would give you a peek into the apostles lifestyle.

    While the membership toiled and struggled in the 60's and 70's HWA was on a spending spree in Europe.  Millions of dollars were dumped over the years to furnish the home of the  end time prophet.  This was all during the time the pleading letters were sent to the members to send in as much money as they could because the work was 'in crisis.'

    Of course we had morons that justified these artifacts as necessary for the entrainment of  world leaders and dignitaries coming to hear about a "Strong Hand From Someplace".  Others claimed all these goodies would be used to take care of the brethren as they were struggling in Petra.  These items would buy us food and drink and shelter by the Muslims.

    One other idiot in Pasadena claimed that the Pasadena campus would never be destroyed during the tribulation.  The invading armies of Germany would use the Pasadena campus as their military headquarters.  They would be so in awe and taken back by it's beauty that they would not destroy it.  Because of that the Pasadena campus would be the new earthly HQ of God's people when the Kingdom was established.  Never mind that the city is supposed to be Jerusalem, but heck, this is typical WCG mythology and it sounded cool!  Never mind that these armies would be torturing and killing fellow citizen's while they dinned and enjoyed music in the Auditorium.
    Click on all pictures to enlarge them. 

    This was to keep HWA's roast beef warm.  Estimated value $5,000-$8,000

    A Victorian Parcel-Gilt Silver Plated Table for your guests to place their calling cards on. $4,000-$6,000

    Set of late 1800's silver centerpiece with glorious naked women on it.  $10,000-$15,000
    late 1800's Gold Desert dishes $4,000-$6,000

    German Silver Knight   $3,000-$5,000
    Pair of German Silver Figures, Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere  $10,000-$15,000

    Elizabeth II Equestrians  $6,000-$9,000 each

    Elizabeth II 14 kt Gold Table Service (This was used for formal dinners) $50,000-$80,000

    Sterling Silver Everyday service $10,00-$15,000

    Silver Goblet's to drink your Harvey's Bristol Cream In $8,000-$12,000

    Set of 22 Silver Dinner Plates $8,000-$12,000

    George V Sterling Silver Umbrella Stands $10,000-$15,000

    Updated with final auction prices

    More important tools 
    that every modern day Apostle needs 
    preach the gospel 
    "A Strong Hand From Someplace." 

    Click on picture once to enlarge, then again for x-large closeup's

     Victorian Gilt Centerpiece  1888
    Goddess Ceres in a field of wheat
    Sold for $23,300.00

    Victorian Silver Four-light Candelabra  1857
    Sold for $57,500.00 

     Victorian Silver-mounted Frosted-glass Claret Jug and Stand 1845
    $4,000 - 6,000
    George IV Silver Egg Cruet 1820
    $2,500 - 3,500 
    (HWA had this on his breakfast table in the kitchen for his soft boiled eggs)
    Sold for $27,600.00  

     Victorian Silver-gilt and Agate Desert Service 1854
    $3,000 - 5,000
    Sold for $4,370.00 

     Victorian Silver Vase 1874
    $2,000 - 3,000
    Sold for $2,700.00 
    Edward VI Silver-gilt Warwick Vase
    $5,000 - 8,000
    Sold For $5,650.00 

    George IV Silver-gilt Wine Coolers 1826
    $50,000 - 80,000
    Sold for $74,000.00 

    Regency Silver Salver 1813
    $7,000 - 10,000
    Sold for $24,150.00

    George IV Silver Tea and Coffee Service 
    $10,000 - 15,000
    Sold for $16,100.00 

    Important Regency Silver-gold gilt Candelabra 1812
    $80,000 - 120,000
    Sold for $222,500.00


    These items are vital tools for Ambassadors of World Peace!
    You too can talk to Mrs. Sadat about a world that is ready to be spanked!
    Well, I guess that one came true........

    Regency Silver Bowl  1818
    Paul Storr
    $15,000 - 25,000
    Sold for $27,600.00

    Regency Silver Soup Tureen, cover and liner
    Paul Storr, 1814
    Sold for $28,750.00

    Regency Silver-Gilt Wine Coolers
    Paul Storr, 1813
    Sold for $107,000

    George III Silver Tureen and Cover and Stand
    Paul Storr, 1809
    Sold for $51,750.00

    Regency Silver-gilt Centerpice
    Paul Storr, 1818
    Three Bacchic Nymphs
    Sold for $48,300.00

    Twelve Regency Silver-Gilt Dinner Plates
    Paul Storr, 1815
    Not listed as sold
    Regency Silver Gilt Salver
    Paul Storr, 1815
    Sold for $1,950.00

    Duke of Norfolk's Coronation Cup
    Paul Storr, 1831
    Sold for $18,400.00

    Regency Silver-gilt Serving Tongs Made For The Prince Regent
    Paul Storr, 1811
    Sold for $10,350.00

    George III Silver Gilt Centerpiece
    Sold for $40,250.00

    George III Silver-gilt Centerpice
    Paul Storr, 1808
    Sold for $52,900.00

    George III Silver Wine Collers
    Paul Storr 1798
    Sold for $48,300.00

    George III Silver Epergne
    Sold for $12,650.00

    Charles II Silver Caudle Cup
    Sold for $3,680.00

    Six Queen Anne Silver Fluted Dishes
    Sold for $74,000


    Pictured above is the current price of Louis XIII Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac.

    This was one of Herbert Armstrong's favorite evening indulgences.  The container  the cognac is in is a baccarat crystal decanter and comes in a velvet lined red case.

    At HWA's death there were three of these sitting on his liquor shelves in the basement, along with loads of other expensive alcoholic delights.  Upstairs there were two more in the cabinets.

    When HWA was buying these (or should I say the church members were with their tithe money) he was paying around $750.00.  That was in the mid-1980's.  Twenty-five years later the price is running at $2,195.00.  That is one expensive indulgence!  Particularly when he was drinking it out of his St Louis Excellence Cognac/sherry glasses that were appraised at $250.00 each  in 2000.


    0 0

    I found some old computer disks that had some save messages from the old WCGnet that was a great source of information for following the train wreck that was the Worldwide Church of God through all of the changes.  I don't know who the author was.

    Can you guess the name of this church 
    based on the following clues?

    * It was founded by a businessman who had been raised in another religion and who had little formal education.

    * He moved from the mid-West to southern California and became established in the Los Angeles area.

    * He claimed to have new insights into scriptural truths for the present age.

    * The church was Sabbatarian, millenarian, authoritarian and legalistic.

    * The church heavily emphasized predictive prophecy and the imminent return of Christ to establish David's Kingdom in Palestine.

    * Members and others who did not measure up to legalistic standards or display adequate zeal were term 'Laodicean'.

    * The leader thought of himself as The Elijah and that his role was to restore all things before the return of Christ.

    * The church obeyed the dietary laws of Leviticus.

    * The church leadership had predicted the return of Christ for a certain date but was wrong.

    * The church observed the Old Testament Festivals of Leviticus 23.  In fact, they thought they were very close to primitive, first century Christianity because of this.

    * They believed they were the only true church.  The members believed they were  the first fruits and would play a special role in serving God and the nations when Christ returned.

    * They published a monthly magazine advocating their beliefs.

    * They had a rigid, top down, pyramidal governmental structure.

    * Members were required to follow a rigid agenda of Bible study and prayer.

    * The young men in the church were conscientious objectors.

    * In recent times the heir-apparent, a young man of musical gifts, was involved in sexual scandals involving women in the congregation.

    * None of its leaders had acquired any theological education from mainstream Christian colleges.

    * They established a church facility in Texas, including a school, near a lake and had an uneasy relationship with the surrounding community.

    * Membership was international, multi-ethnic and multi-racial.

    * They believed deeply that they lived in the time of The End and their  preaching and spiritual concerns focused on this.  They referred to the secular world as Babylon and were strongly anti-Catholic.

    * They believe they could identify the people of the United States as descendants of patriarchs mentioned in Genesis.

    This list might go on but the church involved is known as the Branch Davidians, theologically, our first cousins, if not our brothers.  Their lineage may be traced, like the WCG's, to the Millerite Adventist Movement in the Nineteenth Century.  They were at one time known as the Davidian
    Seventh-Day Adventist Association.  They differ from us on the last point above in that they believed that the USA was Assyria rather than Manasseh.

    I have compiled this list for several reasons:

    1. There is a mystique that attaches to the WCG in the minds of many of its members that is a carry-over from the days that we believed that we were the one and only true church.  This is to demonstrate that we were really just another Millerite Adventist group.  Recent articles in the WWN
    confirm HWA's foundation in Millerite teaching and the third angels message.  Mrs. HWA dream or vision about the return of Christ and the work that needed to be done (see The Autobiography) is virtually an Adventist cliche in the spirit of Ellen White.  We are not special; we are rather commonplace.

    2. We would all readily admit that the Branch Davidians were a cult but somehow, the WCG was not a cult.  How can this be?

    3. People cite the fact that the Davidians hoarded weapons and had a shoot out with the ATF and true non-violent church members would not do that. But what would members of the WCG had done if a leader had risen up and said that it was time to go to the place of safety.  Everyone should sell
    what they have and buy airline tickets to Jerusalem and with your surplus funds buy tickets for those who cannot afford it.  Might we not have done some extreme things under the circumstances?  The Davidians were traditionally conscientious objectors until they were staring into what they believed was the Apocalypse.  Does anybody remember the account of one of our leaders resorting to fists in the State of California occupation in the late Seventies?

    4. We should all be filled with joy that a man, Joseph Tkach, Sr., while riding this train to whatever destruction it might have met, suddenly awakened in his seat, realized what was happening and pulled the emergency brake. Many bewildered passengers got off and had to look for a new train.
    But the tragedy is that many stayed on the old train and, like the Davidians, will meet whatever their destiny will be.

    0 0

    What a relief!  We can watch first hand the destruction of the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand all on Facebook!!!!!!!  All of this through the wit and wisdom of the most knowledgeable Church of "god" leader ever.  We are sooooooo blessed!

    You will be eternally blessed to know he endorses Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders over Hillary and Ted.  In fact he wants Trump and Sanders to run together on one ticket!

    You can join this most amazing Facebook page ever created.  Its also on our favorite topic of British Israelism!  Even though it has been totally debunked by countless people those entrenched in Armstrongism still think it is true and relevant.  Since it has zero meaning to any new covenant Christian, it only is relevant to those entranced in the law.

    Decline and Fall of the US and BC 

    Read it and weep...or maybe vomit...

    0 0

    From crazy lunatic COG preachers claiming their members will be riding around on the back of angels; to all of the  Elijah's, Elisha's and Amos's; to frauds claiming to have converted hoards of Muslims to the truth; to Witless Witness Ron Weinland and now a person who has the ability to know exactly WHO the four breasts of Revelation are.  Only in the Church of God can you find such willing lunatics ready to spout complete idiocy.

    Today's agent of God's secret information is Phinehas Eleazar who knows exactly who the four humans are that are the beasts of Revelation.  For many here these will be men you may know or have heard of.

    Eleazar used to be part of Gerald Flurry's personality cult, but left it because he was more theologically educated than Flurry.

    Eleazar writes this:

    And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. (Daniel 7:3)
    Daniel witnessed four great beasts ascending from this agitated sea pictured by God’s church in this end-time.
    What are these four great beasts?
    Verse 17 of the same chapter provides us the answer.
    These great beasts, which are fourare four kingswhich shall arise out of the earth. (Daniel 7:17)
    Therefore, these four great beasts represent four great kings which shall come out of the earth.
    In page 5 of the booklet, “Who or What is the Prophetic Beast?” Mr. Herbert Armstrong explained the word king in this manner:
    “And the word king is synonymous with kingdom, and used only in the sense that the king represents the kingdom over which he rules, for in verse 23 we read, “The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth ….” Notice also the word kingdom is used to explain the beasts in verses 18, 22, 24 and 27.”
    These four kings have their own dominion or rule. As kings possess kingdoms over which they rule, these kings in God’s church represent the MINISTERS who were given rulership over the various regions or nations in the world.
    Now, notice the place where these four kings will arise from.
    These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth. (Daniel 7:17)
    In verse 2, the four great beasts were seen by Daniel ascending from the great sea – an emblem for God’s church.
    Here, earth is also representative of God’s church. They will rise up from the PCG. Their dominion will exist within this church.

    IDENTITY OF THE FIRST BEAST  Now, with these two remarkable attributes mentioned about this first beast, who among the ministers in the Philadelphia Church of God had exhibited these qualities during his reign as a king over a very wide region in God’s church? 
    This first beast in Daniel’s dream represents none other than John Macdonald, the former Regional Director of Africa, Asia, and Oceania and his reign in those regions in the past, prior to his demotion to Associate Pastor. 

    He was the “king of the beasts” when it comes to devouring God’s people.

    IDENTITY OF THE SECOND BEAST This second beast in Daniel’s dream represents Evangelist Alex Harrison, who replaced John Macdonald in 2015 as Regional Director of Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

    The Third Beast is an amalgamation of four PCG leaders in the U.S. and Canada

    This third beast may well represents four regional heads in the region of the United States, including Canada. As leopards are solitary animals that have large territories so are these ministers rule over a wide regions. 
    The oppression and killings of God’s people was a worldwide experience. It was not an isolated case. It did not just happen in one country or region. It did not only occurred in Asia, Africa, and Oceania. 
    The Great Tribulation happened to God’s people in all nations around the world. So, obviously, the wide territories of Manasseh was not spared. 
    This third beast with four heads are ministers who are also hooked on preying upon God’s people. These kings or ministers who are leopards with spots are accustomed to do evil. 
    “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. (Jeremiah 13:23) 
    Many atrocities committed by PCG ministers from this region were recorded and detailed in
    The hunting techniques of these four kings is typically feline-like similar to the first beast. They are known to lurk in the dark and spring suddenly upon innocent and poor people.

    Then the best part of all is the name of the Fourth Beast.

    Now, who among the ministers in The Philadelphia Church of God will match these initial descriptions about this stouter horn? 
    Who is this minister who has fellows surrounding him, whose appearance became greater than them and became the captain of their confederacy? 
    Who is this minister who exalts and magnifies himself and now has the control of the whole PCG and makes major or important decisions for the church? 
    This stouter horn is none other than Stephen Flurry! 

    Do you still remember what Stephen Flurry did in 2014 Feast of Tabernacles? He drew the attention of God’s people all over the world to himself by giving the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles Opening Night Message. He took the spotlight, from the Apostle of God, his very own dad, and delivered a message which is not supposed to be given just by anybody.
    What authority did he had to take away that very important responsibility from his dad?
    Why is it that Armstrongism has breed such complete lunacy in so many people?  For a church that claimed to be restored Christianity and to have inspired leaders that were the only ones God was working with after 1,900 years, it sure has been one screwed up mess of some of the craziest idiots we have ever seen!  God certainly must have had a lapse in judgment. Imagine waiting for 1,900 years to hand your divine truth off to these idiots!  The worst and saddest part is that no matter how idiotic these people are, how abusive they are, or how morally bankrupt they are, people will still follow them.

    You can read about this marvelous salvation worthy information on Phinehas Eleazar's web site:  The Last End: A Book of Remembrance  This site has some of the most crazy stuff you will ever read concerning the Church of God and the Philadelphia Church of God.

    0 0

    More propaganda for the apostate crazies in Edmond.

    Fear is one of the biggest tools used to control members.  Make them fear for their safety and eternal salvation and they will follow you Petra...or drink kool-aid...or believe the silliest things imaginable.

    0 0
  • 04/16/16--23:12: What is Truth

  • In a high school English class, we worked through a textbook titled, "Philosophy & Literature:  Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Commitment".  It opened with Plato's, "The Allegory of the Den"  which asserts that most individuals are victims of illusion when it comes to recognizing Truth.  At the time, I thought all of the time and effort spent on discussing what is or what isn't Truth was pretty silly, a waste of my time.

    I knew the Truth, my family knew the Truth, after all our home was filled with stacks of the Plain Truth.  We had no question about what was true or false because we were members of "The Church", the one true church that Christ was personally leading through his sole end-time Apostle, HWA.  We had grown certain of this fact because HWA reminded us of it over and over again and we felt blessed to know THE TRUTH!  If his claims had not been enough, we were also living in a bubble where all those around us reinforced this concept with repeated expressions of gratitude for how 'fortunate' we were to know the Truth.

    And, furthermore there were the booklets... Yes, the booklets.  My father, thinking he was doing us a favor, made a list of the 40 or so booklets that he had at the time and put columns for each one of us kids.  Well, once one brother started checking a few booklets off the list, we were all jumping head first into reading them as well.  It didn't matter what they were about, we were going to check off all the boxes. So, reading, "How to Quit Smoking" at age 10 didn't seem that odd to me.  Come to think of it, this may have been the most valuable one for me as it did make smoking very unappealing.  It's probably good that he hadn't included "The Missing Dimension in Sex" on the list.

    To make a long story short, we lived in that bubble of common believers for decades without hardly having a clue that our reality was distorted in many ways.   Even with the distorted reality, our lives were pretty good, fortunately.  Most of our ministers were reasonable men and our parents maintained a balanced perspective on most issues.  They took us to doctors, they made their own decisions, they did not 'over-discipline' us, and they saved for retirement rather than giving all they had to WCG.  We also weren't pushed to go to Ambassador College.  Overall, we were lucky.  

    Nevertheless, my bubble eventually popped.  It wasn't one, dramatic moment but a gradual deflation that occurred for various reasons.  In part, the accumulation of so many inconsistencies between various teachings and between what was taught vs. what was practiced tended to make people like me become cynical. 

    You stop and think about it and realize that WCG had dogmatically taught us many things that were later changed, or once examined, proved to be completely false.  A few examples:   
    1.     HWA was the first to preach the true Gospel in 1900 years
    2.     HWA learned from no man and he restored 18 truths to the church

    3.     God specially trained HWA for his unique, end-time mission

    4.     HWA was given key to prophecy (Identity of Israel) from God

    5.     HWA was highly accurate in foretelling future events

    6.     The WCG was God’s government on earth; HWA was God’s sole end-time Apostle

    7.     WCG was the one, true church and could trace its’ roots back through the ages

    8.     All universities are bad because they turn almost all students into God denying atheists

    9.     Members that were not donating enough money would go to the “the lake of fire”

    10.  Petra was the place of safety, the final training ground

    11.  HWA completed his work in 1972 (...but, oh, um, well, actually HWA was given a special commission to “preach the Gospel to heads of nations”)
    12.  HWA preached the gospel to world leaders 
     13.  Existing members would go to “the lake of fire”; existing ministers were deceived and rebellious
    14.  Doctors, modern medicine, and make-up were; divorce was unacceptable

    15.  The church would not compromise 1/100% of the Truth
    16. HWA’s marriage with Ramona was God’s will 
    17.  Divorce was ok, make up was a non-issue, and doctors and medicine were ok as well
    18.   The State of California’s investigation into fraud was “the most MONSTROUS conspiracy and attack Satan ever launched against God's Work!” 
      19.  WCG knew what positions David, Moses, Joshua, HWA would hold in the kingdom of God

      20.  God would not let HWA die before Christ returned; loyalty to HWA was paramount
      21.   Post HWA, Mr. Tkach would lead us into the kingdom and loyalty to him was now paramount

        One could have a lot of fun expanding such a list but better to get back to the point.  Other things that helped be "break the spell".  The continual splintering of the church.  After the UCG/COGWA split, it made sense to start digging around to try to determine, "What is wrong with us?"  Here I'd like to give credit to all of those that many of us had previously looked down upon.  Thank you to all of those that had caught on years before and then documented what had really been going on at headquarters to help wake up others and try to stop the idolatry of a man.  I read books like Armstrongism, Religion or Rip Off, Ambassadors of Armstrongism, The Broadway to Armageddon , Herbert Armstrong’s Tangled Web, and The Armstrong Empire and found websites like Ambassador Report, The Painful Truth, Banned, and Keith Hunt's).  I may have not appreciated some of the attitude and over-generalizations here and there, but the well documented history and thought provoking questions were eye openers.  It was time to put down the cool-aid, wake up and start smelling the coffee.

        About thirty years after discounting Plato in my English class, I was ready to give him some well deserved respect.  I located the same textbook online and reread that introduction with new eyes... Yes, now it made much more sense.  The author summed up Plato's Allegory of the Den quite well - "If one has been a prisoner in a den, condemned to see only reflections of the truth, he will assume that these reflections are really true.  He will believe so firmly that he will  not believe a fellow prisoner who has escaped his bondage, has seen Truth, and has returned to inform the prisoners of their mistaken confidence in the "truth" of their shadow world."   

        Exactly!  Much like those of us in the past and those still in HWA's Den.

        Truth is not always so easy to discern and any given statement is not the Truth just because an arrogant man is able to confidently claim that God revealed it to him.  However, now comes the hard part... What of my beliefs are true and which ones are false?  When a man borrows from others, he may be borrowing truth or he may be borrowing lies.  Most probably, he will have borrowed some of each.  But for those who lived in HWA's Den for most of our lives, it may not be easy to rapidly discern one from the other, nor to recognize what part or our confidence comes from our present examinations vs. our bias from the indoctrination of the past. 

        I must admit that when I read the Bible, keeping the Sabbath still makes sense to me.  Is that because of what the Bible says or because of my decades in WCG?  Hard to say at this point.  Like Ian, whom I respect, my overall experience has been good and I'd like to think that there is a way to make some of the basic teaching work without the corruption of the past, and most certainly without relying on or giving credit to one man.  My wife comes from a primarily Catholic country and her family had learned of the Sabbath and Holy Days completely independent from HWA, any COG, or even another splinter from the Millerites.  Just the Bible.  Is this belief Truth or error?  One day it would be nice to know for sure.  It is easy for her to ignore HWA completely.

        For me, it is more complicated.  Reading HWA's own writings led me to conclude he was not sincere as others continue to believe.  Therefore it is hard to accept the position that even though HWA was incredibly flawed, God still worked through him to reveal new truth.  I could better understand that a man was going to profit from the ministry (as many do) and he got lucky with a few things that he borrowed from others.  To me, there is a big difference between these two assumptions.  A question for my friend Ian.  Hypothetically, what are the odds that a greedy, dishonest man who had abused his own child  would be the one that God would select to work with to reveal new understandings?  And for this case, the greed and dishonesty were ways of life, not just occasional slip ups.  And the abuse was not a single incident followed by acknowledgement and repentance but more along the lines  10 years of abuse during the critical, initial years of a 'ministry' while the revelations were coming from God... and followed decades later by an extremely odd gesture - the gift of a signed copy of the "Missing Dimension in Sex"  to the abused child).  Extremely unlikely in my view.  Perhaps I do need to visit you in Jamaica where we can talk face to face as we adjust our eyes to the true light outside of the Den?

        God has choices.  It seems that, in terms of character, it is reasonable to assume there is a type of Bell curve just as there is for intelligence or physical agility.  Nobody is perfect for sure but there seems to be those we can confidently identify as being above average and others that are below average.  Doesn't it make sense for God to select an individual with above average character rather below average?  That would be consistent with the Bible's instructions when it comes time to select deacons and elders.  As a parent, I'd place anyone that abused their own child, lied to and stole from the poor to enrich themselves, and made repeated huge false claims about their own purpose and abilities well towards the left end of the scale.

        There is a lot of gray in life but child abuse by a self-proclaimed Apostle of God seems to be one matter that remains in the black or white category.


        0 0

        Dennis can't help noting...

        An Uncomfortable Truth Of Critical Scholarship Demolishes Prophecy and Personality Based  COG Split, Splinter and RCG Sliver Foolishness

        Why the Book of Daniel Seems So Darn Accurate

        "The impression that predictions made in the distant past were fulfilled accurately is due to the fact that the apocalypses were written after these events had already taken place, but their predictions are presented as though they were made prior to their predicted events."

        0 0

        There is a comment on the Silenced blog in regards to the Withering Branches of the Church of God. It poses a great question in wondering how we would prioritize the beliefs of the church if we were asked by a reporter.

        I remember the reporting following the tragic shooting at LCG by Terry Ratzmann. The news team was interviewing people outside to find out the basic facts, both about the situation, and about the group. When asked about their beliefs, one woman said, "We believe in keeping the sabbath." 
        That got me to thinking at the time about the beliefs that I had been raised in. If I had to pick just one representative religious belief as an Armstrongite to tell a news reporter that I held, what would it be? And what would that answer say about me? 
        What do Armstrongites believe, in order of priority? I think Armstrongite's beliefs are prioritized very tribally, according to what differentiates them from others. What is interesting about this is how these priorities differ from what arguably should have a high priority. 
        Ask any Armstrongite, especially a minister, to list his beliefs in order of priority, and I guarantee you, you'll get sabbaths, holy days, tithing, clean and unclean meats, prayer and bible study. All physical rituals intended to symbolically communicate to god what an eager suck-up you are. 
        Not in the Top Ten? Becoming christlike, overcoming, looking out for "the least.""Oh," they might say, "that goes without saying." Sure it does. It also goes without anything else. These aren't Armstrongite values. If you corner them, they'll pay lipservice to them, but that's about the beginning and the end of an Armstrongite's thoughts about these things. And not without good reason, since these things were not on ol' Herbert's list of priorities at all. But probably the vast majority of his followers are better folks than he was. Still, as a normal, decent human being, you only have a limited amount of time, energy, and attention, and the things at the top of your list of priorites will crowd out all the things further down. 
        One thing Armstrongite doctrines arguably do not do is curry favor with the deities. Even if the god of the bible did exist, there's biblical reasons, as well as common sense ones, suggesting that his priorities would be very different from Armstrongite priorities anyway. If these rituals aren't appeasing any deities, then they aren't doing the members any good, and they certainly don't do anyone else who isn't a member any good. There's only one set of people who derive any tangible benefit from these doctrines. 
        Yes, that's right, the "trunk" of the Armstrongite "tree" is a set empty rituals that don't do anyone who isn't a minister any good. These rituals have long served to reinforce tribal allegiances while keeping the cash flowing into church coffers. So the COG twigs have not fallen far from the "trunk" in this regard. The doctrines are the business model.
        Guys like Vic Kubik, who are eager to keep their pension's nest feathered, are desperately trying to solve the problem of how to get more people to feed cash into their system. Maybe if they had a church that had a more practical set of doctrines as the "trunk" of its "tree," they would be able to succeed at this. However, we know they're between a rock and hard place in that respect. And that's what keeps the twigs so close. That proximity is also what ensures they'll keep withering. 
        I was raised to believe in "keeping the sabbath." And I did keep it back then. But when I thought about it, if I had to say I believed something, keeping the sabbath, or any other ritual that I performed for the sole reason of trying to appease a deity, well, it just wouldn't be on any sincere list.

        0 0
      1. 04/17/16--18:40: The Good News

      2. 0 0

        The Philadelphia Church of God posted an article that tells loyal followers of Gerald Flurry what a privileged life students lead at their little "college" in England.  Its a rather pathetic exposé of a church cult that demonstrates how spiritually bankrupt they really are.

        This is how the morning starts out for one of the guys at Edstone mansion:

        Up at 5 a.m. Down two flights of stairs to the fitness center for a 20-minute workout. Up two flights to the men’s dorm to shower. Down a flight to the kitchen for freshly ground and brewed Ethiopian roast. for morning headlines over sips of coffee. Malachi’s Message for Bible study, followed by prayer. Fifteen minutes to get ready: just enough time to meet the other students in the cafeteria for a quick breakfast. Then it’s 8 a.m., and the day really begins. 
        Welcome to a day in the life of a student at Herbert W. Armstrong College–Edstone. 
        Notice what the focus is? A plagiarized book, news headlines for the PCG indoctrination page instead of London and European papers, and the exquisite life of a privilege white kid.

        Then its down the hall to "college" classes. PCG's interpretation of  HWA's interpretation of prophecy.  The focus upon comparing Gerald and Stephen Flurry to Jeremiah.  Since Stephen is the only legitimate heir to the Flurry empire and his fathers rapidly becoming mental state, it is important to demonstrate that the Bible tells of the coming Stephen's amazing work. Given that there is no comparison whatsoever between these two and Jeremiah; its nothing more than indoctrination class.

        This particular day is Wednesday. Armed with Tuesday night’s preparations, Hochstetler is ready for the first class of the day, Bible Prophecy. Fellow senior Samuel Livingston plays the lecture, which was recorded by instructor Wik Heerma two days prior at the college’s home campus in Edmond, Oklahoma. Mr. Heerma opened the second semester of the course with a comparison between the commission and work of the Prophet Jeremiah and that of the Philadelphia Church of God in the 21st century.

        Then its down the hall to another classroom and a live instruction of God's prophet Stephen Flurry on PCG doctrine.

        The next class is Doctrines of the Philadelphia Church of God, taught by Armstrong College President Stephen Flurry. 

        Then its around the corner to another room for a "live" video presentation from Jerusalem by a PCG student and working on the dig PCG has in Israel. A student that is presently digging.  No archeology  degree, no advanced studies, no work in other projects around the world, nothing other the a couple summers worth of work.

        Then there is the glamorous information about hard working Brad McDonald.  Students are privilege to see him walking around in his wells looking at his sheep.

        On the other side of the property, from the mail department window, volunteer mail packers see UK-Europe Regional Director Brad Macdonald walking out to check on the landscapers’ work. Wearing his “wellies” he walks off the pavement of the circular drive and between the newly planted rows of yew hedging. He looks over his shoulder, past the circular flowerbed and the Union Jack flagpole, to wave as Mrs. Amy Flurry beeps her car horn and drives out the gate to do errands in Stratford, about seven miles down Birmingham Road. Mr. Macdonald continues on to check how Hochstetler and the other workers are progressing on their current project: moving a shed. 
        What a humble righteous man.

        Then its a shining example of how the PCG dumbs down its women and relegates them to the kitchen.  Men are sooooo much more intelligent and godly than the those with "ladies recipes."

        While the male students are developing public-speaking skills, the female students attend Meal Management class. Wednesdays are lab days, so Hochstetler and the guys stop by after Homiletics to taste-test the ladies’ recipes, which vary from naturally sweetened chocolate cake to curry-spiced amaranth and millet dishes. Hochstetler, who admits he has a sweet tooth, says his favorite dish has been the brandy snap baskets filled with whipped cream.
        Not once is Jesus ever mentioned in the daily journey of a PCG student.  Just like it's magazines, sermons, videos and publications. Jesus is nowhere to be found.

        You can read this yourself here: Day in the Life: An Edstone Student

        0 0

        As income declines in the PCG and members are forced to send in more and more money as they mortgage homes, businesses and cash in retirement accounts, the church is dropping over a million dollars on a new facility so that the grandkids of Gerald Flurry and practice their Irish Dance and the Malones can have new offices.

        EDMOND—The reverberations of percussion instruments can be heard on the campus of Herbert W. Armstrong College this week as metal erectors and other tradesmen finish constructing the exterior shell of the campus’s new music and dance building. The noises of drills, grinders, punches, cutting torches, arc welders and impact wrenches are sounding across campus as workers dry-in the structure in preparation for its next phases of construction. 
        Facilities manager Roger Brandon said that with the majority of the structural red iron and the exterior sheet metal in place, the focus of the project is the roof. 
        “Once that’s in place, then we can turn loose the interior trades,” he said. This process will include dozens of light-gauge metal framers, plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, heating and air conditioning mechanics, cabinetmakers, painters and other contractors building out 10,170 square feet across 17 rooms on the one-story, $1.15 million structure.
        Mr. Brandon said the building will include three large spaces, including a lecture room for approximately 150 occupants that contains tiered seating and a raised stage. The space will be built to accommodate music classes, forums and assemblies, youth camp orientation and similar activities. An orchestra room will allow for music students to leave their larger instruments set up permanently, will contain a humidity-controlled instrument storage room, and will offer nearby access to two other rehearsal rooms plus the lecture room. A dance studio with a sprung floor similar to the one installed in the Barbara Flurry Memorial Hall will accommodate dancers with ballet bars, mirrors and built-in cabinets for costumes and other storage. 
        Turgeon dares to compare the cult compound school to those on the outside.  Of course money will flow in to minion the dance studio for the Flurry grand kids and to provide a n office for Malone.
        Mr. Turgeon said the building will benefit grade school and college music students as well as adults and is a priority because “we have a strong emphasis in the Church on music and dance when such programs are being cut from many public schools, mostly due to lack of funding but also lack of appreciation for culture.” He said that it will also open up space at the memorial hall for possible additional classroom or student residential space.
        pcg music director Ryan Malone, who will office in the new building, said it is important because it devotes more dedicated space to music classes and also consolidates the department’s activities so that instructors and students don’t have to meet in separate buildings. He said the result will be more flexible rehearsal schedules, less wear and tear on instruments, and a more efficient use of class time. 
        This is code for the higher brass of PCG keeping the unwashed masses from using the Armstrong auditorium stage and dressing rooms.  Just like  Pasadena, church members were not allowed dot use the facility other than to be begrudgingly let in on Friday nights and Saturdays.

        Mr. Malone says the building’s name is the Dwight Armstrong Performing Arts Conservatory. Mr. Turgeon says the goal is to complete construction by mid-August if possible, in time for the academic school year. At that point, when the noises of construction fall silent, dance music, winds, strings and percussion instruments of a different kind will begin to play.

        See:  Construction on Performing Arts Building Continues 

        0 0

        Bob Elijah Elisha Amos Thiel is still struggling financially and it seems to be a mystery to him as to why.  Why won't other COG members realize he is God's doubly blessed and self appointed apostle and prophet?  Why won't they send him their money?

        Because of his outright arrogance and self-righteous attitude of superiority people are immediately turned off by him.  By repelling peoples so quickly its a huge hit on his wallet.  Amos Thiel sets out to rectify that in the usual manner that Church of God leaders have always resorted to.  Blame the sinful backsliding members.

        Many have had their love grow cold and will not properly support the work needed to fulfill Matthew 24:14Philadelphia Christians need to persevere.
        Amos Thiel trots out the incredibly boring booklet that Armstrong wrote decades ago, the Seven Laws of Success.  Amos Thiel claims that Church of God members fails miserably at Law #6...Perseverance.

        Everyone that is in the Church of God have become lawless and their love has waxed cold.  They are too weak to endure to the end.  Because they have not endured they will no longer tithe and send in money.

        Consider also Jesus’ words: 
        12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:12-14)

        The end is apparently coming quicker to Amos Thiel's empire than he expected.  It's not his fault though.  Its the COG brethren who are at a fault.  The blame game is what has kept the COG running for so many decades.

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        More information has emerged regarding the recent kerfuffle with Living Church of God lying to World Vision.  Living Church of God, in a effort to deceive World Vision, deceptively told them that they (LCG) no longer had any ties to Herbert Armstrong.  How stupid do they think people really are?  Everyone knows they have defied the man, just as Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack have done.

        Justified lying is a trick that Jehovah's Witnesses employ when they feel that non believers do not deserve the truth.  Has the Living Church of God sunk this low that they have to lie in order to get their message of "good news" across?  In LCG's eyes World Vision is not Christian, just as Bob Elijah Elisha Amos believes.  Since they are not "real" Christians like LCG, was it ok to lie to them?

        Living Church of God Saying They No Longer Have Any Ties to Armstrong: 
        April 15, 2016
        (Regarding LCOG "hiding" behind World Vision for their seminar [see March 28 & March 29 letters]), I sent the president of World Vision a detailed email of concern with quotes from Roderick Meredith, and some of his denials of the Christian faith. I have not heard [back] from him. At least I gave David Cerullo CEO of INSP Networks some credit. He had Tomorrow's World cancelled from his network in 2007. I sent him and John Roos, Senior Vice President Marketing, a five page letter showing Roderick Meredith's ties to Herbert W. Armstrong, his smear on Christianity, and many of his unbiblical-unorthodox teachings. The LCOG tried to persuade him that they no longer really have any ties to Armstrong, and abandoned many of his teachings. Of course, that is not what his "Official Statement Of Fundamental Beliefs" states. Mr. Cerullo also had The Church of God International's program "Armor of God"" cancelled as well. So did "World Harvest Television" 
        Many other Armstrong offshoots have been cancelled from Christian radio/TV as well. These stations include Salem (even though they are airing Ron Dart again on their OnePlace.Com), Wilkins. Wilkins lost $150,000.00 cancelling Dart, American Family Radio, Former Trevecca Nazarene University's WENO, and a host of others. I have been warning Christians, and Christian radio and TV concerning Armstrong, The Way International (that's another story) and others.  
        It's very clear that Dr. Roderick C. Meredith still considers Herbert W. Armstrong a great Bible teacher, and continues to teach and believe in many of his doctrines. Dr. Meredith's official statement of fundamental beliefs states "Our doctrines, practices, policies, and traditions have their roots in the Worldwide Church of God under the leadership of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong" (P.1.) My email to Mr. John Roos, beyond any question of doubt shows the Living Church of God/Tomorrow's World teachings are contrary to that taught in the Word of God. Their doctrines are wrong on salvation, the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ, their denial of the Trinity, the physical resurrection, Hell, and many other Christian teachings. --Anonymous 

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      3. 04/18/16--23:37: The Path

      4. The day may be fast approaching when a Church of God turns into a death trap.  Delusional men like Dave Pack, Bod Thiel and Gerald Flurry are bordering on this same mentality.

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